Seven Cricket Coverage


28 January 2019 will be a big night on 7. The 5th day of the day night Test vs Sri Lanka, Scorchers v Renegades game start Optus Stadium, return date of MKR. This will be a huge dog’s breakfast in terms of scheduling. I guess that the scorchers game will be played on 7mate in WA, while other states getting coverage on 7.


I’m sure Married will demolish it all :face_vomiting:


It all depends what happens with the test. Seven are probably banking on the test not lasting the full five days so that they can have MKR followed by the BBL.


Some of bbl games from Perth have been shown on 7 and switching to 7mate when news is on


The scorchers game being played started primetime at 9:30pm might be shifted to 7mate. The scorchers are playing crap cricket and have won only one match so far during this tournament. I worried that my scorchers team will not make finals this year.


They’ve already won 3 titles, share it round a bit! Go the 'Cane Train!


So you’re favourties go to Hobart hurricanes?


I am a bit pissed off with CA. No players have been picked from Hobart and they are smashing the comp at the minute


CA didn’t pick the team? The selectors did.
Also, not sure what T20 cricket has to do with one day cricket?


Rating figures from OzTam reveal the metropolitan audience was 30 per cent down compared to previous Tests on free-to-air. Across the capital cities the total daily free to air viewers averaged 559,338 this year, compared to 866,975 in 2014/15 - when Australia last played India - and 896,489 for last year’s Ashes series against England.

I think once Seven lost the Tennis rights they were so desperate for the Cricket, they overpaid for the rights and let Fox dictate the terms of the agreement just to make sure they were the FTA broadcasters.


Seven should’ve been desperate for the tennis. It’s a longtime staple of theirs and they wouldn’t be bashed for having tennis.


According to the alleged leaks from Stokes and McWilliam with TA, they also had the archaic (yet stupid) view as quoted “Seven have the tennis, Nine have the cricket and Ten get the dregs”.


Fixed. Now doesn’t that look better? :slight_smile:

Can’t say I disagree with this part though.


The comparison to previous years is not as clear as made out in the article. Seven have strategically introduced multiple coding across the game this year to exclude times when there is no play even including “rain delay”.

It looks like Seven is going to be facing problems similar those faced by Nine that saw it a loss making operation partly caused by the number of games that finish early due to game play and/or weather. Rights are purchased and advertising sold for 5-day matches that only run 4 days - that’s 20% advertising potentially lost.


To be fair, 10 were willing/almost (depending on who you believe) paid slightly less for the exact same rights package Seven has

Pretty sure it was Harold Mitchell who allegedly (thanks littlegezzybear) made those comments, not someone from Seven




Which is why Seven should’ve gone hard and bid for exclusive BBL rights so that they can make a profit. Or, outbid Nine for tennis earlier this year and remain competitive with Australian Open.

Unfortunately Fox seems to be messing with everything that is sports related. Sad that they’ve got most of the money so they can get away with it. All three commercials need to work together as a trio to bid for big sports in the future so that sports don’t die.


Sooner or later the FTA networks will finally realise the only thing that will get them an audience now and into the future is live sport. It’s laughable that the networks let so much go through to Fox sports.

Yes it’s expensive, but it gets you an audience no matter what.


As much as I agree with that, there is one major issue…Fox seemingly has more money than FTA. Sad but true.


There are 2 things they can do:
Create there own sports channel like C7 Sport & One Sport HD
Work together to buy out Fox Sports