Seven Cricket Coverage


‘To be fair’ (oh that phrase)…

Not when played in Australia. All on FTA.


I said exactly that in the 2nd sentence - instead of simply going to Nine to watch those games, they’re now restricted to Pay TV


I understand the point you are trying to make… however all (Men’s) BBL matches were on ten, were they not?


does Foxtel have state-specific feeds of channels for local advertising?


I have always been curious about this, I think it may be just a national feed?


I think there were a couple of the earlier seasons where there were a couple of games not covered or clashes. There’s also been a significant increase in games this season and last too.


all games were shown live or ‘as live’ on Ten Sport. There was never an instance where they missed a game throughout their 5 year broadcast deal.


Abbey Gelmi leading WBBL from South Australia today


Yep. Ten showed no more than 43 BBL games in any season. Seven are showing 43.


Isn’t this year’s season longer though?


16 additional games - which are Foxtel exclusive.


Which is a way to kill off a sport. I’ve already lost interest this season.

Seven have paid so much for this shitty deal that the quality of coverage is sub par as they don’t have the money for quality coverage. Hopefully they’re making huge losses.


So you have no interest in any other sport then given I can’t remember any sport being solely on free to air?


Good point.

Interestingly, because BBL wasn’t on FTA on Saturday… I spent yesterday watching the football and forgot to ‘re-engage’ with the comp last night - completely missed it…


I just saw Bruce promoting Seven’s boxing day ‘telly’ coverage…

Test followed by big bash - without paying a cent.

We are lucky in this country.


We’re not lucky because a network is ‘kind’ enough to put it on FTA. They’re responding to society’s demands as a predominately sport loving country.

And trust me, if Boxing Day wasn’t on FTA for some reason there would be hell to pay and I’d expect pollies to step in and finally reform the anti siphoning list so FTA means FTA.


He likes whatever is on Nine as it’s FTA exclusive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So we’re basically just a bunch of whingers.

Soccer is the number one sport in the UK. But no one would ever demand that the EPL be universally ‘free’ on TV.
Rugby is the number one sport in NZ. But no one would ever demand it that it be mandated on FTA.

Australia is just an over-regulated country, run by second-rate politicians catering to a bunch of moaners and groaners.


Interestingly, I remember when TV3 had the rights to the B&H World Series and Mandela Cup in 1994/95…

It was FTA heaven for cricket fans… you could watch a game from Australia (such as Australia A v Australia) and then (because of the time difference) watch a game from SA.

Clint Brown would just come on and say things like ‘Well that wraps up proceedings at the Gabba, now off to the Bullring to see South Africa take on Pakistan… stay tuned to the cricket here on 3’.

But of course it was all too good to be true. Within four years all cricket was on pay TV.

A lesson in that for Australia methinks.


The UK have an anti-siphoning equivalent that requires the FIFA World Cup Finals, the FA Cup final and a number of other football events to be shown on FTA. Sure, the Premier League isn’t covered by it, but it’s not like the concept is unheard of, and I’m sure there are people who would demand that the EPL is added.

In NZ there are certainly those arguing to try and implement Australian style laws, including by NZ First who are now in Government. I think the threat of those is part of what results in Sky broadcasting as much as they do now via Prime.