Stan Zemanek and Malcolm T Elliott had the same complaint about cordless phones and hands-free home phones. :smiley:



Leasing from the Italians for tens of thousands and this is the response:

“Shane Parkes Chris Fielder I tried listening from Victor to Langhorne Creek yesterday morning & it was painful,not once was it clear. You must have to live within a 5km radius of the station.”

He’s close, 10km, much further out to the Fleurieu.

Lots of tweets of complaint regarding the bungled choice of site and frequency:

Being off band of limited power is the main gripes.

Many have a false of home of DAB+ in the future.

Won’t be happening, the TAB has been unable to secure spectrum via lease from the commercial operators (they are a HPON in Adel), so why would SEN be any different?

As we’ve been through many times before, the DAB+ spectrum is limited as only one Cat 1 multiplex.

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Good job on them choosing a frequency that most cars past 1999 can’t even receive.

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Or an Idea to Recoup the Cash Crocmedia will lose from Mostly Realying on 1377, Sell 50% of it to an Constorium.



To be fair, Pacific Star tried that with Macquarie radio and MTR was not that successful…



They’re not losing any money. Classic Rock 1377 was generating next to no advertising revenue, all of which is easily recouped by selling a “second SEN” to the same advertisers.



SEN+ Rocks Local Footy

The Eastern Football League, the biggest and number-one ranked local football competition in Victoria, has today announced a two-year broadcast partnership with 1377 SEN+.

For the 2019 and 2020 seasons, 1377 SEN+ will broadcast EFL Game-Day live on Saturday as well as EFL Sunday from 10am-12pm, reviewing all of the previous day’s action.



Surely that’s a paid spot by the EFL, is there really much interest outside the eastern suburbs?

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What a waste of time on a once No 1 rating station (the original 3MP). Isn’t this what community radio is for? Oh Craig how you’ve ruined Pacific Star!

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Well according to a RadioInfo article, “1377 SEN+ launched in August 2018 is 1116 SEN ’s digital broadcast station.”

I didn’t know AM was DAB+.

Read more at: ©



I call 1377 a waste of Space Now, Somebody must buy the Frequency And Return it to 3MP.

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Whilst disappointed with the current use of 1377, I think we need to respect that’s how the owners want to run it, for them they must see it as being more profitable.



As I said before Craig should pay the power costs of powering the 1337am transmitter at Rowville out of his pocket

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At least MML and Pacific Star have something in common.

They both like wasting good radio space for more silly pointless sports stations.

In Melbourne, SEN and ABC is plenty (along with RSN and a bit of 3AW of course).

And in Sydney, MML jumped the gun too soon. No need for anything other than an already cluttered sports radio market amongst Triple M, 2KY, 2GB, 2SM and ABC.



technically he is, as owner of Crocmedia?

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Yeah you’ve really got to wonder about the thinking. The market for sport isn’t big enough for all these stations.

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Finally an answer as to why signage was never updated on SEN’s studios in Richmond. Both SEN and SEN+ cease transmission from the Swan Street studios on Sunday, and presumably move to Southbank with the rest of Hutchy’s empire.



I was listening to Sports Day earlier this week and Gerard Healy mentioned they were having technical difficulties in a new studio. They were possibly testing out the new SEN studio before they move or maybe SEN are moving into an existing Crocmedia studio and other Crocmedia productions such as Sports Day will move to a new one.

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Sportsday Victoria is currently broadcast from 3AW studios at Newspaper House (same building as The Age) in Melbourne CBD opposite Southern Cross Station and uses 3AW’s phone-in number 131332. If it moves to Southbank in 2019, does it mean the phone number will change?

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It’s been at Southbank all year ever since Crocmedia took over production. They redirect 13 13 32 to Crocmedia’s Southbank studios I believe. Hence why they don’t announce the normal 96 900 693 during the program.

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