Seven AFL Coverage

Looks like Bennett & Darcy doing commentary today.

I expect Darcy to either do Thursday or Sunday games when bulldogs are playing on Saturday nights.

Thursday if BT does Friday & Sunday
Sunday if BT does Thursday & Friday

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Seven broadcast games next week (including state league and games shown in certain states):
R2: Carlton v Geelong Cats
VIC/NSW from 7pm on Seven/7mate
SA from 6:30pm on Seven
QLD from 6pm on 7mate
WA from 4:00pm on 7mate
R2: Brisbane Lions v Melbourne
VIC/NSW from 7:30pm on Seven/7mate
SA from 7pm on Seven
QLD from 6:30pm on 7mate
WA from 4:30pm on 7mate
R2: Collingwood v Port Adelaide
SA from 1pm on Seven
R2: Adelaide Crows v Richmond
SA from 4pm on Seven
R2: Western Bulldogs v St Kilda
VIC from 7pm on Seven
NSW from 7:20pm on 7mate
SA from 6:30pm on Seven
QLD from 6:20pm on 7mate
R2: Fremantle v North Melbourne
WA from 4pm on 7mate
VFL R1: Richmond v Northern Bullants
VIC from 12pm on Seven
R2: Sydney Swans v Hawthorn
NSW from 1pm on Seven
R2: Essendon v Gold Coast Suns
VIC from 3pm on Seven
QLD from 2pm on Seven
R2: West Coast Eagles v GWS Giants
WA from 3pm on Seven
NSW from 6pm on 7mate
Wow, Saturday triple header for SA

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Very rare, hasn’t happened for a few years now.

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I guess West Coast vs GWS is a delayed game for WA on Sunday Night on the East Coast?

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According to online guides, West Coast v GWS will be shown live on Seven across WA on Sunday from 3pm, leading into Seven News.


I was scanning through the fixture, am I correct in thinking R6 (Anzac) will feature x5 games on FTA in Melbourne? Wonder if other markets get even more. Friday through to Tuesday, as Anzac Day lands on that day.

And of course now a traditional ‘Eve’ clash which is therefore Monday prime time - which will impact Seven’s national schedule, wonder if they’ll have a one-off special or filler or premiere movie and split them over a week like what they did last year with the Hey Hey and Harry Potter special?

Do we know if there are any other special one-off tiemslots, like seen during COVID, which it was flagged could remain (I thought the revised broadcast deal included a couple of spare tiemslots or something to be decided later)? Say a Sunday night game or mid-week, remember they tried a ‘festival’ which ran every day for a week, I thought it was a success.

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There’s a King’s Birthday Eve Sunday night game between Essendon and Carlton on 11 June.


Thanks for that, must’ve missed it. It is going to take me a while to get used to that name too!

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I remember on Anzac Night (which fell on a Friday) in 2003, there was a Friday night match between the Sydney Swans and Melbourne that started at 6:40pm local time (instead of the standard 7:40pm for matches in this timeslot).

As Nine had already televised the Essendon-Collingwood match earlier that day, Ten televised the Swans-Dees match but I can’t remember if it was live into Victoria or NSW (most likely not). It was the only time during the 2002-11 period in which Ten had the AFL rights, that they televised a Friday night regular season match.


It’s Fox game- so live on fox everywhere :man_shrugging:

It would also be beamed on 74 into Sydney being a GWS game

The AFL’s broadcast guide has it listed as live on 7 in WA and 7mate in NSW.


BT & Brayshaw commentary tonight.

Maybe 7 has changed the commentary line up they had in the press release which had BT doing Friday + Sunday & Brayshaw doing Friday

They both did last Thursday and Friday night games last week

BT referencing the ‘Hawthorn’ forwards tonight in this game between Carlton & Geelong :thinking:



hahahahaha touchè. Corrected. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

7:20 start is great. I know TV wants us to stay up later on a Friday. But 7:20 is so much more family friendly. Wonder if it’ll change when next TV rights deal ticks over.

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Brisbane tonight