Seven AFL Coverage

The game is at the MCG.


Look at the post above mate

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Clock is counting up at the start of the Melbourne vs Port Adelaide game which is being played in Alice Springs. Could we have a close finish?

I was just about to post the same thing, must be a mistake (but would love to see a close finish!).

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Could be fixed by the next quarter or before the game finishes

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To my knowledge, since Seven got the full FTA rights in 2012 the only match that finished with the count-up clock (instead of the countdown clock we usually see) was between GWS and the Western Bulldogs in 2013. That match was very close - the Dogs ended up winning by just four points.

Imagine if Ten had televised that match - we’d be in five-minute warning territory!


It has just been fixed, to go back to count down

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Only happens when, for whatever reason, the countdown clock is not available.


Here’s the match I was talking about:

Do imagine, though, had Network 10 televised that famous 2016 prelim between the two sides…


Daisy told colleague Gerard Whateley on SEN this morning that even though it’s disappointing she will always be subject to a debate over gender, she was not bothered by comments by Rex and Dermott Brereton that they would prefer to hear Wayne Carey behind the microphone. Daisy said (as quoted by Herald Sun)

I get this sense almost of responsibility because other women and non-binary people who aspire to be in the industry or are already in the industry or just love footy and want to connect with footy that they’re disheartened and offended by it. Whilst I’m not, because I’ve done this for 20 years, either through trying to play footy or working in the media, having your credibility questioned because you’re a female isn’t a new thing that I’m just starting to deal with. I’m pretty thick skinned when it comes to that.

Dermott Brereton also told SEN last night that he had contacted Daisy to clarify his comments.

Does anyone give a shit about what Rex fucking hunt says anymore tell him to back to the dark ages…


Has 7 fixed their graphics for breaks?

Normally Dockers colour would go back to purple but today it’s still matching the jumper

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In some weeks Cobar in NSW ends up getting most of the round’s AFL games on free to air due to having two Seven stations broadcasting in town. 7 Orange and 7 Central both broadcast there. This week they get six games.

Friday 19:50 Richmond V Fremantle | 7mate Orange HD | 7 Central SD

Saturday 13:45 Sydney V Adelaide | 7 Orange HD | 7mate Central HD

Saturday 19:10 Brisbane V Gold Coast | 7mate Central HD

Saturday 19:25 Western Bulldogs V Melbourne | 7mate Orange HD | 7 Central SD

Sunday 13:10 Carlton V GWS | 7 Orange HD

Sunday 15:20 Collingwood V Essendon | 7 Central SD


AFL Media’s Nat Edwards hosted Footy Central during Seven’s broadcast of Western Bulldogs v Melbourne tonight. Nat hasn’t been involved in Seven’s Saturday night coverage since 2020 IIRC.


I didn’t initially notice this when the fixture came out in June, but what a scheduling blunder by the AFL. Why would you have two matches involving Queensland teams overlapping? It’s going to be a headache for radio stations covering both matches for Queensland listeners, having to choose which match to cover in full.

This is similar to a few years ago (also on a Sunday) when North Melbourne v Adelaide was scheduled to start just as a Port Adelaide home game entered the final quarter.


To my knowledge it’s also happened twice in the past:

Round 4, 2012 - Adelaide vs GWS started just as Collingwood vs Port Adelaide was about to finish

Round 7, 2014 - Adelaide vs Melbourne started just as GWS vs Port Adelaide was about to finish

However, on both occasions I think Seven was required to show the Crows/Power home games on a 1/2 hour delay.


It’s weird fixturing. Having said that, Triple M etc up here would be mad to not go the Lions/ Tigers in full given the ladder positions.

But yeah why have the overlap in the first place?

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What will happen for Triple M is Lions game on Triple M Brisbane, Suns on Triple M Gold Coast, which is what happens most weeks even without games overlapping

ABC Radio will broadcast both Lions and Suns games next Sunday afternoon into Queensland which will be an issue - as 612 Brisbane will broadcast NRL and News Radio will broadcast AFL.

It will be interesting to see if Seven will display a graphic on the bottom of the screen sometime during its broadcast of Gold Coast v West Coast, pointing to viewers that Richmond v Brisbane will be on another channel (7mate in this case for the Queensland broadcast).

Meanwhile, the Saturday afternoon clash between Collingwood and Port Adelaide will be shown on Seven Adelaide at 4pm local time as posted by TVCynic last week. It is the last of three Power matches that are shown on massive delay on FTA.


Round 23 revealed:

Games produced by 7

Friday Night - Lions v Dees
Saturday Night - Tigers v Bombers
Sunday Arvo - Blues v Pies