Seven AFL Coverage


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Abbey Gelmi is better than Nat Edwards


We should find out in the next few days when Seven finalises its AFL team for 2019.


Yeah but as I said

Wasn’t really talking about 10. I know there is some hosts on Foxtel who are females but they don’t commentate do they?


Saturday night team is the same as last year


I know that, merely used Kell on 10 as an example of what 7 or Fox could have been doing for years already.
Sarah Jones does boundary work occasionally on Sundays alongside hosting duties but that’s about it, which I think is pretty poor given the roster of talent they have. 7 used Abbey Holmes on the boundary a couple of times last year along with the much utilised Daisy Pearce.


I don’t think Seven will be happy with this.


Why not?


With their ratings shortcomings they would have been desperate for a boost in some way. Yet with so many changes to rules some suggest that making this change would have resulted in too much of a fan backlash (plus the NRL could have been smart and moved their prelim earlier to decimate the northern audience).


I think Seven would want a twilight GF like the NRL for ratings boost. Their afternoon GF ratings pales in comparison to NRL GF ratings, at least in shares (High 30% for Seven and AFL vs High 40% for Nine and NRL).

TBH, I think with the amount they paid for the deal, they should at least be allowed to have a say in the scheduling.


That said fewer people watch TV overall on a Saturday (it’s the one day of the week where many spend their time out socialising rather than in front of the tube). Plus Sunday in NSW/QLD that weekend is the day before a public holiday.


But the reality is that GF in primetime is likely to get a much higher audience than afternoon GF. If the AFL GF was on a Saturday night with kick-off at 7:00 I’d bet that they will get at least low 40% for their shares compared to a paltry mid-high 30% in the afternoon.

Not that what I think will change what the AFL says or do but anyway…


But doesn’t the AFL get larger figures than the NRL? At the end of the day they would be charging the same premium for a Saturday day match and a Saturday twilight match.

Let’s make this clear though the AFL isn’t proposing a 7pm kick off. It would be a 3:30/4:00 kick off.


Not sure I like all these changes in one hit, we already had a few just last season.

Remember 2012 to 2016 deal? Minimal changes. The 2012 Mick Malthouse and Brett Kirk was a dud and Tom Harley left to join the Sydney Swans, Hamish also started hosting pre/post shows with less Bruce/Dennis and BT left (what was then known as) Saturday pre game. But otherwise, all other hosts/commentators/presenters were essentially the same right through until the 2016 Grand Final, including Basil who lasted 5 years on Footy Central.


I think the proposal is actually for closer to a 4:40pm kick off time.


What changes are you refering to?


This year, the AFL Grand Final will be played during the afternoon and after the Grand Final match finishes, the NRL Preliminary Final will telecast during Prime-time. The Nine Network will have a bigger primetime share of 40%+ over Channel Seven in Sydney and Brisbane.
If Grand Final would be played during the evening, Channel Seven’s primetime shares will go up more than 50% and will be more than enough to take the victory. More than 90% of Melburnians will watch the Grand Final, 85% in Adelaide and 81% in Perth.


Doesn’t nine show the NRL on a Sunday not a Saturday night?


Thursday night, Friday night, Sunday Afternoon.

Nine only has rights to Saturday night games during the final five rounds of the season. Otherwise, Fox League holds exclusive rights to all NRL games played on Saturdays.


I mean the grand final - in response to shoudy