Seven Cricket Coverage


Well all knew it was a shit deal to begin with but now it’s coming home to roost for all the real cricket fans. It’s just been a complete nightmare. A travesty of epic proportions. Hopefully seven are getting abused by fans for signing such a deal.


And I am going to feel very pissed off for not having my scorchers team play agsinst Sixers today on FTA. I am absolutely robbed. @cmo


It would be interesting to find out why Saturday was picked as the day when the majority of Fox exclusive games would be played. Would have thought Sunday might have been a better option for all parties


That’s what I thought. Or even another day during the week, Saturday just seems weird.


Wow… it’s all getting messy! Some games free to watch and other pay to watch…:joy: Sorry 7 you have put a lot of money into pissing people off!!


Same deal with football though - Seven don’t have all of them. Not sure why people are as angry as they are. It’s annoying sure but it’s what’s happened with AFL, NRL, Supercars etc… It’s not like this is the first time we’ve been screwed over.


It’s FREE to Air TV - FREE into our homes

I’m never going to be paying for any Subscription service.
If I did though, I’d have a right to complain if they provided a sub standard service.
This is FTA and I find it difficult to complain, but that’s just me.


what it could do is make a more greater incentive to go to the games. I would have most away games on FTA and home games should be on Foxtel.


There’s an issue with that. Foxtel would have to create state specific channels so that could happen. I don’t think Fox Sports have either the infrastructure or foresight to do that.


Well Foxtel would still show all the games it’s just the delivery of the FTA that would change.


Seven cricket reporter Abbey Gelmi has revealed her engagement to Sky Racing reporter Ben Way.


They were both at Fox Sports. Congratulations to them. First I’ve really seen Abbey has been with her working on the cricket on 7 and I have been quite impressed so far.


Contentious opinion, I prefer Abbey over Mel McLaughlin and Roz Kelly.


I echo the idea of Seven covering at least all of the state based matches for BBL. Sure it might be bothersome to arrange but at least it would be better than their current mess (e.g. Melbourne viewers getting all of the Renegades and Stars games, Adelaide sees all the Strikers games).

Same with Internationals. All Australian based matches played in Australia should be on FTA.


It’d be great but are Seven going to be able to afford the billion dollars next time? Foxtel have all the power. They will do what they can to flout the laws but not break them (eg Seven hold the rights to the ODIs but won’t show them because of the deal) and they will do what they can to secure more subscriptions - which would include making people miss some of their teams matches. With the AFL coverage, isn’t that a ruling from the AFL that it must be available on FTA in that city? That should have been put in the agreement here from CA.


Surely the middle ground would have been delayed coverage?

Even if that’s just home state games are on 7mate an hour delayed. That would still be enough to give Fox an exclusive.


The question is, are Cricket rights supposed to be that expensive? I feel like CA is just a pig of an organisation who wants more money after sandpaper-gate.

I mean, Nine certainly got the better end of the straw with exclusivity at 60 Million for the tennis. Being the national sport, cricket should be cheaper and affordable for everyone.




I guess the beauty of the BBL on ten was that it was habit forming…

You would just flick the box on every night expecting coverage…


To be fair, there were still gaps when international ODIs and Twenty20’s were played. However the difference this year is instead of viewers going down a channel to see those matches, they’ll need to have Foxtel or Kayo to see them.