Seven Cricket Coverage


Agreed. And according to our Brisbane MS members, Nine News Brisbane is particularly ‘fluff’ this year and looks to have contributed to them losing the ratings year!


Saw a Seven cricket promotion tonight V/O by Deeksy for a Brisbane Heat ticket giveaway, while also reminding “your new home of cricket” via 7Plus.

Kind of feel they had the wrong market, but anyway.


Seven are not the home of cricket and they should be called out on saying that they are. Fox Cricket is the one that has every match. Seven is not the network you can turn to if you want to watch every cricket game. Some would consider it misleading and deceptive advertising.


Well they are for FTA


They are not the home of cricket. If they want to say they’re the home then they should add free-to-air at the end of the claim. It’s factually incorrect and viewers without Foxtel (the bulk) will be outraged when they start to realise there are games they can’t see on Seven. I find it appalling they won’t be able to watch certain Big Bash matches, for example. Imagine as a fan, you’re wanting to watch every BBL game and then you discover there’s some Seven don’t televise. Them claiming they’re the home of cricket, would be like Nine saying it’s the home of NRL when Fox League broadcasts more games, more often.


It is but one wonders whether many are actually watching the news or having it as a background to dinner or while cooking. If that’s the case surely cricket would be more valuable to the advertiser.


It’s an advertising Ploy. Who cares. All networks do it. They can’t say we are the home to some of the cricket. Most see past it so don’t worry.


They will have higher ratings than Foxtel, so they are the home of cricket…


Thankfully there’s 7mate which is even more a dumping ground for sport than Gem is. But I think the Adelaide test has always started at 1030 ACDT (1100 AEDT). It’s only Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart (probably Canberra too) with a 1030 AEDT start.


Nine have done exactly that before:


Didn’t the old ONE HD claim similar too, like “sport lives here”?


It’s meaningless words anyway. There’s no way to fact check it because there’s no real meaning attached to it. If they said they were the only way to watch cricket this year then there would be an issue.

What does home of cricket even mean? I live in a home and you live in a home but we don’t both live in the same home. So there are multiple homes around. Saying they are the home of cricket doesn’t mean they are the only home of cricket.


I was looking through the TV guide and it says that Bruce will be hosting the lunch break for the Adelaide test as well as Sydney and Melbourne. Let’s see if this continues throughout the summer.


So the more correct phrase would be

“Your new Free to air home of cricket”


I don’t know why there’s this hype about the Boxing Day Test or the Sydney one? Re: Bruce’s role and Bill Lawry calling was the same.


Not sure exactly what you mean but they are the two biggest tests of the summer, given most people are off from work during this time so can watch either at home or at the ground.


According to who? Sydney-siders, Melburnians and the media who are 99% based between the two? Try telling Queenslanders or South Australians or West Australians that. Just because they’re on major/special public holidays, be it iconic, I don’t think is quite a valid reason to have Bruce just dismiss broadcasting at all the other cricket events, he’s without a doubt the network’s sport face!


I seldom watch cricket and don’t know much about the sport beyond what I see on news bulletins. I know enough about it to be aware the Melbourne and Sydney test matches are iconic because of the reason OnAir gave. It’s a tradition for many fans to make the pilgrimage to the MCG or SCG to watch the game and soak in the atmosphere during the holiday period. I couldn’t think of anything worse than to spend the day in the heat watching paint dry but I get why people do it.

Surely Bruce’s age and health are valid enough reasons for him not to be expected to haul his arse around the country all summer long to host the lunch break. I’m sure Seven doesn’t view him as a workhorse to be flogged until he drops.


Don’t you think that even people in Queensland, South Australia & Western Australia would agree that the Melbourne Boxing Day & the Sydney New Years tests are among the most iconic elements of Australian cricket, if not Australian sport in general?

Of course part of the reason is because they’re generally held on/around public holidays & times of the year most people are on holidays. And like NewsWeary, I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending the day in heat & humidity watching test cricket.

But still, it’s a national tradition for many fans to make the trip to the MCG/SCG (or alternatively, the TV turned onto the cricket all day with the air-con on full blast! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) to soak up the atmosphere during the holiday period.


I just vomited watching you two do the deed!