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Yep McDonald, Windgard and Goss were only used when there were games being played in QLD, SA or WA.


Western Derbies have recently been held on Sunday afternoons so as to give Seven a strong lead-in to the news, while giving Fox some good early evening shares. It also allows Triple M in Melbourne to do the full game on radio (not sure if ABC does it too) after the 3.20pm game.


Perth are going to be getting x3 games in a row on an upcoming Saturday soon and they’ll have 5 or 6 on FTA across that round, unbelievable, might even be this week

This round they get
•Thursday & Friday produced by 7
•Saturday Eagles game produced by Fox
•Saturday Freo game produced by Fox
•Saturday night game produced by 7

They don’t get the Sunday game produced by 7, so they get 5 FTA games

They get all of the Saturday games back to back to back from 10:30am to like 7-8pm with the last game on 7mate.


Better not be anyone in Western Australia complaining this weekend. Envious!


6 for SA, QLD, NSW in round 7 (Anzac day)


shouldn’t it be 5? ANZAC Eve & Day, Friday Night (port game), Saturday Crows game & Saturday night game?
VIC should get 4 with ANZAC Eve & Day, Friday Night & Saturday Night
WA should get 5 with ANZAC Eve & Day, Friday Night & Saturday Night (Freo game) & Sunday Eagles game
NSW & QLD getting 6 makes sense, the 4 games produced by 7 + their local teams

There are 5 Channel 7 produced games for Anzac rounds. That’s why some states are getting 6 as they can get one extra game if interstate team is a Fox game. They never get 2 extra games. If interstate teams are both Fox produced, that state will have 1 channel 7 game not televised (Fox/Kayo only)


Nah all those markets get the Thursday night Giants v Lions match as well. Big few days for FTA AFL.


So for Round 7 (Anzac Round?), there are FIVE games shown nationally on either 7 or 7Mate, according to the AFL broadcast guide:

  • Wed Nite - RIC V MEL - Ch7 (Vic, SA) / 7Mate (WA, QLD, NSW)
  • Thu Arvo - ESS V COL - Ch7 (Vic, SA, WA, QLD, NSW)
  • Thu Nite - GWS V BRI - Ch7 (Vic, SA, QLD, NSW) / 7Mate (WA)
  • Fri Nite - PAP V StK - Ch7 (Vic, SA) / 7Mate (WA, QLD, NSW)
  • Sat Arvo - NMK V ADE - Ch7 (SA only)
  • Sat Twlt - GEE V CAR
  • Sat Nite - FRE V WBD - Ch7 (Vic, SA) / 7Mate (WA, QLD, NSW)
  • Sun Arvo - GCS V WCE - Ch7 (WA) / 7Mate (QLD)
  • Sun Twlt - HAW V SYD - Ch7 (NSW only)

Usually it’d be only two or three due to overlapping Saturday night and/or Sunday games.


North vs Adelaide is on a 165 minute delay on 7 in Adelaide

I didn’t think 7 was doing both Thursday games (similar to how they are only doing 1 Friday game this week) Thought it was just the ANZAC MCG game.

Where did you find that info? AFL website only says whether it’s on a TV or radio channel, not whether it’s live or not.

they actually do, if you go to Matches > Broadcast Guide it actually tells you when its airing.


Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go get my eyes checked…
jon cryer hot shots


it looks like in the same round, Gold Coast and Eagles will be delayed by 210 minutes to 7 Perth.

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Oh what a feeling

"I saw Sam Pang last night, he's going to have a field day!"@thefrontbar7 just going to leave this here...#AFLDogsCats

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I’m with Richo, why didn’t they move the table? Happened Friday and was always going to happen again tonight so they should of moved the table

Jason Bennett hosting the post match coverage


might only be allowed in a designated area