Seven AFL Coverage


I also think some forget the capacity for Adelaide Oval is a lot lower and the population for that matter. I am sure though if it was a capacity of over 60,000 they would easily get that for the showdown.


I thought all Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, and GWS games were broadcast into their respective markets on 7Mate as part of the current deal irrespective of whether the match is hosted by Seven or Fox.


The Sunday matches in Perth starting at 3.20pm local time is not only to lead into Seven News Perth at 6pm, but to allow radio stations in Melbourne to air more of that game after the 3.20pm AEST match, no?


All 22 games are shown on FTA in their respective home state for WA, SA, NSW + QLD.

That’s why Ch 7 coverage favours VIC clubs, because there is 6 to 8 “spots” to fill each week, and for every non-Vic club on Ch 7, that’s one less VIC club on FTA (and one more club already on FTA in home state going FTA nationwide).

Only becomes an issue you have supporters living outside of home state.


In which I am one. I live in Melbourne and would expect better equality of teams being placed onto Channel Seven now that we have 28 years into a National Competition.

It is so frustrating. The FTA Broadcaster of the AFL should be pushing to show all the teams. There is more to the AFL than just the 10 teams in Victoria. I would think that there would be a rule to say that each club should have AT LEAST 1 game on FTA.

In our inaugural year 2011, Channel Ten showed a number of games on FTA. It should be applauded what Ten did to grow our game broadcasting games in Queensland and NSW far more than what Seven have and do.


But not in Adelaide Oval as it does not have the capacity to host 60000 people at that stadium. There are plans that the Adelaide Oval could increase capacity to 70000. I do think that the stadium can be upgraded to a higher numbers.


Dude read what I said. if



To summarise the deal covering the next 4 years:

  • Every AFLW match to be screened live on Fox Footy or Fox Sports.
  • Seven to air two matches every round, plus finals and Grand Final (games in most markets likely to be on multi-channels).
  • All games played by SA/WA/NSW/QLD based teams will be aired live into their home markets on Seven
  • All matches will be streamed live on both Seven and Foxtel’s platforms (assume this includes Kayo) as well as the AFL app


That increases to three matches per round from 2020 when the competition expands to 14 teams


AFLW is expanding too fast without having the talent to support the expansion. People are used to seeing men playing elite football, not women playing a sub-standard version of the game.

The AFL should give the competition time to grow rather than forcing the game to grow prematurely. As it stands they don’t have the quality of players to back up the new teams being introduced. And it’s all good and well to say how many people are attending the AFLW games, but how many will still go when they start charging admission?

Sorry, but for now I’m going to stick to watching my local footy club.


The difference to the men’s AFL broadcast deal is that AFLW grand final will be shown live on Seven and Fox Footy. AFL grand final is live on Seven only.
The new deal also means for the next four years, AFLW will overlap with Seven’s coverage of Big Bash League. In WA and SA, we could see two of three channels (Seven, 7TWO and 7mate) used each weekend to broadcast live AFLW and BBL matches into two states, should they go head to head.


I think it was already alluded to that the womens matches will be on a multichannel.


Two questions come up to my mind with the announcement that Seven and Fox Footy will show the AFLW grand final live.

  1. Will Seven and Fox Footy have separate commentary teams for the GF?
  2. Will one broadcaster produce GF coverage for both broadcasters, or will Seven and Fox Footy take turn to produce GF coverage each year for the next four years?


Maybe Jam TV will get the job again.


I think Seven will produce it and Fox will just simulcast the Seven coverage.


Second tier competitions have released their schedules, and Seven in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are covering those leagues again. These are the games that they are scheduled to cover at this stage.

VFL (Totally Workwear and Hard Yakka sponsoring the league in 2019, games telecast 11:40 Sunday Morning unless stated)
R1: Box Hill vs Casey (Box Hill City Oval)
R2: Sandringham vs Box Hill (either Docklands or Trevor Barker Beach Oval)
R3: Coburg vs Frankston (Coburg City Oval, 2:10 PM)
R4: Williamstown vs Footscray (Point Gellibrand)
R5: Essendon vs Geelong (Either MCG or Windy Hill)
R6: Box Hill vs Footscray (Either MCG or Box Hill City Oval)
R7: Richmond vs Box Hill (Punt Road)
R8: Sandringham vs Northern Blues (Either Docklands or Trevor Barker Beach Oval)
R9: Essendon vs Northern Blues (Windy Hill)
R10: Casey vs Collingwood (Casey Fields, 2:10 PM)
R11: Port Melbourne vs Williamstown (North Port Oval, 2:10 PM)
R12: Port Melbourne vs Essendon (North Port Oval, 2:10 PM)
R13: Werribee vs Frankston (Chrinside Park)
R14: North Melbourne vs Sandringham (Arden Street)
R15: Footscray vs Casey (Either Docklands or Whitten Oval)
R16: TBD
R17: Sandringham vs Casey (Trevor Barker Beach Oval)
R18: Northern Blues vs Collingwood (Either Docklands or Princes Park)
R19: Richmond vs Northern Blues (Either MCG or Punt Road)
R20: Williamstown vs Geelong (Point Gellibrand)
R21: TBD

There are going to be curtain raisers at Docklands and the MCG next year, but at this stage just which games are going to be held there are TBD. Hence the draw leaving the venue option open for many of these games.

SANFL (Sponsored by Statewide Super. Games scheduled to be shown on Saturday at 2:40 unless stated . No games scheduled for May 10-12 due to the State Game between SA and WA which won’t be covered by 7)

R1: No game telecast
R2: Sturt vs Eagles (Unley)
R3: Glenelg vs South (Glenelg)
R4: South vs Adelaide (Noarlunga)
R5: Central vs Adelaide (Elizabeth, 1:10 PM)
R6: Sturt vs North (Unley)
R7: Port vs Adelaide (Alberton, 1:40 PM)
R8: Eagles vs South (Woodville, 1/6 as this is a split round)
R9: West vs Adelaide (Richmond)
R10: Eagles vs West (Woodville, 15/6, 1:10 PM), Port vs Norwood (Alberton, 16/6)
R11: Norwood vs Eagles (Norwood, 22/6), Glenelg vs Central (Glenelg, 23/6), North vs Port (Prospect, 29/6)
R12: Central vs North (Elizabeth, 1:10 PM)
R13: Adelaide vs Port (Port Pirie)

Matches for the remaining weekends and the draw for the 18th and final round TBD

WAFL (10 teams in the competition with the Eagles fielding their own team and East Perth reverting to stand alone)
The only match I can see confirmed for telecast is the opening round game between Perth and West Coast at Lathlain Park, to be shown at 3:00 PM WST even though the game is a 12:40 WST start. I’m assuming a lot of the games will be shown on Saturday afternoons (the exception being the Monday WA Day Derby between East Fremantle and South Fremantle).


According to VFL website, Seven will continue the competition’s coverage for two more years.


So Ch7 are no longer covering the Saturday 2pm game?


Yeah, they’ve shifted their broadcast window