Seven Cricket Coverage


Hobart Hurricanes currently playing their second game and I believe they’re the only team yet to have a game covered on FTA Seven coverage yet. Quite a few of their WBBL games have been missed too.


Interesting. No surprises as they’d probably have the smallest supporter base and Seven has no interest in selling ads in Tasmania.


Bruce always exaggerate things.


Hurricanes regularly get crap time slots (read that as day games due to having small base to draw on). Not really a surprise that their day games haven’t been on.


7 have covered 12 WBBL games so far, Tv games for each team:
Thunder 5
Sixers 4
Perth* / Hobart / Bris* / Adel 3
Stars 2
Renegades 1
*13th TV game of 20 H&A season on 26th Dec.
So Hurricanes getting much the same as the others.


JIM Wilson hosting bbl game in spotless stadium. Glenn mcgrath Called the bbl game for the first time this season


its also worth noting that we get better coverage then the UK for the premier league - football cant be shown between 2:45 and 5:15 on a saturday


It’s a vicious cycle: small supporter base -> minimal media coverage (no broadcast by local radio stations / less FTA broadcasts -> small supporter base. This won’t change unless the Hurricanes win a BBL title.

It is done to protect attendances at soccer matches around UK, especially the lower leagues. It means though UK networks cannot even broadcast soccer matches from other parts of Europe in the same time period.


My understanding is Sky shows stuff all live sport on Prime - the vast majority of what Prime shows are highlights or heavily delayed games


Vic teams have missed out on more WBBL Channel 7 games than any other team though.

Also how come seven are happy to televise the sydney smash WBBL games and won’t show either of the women’s Melbourne Derby?


No, it was broadcast live.


They’ve really gone the D-grade commentators for tonight’s Perth vs Adelaide BBL cricket haven’t they.

Surprised me they needed everyone at the Boxing Day Test today, could’ve freed Brayshaw or Slater and sent him west for tonight surely?


Who are the commentators?


Probably Michael Slater and James Brayshaw.

TBH, I think Alison Mitchell should be used for their BBL coverage. Well measured, precise and likeable (a bit like Mel Jones).


If you don’t know, why did you say this? Because no where close.

Not currently watching, but Lisa Sthlaker was definitely one. Not sure on the others, but there were two or three guys there.

Bizarrely, I thought Lisa was commentating (which she rarely does for men’s) but she did the bat flip, did a ‘host’ V/O and then disappeared?


Just an assumption considering that both of them are jarring and polarising, which fits in the D-Grade description of yours.


I definitely saw James and Slats on the test coverage earlier.


Yep, James and Slats were in Melbourne. They did cross to Mel and Slats for an update prior to the game.

In Perth it’s Lisa Sthelaker, Jason Richardson, Greg Blewett and Brad Hodge. The bat flip also had to be done twice, it landed on the edge the first time.

Something else I noticed, they had a package of some of the players saying who they’d hate to face a ball from and which bowlers they fear. They had Dan Christian there but they had him listed as Hobart Hurricanes and with the purple backdrop despite the fact he’s now with the Renegades :frowning:


Nice use of Daft Punk’s Verdis Quo during the test coverage.


Jason Richardson calling the BBL and WBBL doubleheader at Perth Stadium tonight.