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Who is Sam Clune? Never seen him before or heard his name. I do think he was quite good though.


Complaint alert:

Although Seven’s coverage is alright, what grates me is the fact that I can’t stream any coverage wherever I am. I’m overseas right now and want to watch the BBL, but thanks to that deal I can’t access any free stream. I won’t pay a cent for CA or Fox stream, so I’m left without any options to check out the BBL coverage myself. If only they could have streaming rights for whatever matches they had then all would be good.

Rant over.


Even if it was free it would probably be geo-blocked.


That’s your problem not CAs. A handful of territories can stream cricket via the CA App but otherwise take it up with the Pay TV provider of your country’s choosing.

Here’s a list of live streamed territories.


Sam McClure. He’s a sports journalist who mainly specialises in AFL, he works at The Age and is part of Seven’s AFL coverage. I am usually not a big fan, but he was tolerable tonight.


I’m not specifically referring to overseas, but in general.

I can accept geoblocking and no streaming overseas but the problem lies with the fact that there isn’t any streaming regardless of where you are. Even when I return I would only be able to see the coverage on TV and nowhere else.

Pathetic in the 21st Century.


Sam *McClure is a sports journo with The Age and previously a roving announcer on 3AW Footy and for a few years now part of Seven Sport’s AFL (currently “Footy Central” presenter during prime time broadcasts at BCM).

His dad was a veteran journo at The Age also and tragically passed away a number of years ago from illness.

@TFTV No worries :slightly_smiling_face: and if you Google search, like with anything, you can find out more. If you image search “Sam McClure family” you can see him and his Dad in a lovely photo.


But wasn’t that the same when it was on 10 and 9? I didn’t think you could access a live stream even if you were in the country?


Thanks for the info!

I’m a Rugby League supporter from NSW hence not knowing him!


Channel Seven needs something like a desk or studio. All they were doing so far is staying in their commentary seats/booth


Comments are quite accurate.


Channel 9 never had the BBL though and Seven haven’t advertised all games have they?


Comments are dead on ! Stupid Seven. I feel for those who can’t watch it. Channel Seven screwed up here massively I am sure they promoted all the big bash games were gonna be aired on its channel?


Seven’s coverage should be state based if they can’t get all the matches. I know Foxtel needs something out of the deal but it would be good for those in Victoria for example to have every Renegades and Stars match on Seven.

Doesn’t effect a lot of us of course given we have Foxtel and appreciate their coverage but for the casual viewer it would definitely be better.


Indeed that’s the arrangement with AFL games outside of Victoria.


Tasmania would still get screwed, they’d get every Melbourne game but no doubt miss out on other Hurricanes games.


I don’t really understand why it’s the Saturday games which are all exclusive to Foxtel. I thought that it would rate well on Saturday nights on Seven with not much competition during Summer. I understand this week with Carols in the Domain on, but do they prefer to play some overflogged movies on Saturday night instead? Unless it was a Foxtel decision?


I thought they said the amount of BBL games they will air, rather than “all”, as that would be misleading and false advertising.


Channel 7 never said that they will show all the BBL games live, only selected matches live (43). It is even stated in this promo.