Seven Cricket Coverage


I was wondering how they’d handle all of that. Didn’t see any during the coverage but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. They did do a story during the news as @Sully mentioned which included talking to Michael Slater about working with him as well as many others from the 7 Cricket team.

I’m pretty sure last week during the rain delays they were showing footage which still had the Nine Wide World Of Sports watermark in it.


They showed a bit today of Viv Richards, terrible YouTube quality. Fox got the archive rights didn’t they?


That’s what I thought so I was surprised, it probably was YouTube then!


Was wondering who he was, quite good actually. Certainly better than Sam McClure!

Yeah, saw that and thought the same thing. It was probably this with the channel watermarks cropped:


Tom Cooper (Not to be Confused with The Melbourne Renegades Captain) has been Reading the Sport for Nightly News Tasmania (Previously Southern Cross News) for a Number Of Years, i’d Watched him on YouTube.


No, not too precious. Was acknowledged and even a report on the nightly news about Day 2 being ‘Ritchie Day’.


They also did a nice tribute to Bill Lawry during from memory, the Boxing Day test


What a load of rubbish. Nine and ten would never have done this crap.


What? Shown the Richies or had their flights diverted back to Melbourne and be unable to physically attend the game due to actually having no presence in the state at all and no time to make an alternative arrangement? Considering what has happened, I think they’ve actually done pretty well. Heard from a couple of people at the ground that for a while there they weren’t sure if Seven were going to be able to set up at all with a few technical issues but I don’t know what.


What would they have done then?

Ship them over on the Spirt of Tasmania?


I guess today’s bushfires outside Hobart teaches Seven (or any other sports broadcasters) another lesson - commentators should never fly in to the host city on the day of the match.


Sure but there’s going to be times where that’s unavoidable. For example, Seven currently have limited talent available for their BBL coverage due to most of them working the Sydney test so you’re going to have people like Jason Richardson going from city-to-city


This is partly the reason why I was stunned that Basil or BT were not asked to commentate Big Bash during the times like this when all the presenters and commentators are at the Test Matches


Basil does Sunrise, so unless that’s relocating daily it’s awfully hard for him to do BBL.
As for BT, he’s on holidays. Why would he want to leave a holiday this time of the year and follow this circus around?
No problems at all with what happened today, the next game in Tassie is on the 29th, so why would 7 in their right mind send comms down a day early? Hob Airport has a curfew, so couldn’t arrive late last night, nor leave post game tonight.
All 4 comms worked yesterday in Geelong for 7 (although I believe Sthalekar may have returned home to Syd after the WBBL), so it’s not like they’re trying to fly them cross country day in, day out.


The Betoota Advocate published a satirical story last year about Cameron Bancroft rejoining the band Tame Impala. Channel 7 has picked up the story for its cricket coverage and broadcast it as fact. Absolute joke of a network.



limited talent and Jason Richardson go hand in hand.


Half of Seven’s commentary team wears pink for Jane McGrath Day at the SCG this morning.




Toned down from the pink suits worn by Nine talent.


What a load of crock seven have showing at the moment. I just flicked it over to see what they had on. Trying to make the stolen generation look good. Absolutely shocking. Calling it the ‘Chosen Generation’. Not sure if I agree with what they are trying to sell. I don’t mind hearing the success story of an aboriginal woman cricketer but don’t try and push an agenda and make it something its not.