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There was no option for free to air to buy anything exclusive after fox and CA fucked everyone over.


Just saw a banner ad during tonight’s BBL, which said Australia’s day/night test against Sri Lanka at The Gabba would be shown live “across the screens of 7”. Does it mean anything to you?


Across the screens of 7 usually means main channel and 7TWO and/or 7mate. Seven will also cover the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road cycling race on the weekend of January 26-27 and I think the cycling may be shown in Melbourne on main channel with first session of the cricket on 7mate. There is also the season premiere of My Kitchen Rules on the night of January 28 which may clash with the test if the latter goes that far.


It’s highly unlikely cycling will be prioritized over the cricket


News is on too


News will be shown during the dinner break of the day/night test (6.50pm to 7.30pm AEDT if the info is correct), in all states except WA.


For Perth viewers, I think that the Cadel Evans cycling race will stay on 7Two with the WBBL Final to be beamed on 7mate to avoid clashing with Sunrise. The fourth day of the day/night test between Australia and Sri Lanka will commence on 7HD in Perth during The afternoon. At 6pm, I think that Perth viewers will have to Use their remotes to switch to 7mate to continue watching cricket while news is on.
28 Jan 2019 will be interesting for Channel 7. day 5 of the pink ball test match, return of MKR and the bbl match. For Perth viewers, the game will televise on 7HD until 6pm when it switches to 7Two. The test match will be finished earlier at that time MKR returns on that night. The bbl between scorchers and Renegades at optus stadium will More likely go to 7mate for Perth viewers.


Isn’t the scorchers game a Foxtel exclusive?


That game is simulcasted on 7/fox.


Are you sure I thought this was on of the exclusives to just Foxtel?

I remember posting about this issue back a few months ago and someone posted the fixture and I was sure it was exclusive.


ezgifcomgifmaker free to air viewers will be robbed for not screening the scorchers game on FTA TV @turdall. I am not going to br very happy at all!



It basically confirms that it will be televised on 7


It’s funny also that only about 30% of the population have Foxtel… where are they getting the money from? :wink:


TV Tonight has the breakdown of audience numbers of every session of the test series between Australia and India, including day five of the Sydney test when it was washed out. The biggest audience was for the third session of day one of the Boxing Day test.


Thanks I thought the fixture said something different.


What do you think of BBL08?

  • Blistering Big Bash
  • Boring Big Bash League season
  • Started off well but gets boring as time passes

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Ryan Daniels is the boundary reporter for the BBL match at the MCG tonight. I think Seven flew him in from Perth because the Scorchers are playing, otherwise Sam McClure would have got the role.


It started off well but at 59 games the commitment is huge.

Seven’s coverage of BBL is far better than their tests but it still isn’t great. Some commentators (Ponting, Sthalekar, Blewett, Katich) are good while others (Slater, Maher) are insufferable.

Hopefully the coverage will evolve for the remainder of the deal. There’s the potential to do well for their coverage even with a simulcast deal, they just need to find them.


Having 59 games in a season is too long and will drag into the start of the 2019 ratings season. I hate to say that this is going to be a very long summer of bbl for the seven network especially when it clashes with MKR and Home and Away during February. Think about school students. They will start the school year in late January to early February. Some students will get very tired when they stay up late watching the big bash. So this is a waste of time having an extended season. You can see that crowd numbers will plummet, and that the Tv ratings will fall as we limp towards end of home and away season.


They may want to introduce 2 more teams next year to add more diversity to the competition.