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No they won’t.


I can understand the frustration of Lynton, even though the caps weren’t neccessary for the forum. I would suggest writing to the AFL. Of course Victorian residents supporting Victorian clubs wouldn’t understand. The equality of the fixture is nothing short of unacceptable. Every year this happens.

I want to ask the question:

Why can’t the Bulldogs play Collingwood or Essendon or Richmond in Ballarat? Why does it have to be interstate clubs? Why can’t Melbourne play Collingwood, Essendon or Richmond in the NT? Or why can’t more Victorian clubs go to Tasmania?

I would actually say the Train station is pretty much closer than Richmond Station is to the MCG.


Probably capacity issues in Ballarat, same reason the bigger Victorian clubs rarely play in Geelong


Doesn’t matter. If its a sellout it become a marque game, right? I just don’t find it acceptable that those clubs get special considerations. Adelaide Oval sells out for Showdowns don’t see them suddenly saying no more showdowns at Adelaide Oval.


I think Collingwood would get lost going to Ballarat or Geelong, they barely leave Melbourne


That is my point. My point exactly. They should be forced to travel more. Its actually not fair on the interstate clubs. To be honest, you are right the Port Adelaide and Bulldogs game was easy for SA supporters but its a plane ride for players and then an hour and half bus ride. Its not a short amount of travel. Having a Victorian club would only require a bus ride or most players would probably drive themselves.


Collingwood is contractually obliged to play 14 games at the MCG and 3 at Marvel Stadium.


Time to rip that contract up because it doesn’t show equality in the game and simply puts the game in disrepute
if you ask me. But thanks for the information as I had no idea.


As a Melbourne supporter I understand your pain. Whilst I go to every match in Melbourne, for years our only fta games were home matches, so it was off to the pub to watch there, often relegated to the tiniest screen and no volume at the expense of a more popular match. Do you have a pub nearby you could gett along to?

Can you at least get along to the five matches in Victoria?


There’s more chance of Melbourne relocating to Tasmania than the Gold Coast.


I see.


I am 16 and don’t feel comfortable at pubs


Clearly you’ve never hit an extra letter in your life. Sorry.


What you’re suggesting (e.g Bulldogs v Collingwood in Ballarat) is akin to a Showdown being scheduled at Whyalla Recreational Reserve. It ain’t gonna happen.


No it isn’t. Essendon v Collingwood is the equivalent to a showdown.


If you think a crowd of 90,000 is equivalent to 50,000 then sure.


It would arguably be one of the biggest rivalries going around so yes it is. Collingwood v Bulldogs only got 37k


That’s understandable.


Glenn, I was having some fun, spelling was funny, all well intended :grinning:


I went to an Ess vs Coll game in 2014 and the crowd was just under 59k. Or do they not count?