Seven AFL Coverage


Reading through the report now, and it says West Coast v Port Adelaide will be Foxtel exclusive (at least for Melbourne) as Seven switches back to the Good Friday Appeal. This will be the first time Foxtel shows a Friday night match on its own since it began AFL broadcast in 2002.
As I posted last night, under the current broadcast deal, this game is expected to be shown on 7mate in Perth and main channel in Adelaide.


They’ve showed the Good Friday game during the coverage over the last two years?

That, or just bump either the game or the Appeal 7mate


The Good Friday twilight game is integrated into GFA coverage with donation numbers shown frequently on the screen, plus a couple of live crosses to the phone room.


The West Coast - Port game was always going to be a Fox game, it is rare for Seven to show games with 2 non-Victorian teams anyway.


And they’d generally only do that for a Sunday afternoon game these days. Since 2012 (when 7 became sole FTA rights holder) there’s only been a handful of games in the regular season where 2 non-Victorian clubs were involved.


Last year:
Rd5 Fri night Syd v Ade
Rd13 Fri night Syd v WC
Rd21 Sat night GWS v Ade
3 of 77 isn’t many, but then again between Fre/GC/Bris last year they had 5 games where 7 was the host broadcaster, so much harder to do obviously.


Also Sydney probably has the biggest supporter base in Victoria out of the Non-Victorian teams due to the South Melbourne heritage. I see Sydney merchandise in shops in Victoria but often not any other interstate teams


There should be more of it, guarenteed ratings winner, as Melbourne will watch regardless but other markets will naturally be higher. There was at least one this year in prime time on Seven, I think it even got a Friday night?


Sydney v Adelaide (Round 5) and Sydney v West Coast (Round 13) as posted by Glennc above.


Brisbane is the other example because of the Fitzroy heritage, although I suspect that’s waned in recent years given their performance


NSW/QLD/WA/SA get FTA coverage of every one of their home state teams’ games regardless (sometimes on delay for WA/SA). So it makes sense for Seven to opt for VIC teams for their host broadcasts where possible.


Could there also be an argument about exposure? Where particularly Adelaide and Perth teams might want bigger national television audiences, because we know they all want Friday nights and that’s FTA.


Thats true, but annoying when you follow a team from outside the state that I live in, but I’m in the minority


Also a lot of former Fitzroy supporters were not happy with the merger so do not support Brisbane


I’m in Tassie, go for Adelaide. I find South Australians bitching about 3 delayed games out of 22 annoying given I see about 8ish live on Tv and have to stream the others/have Foxtel (I don’t have Foxtel).


I see about 5 as a Port supporter in Victoria, most Victorians see their team about a dozen times and dont complain like those in SA and WA who have it too good.


True, some people just complain about everything, just be thankful you get to see the mighty Adelaide Crows every week.


There is a push for a primetime friday night showdown.


Can’t say I like the idea of two interstate teams from the same state I reckon two interstate teams from different states is better.


Its one of the biggest rivalries in AFL. This season the showdown provided two of the greatest games of the year . Its a pity the rest of Australia can’t see it.

We see the rivalries of Essendon v Collingwood etc shown on the main channel in primetime cannot see why we can’t have the other interstates rivalries.