@Jason_Andrew_Toppin At least their cricket coverage sounded professional, MSR’s was dismal! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



No doubt Gerard Whateley and Anthony Hudson are 2 of the best in the business, but the constant references to the McRib burger are nearly enough to tip me back to the traditional ABC commentary for the rest of the summer :stuck_out_tongue:



Listening to the SA stream and after a block of ads, there was around 5 mins dead air, more ads and only just now back to programming. All up almost 10 mins break in the program, this is not a great start at all.

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Sounds like it’s being put together on a really low budget this early on.

Also guessing master control is physically located at the Crocmedia offices in Adelaide (makes sense to keep the STL simple to the 1629 transmitter) but when they are taking networked programming from Melbourne it is probably being controlled remotely and no one is actually monitoring it in the Adelaide office hence the dead air.

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I was listening to the cricket on 1116 SEN and I got scared to death by what sounded like an air raid siren. Turns out they are broadcasting emergency warnings on SEN about bushfires near Geelong.



Good. The SEWS is doing its job.



SEN+ 1377doing alternative programmming, is it a during the cricket thing?



Not sure if there’s an audience for it, but it’s a better use of spectrum than simulcasting SEN that’s for sure.

Looks like they’ve fixed the 1116AM stream that’s been down for months



I think they’re using 1377 to replay other programming. It’s the fishing show from Sun 6am or 7am currently. I’d rather that than the simulcast personally.

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They should run their regular schedule on 1377. Talkback during the cricket is using the new 1300 number, so nothing is stopping them technically from doing that



Would also be great if they could be arsed to update their schedule online, not that hard really.



Is the new 1300 number for both SENs or just SA?

I recall they used to have a 1300 … 1116 phone number some years ago. Couldn’t they retrieve it?



It’s definitely being used for SEN SA and during the cricket, I suspect they are/will be using it for programs shared between the two stations (or give out both numbers like 3AW does)

They’ve gone for 1300 736 736, which is 1300 SEN SEN. Decent choice in my books



Are 1300 numbers cheaper or more expensive than 13 numbers?

Reason being, I find a simple 13 1116 would work better than remembering such a long 1300 number.



13XXXX numbers are generally used by businesses to redirect to the most local branch office depending on where the caller is calling from. For example when it comes to radio, Triple M use 133 353 and Hit network 13 10 60. They redirect to the local capital city Triple M or Hit station depending on what state you are in. This can again vary when there is national programming, for example during Hughesy and Kate’s show, 13 10 60 nationally calls into FOX FM Melbourne, similarly 133 353 nationally over night calls into Luka Bona’s show at Triple M’s Sydney studios.

I would have thought that a 13 number would have been suitable seeing as they have programming coming from SA and VIC. For example in SA local shows they could redirect SA callers to the Adelaide studios, othertimes the calls go through to Melbourne studios.

I’ve got no idea the arrangement with the new 1300 number…



1300 and 13 numbers can be configured exactly the same way - they’re the same type of service.

The 6-digit 13 numbers come with a significantly higher fee for the convenience of having a shorter number though, making 1300 more popular with smaller companies and those who prefer to keep the purse strings tighter.



1300 numbers are cheaper. And IIRC (going back some years) 13 numbers allowed more complex configurations than 1300… but that might no longer be the case, it is a few years since I used to work with those. (EDIT: just saw the post above that 13 and 1300 are identical in features. Either it has changed or my memory is crooked :thinking:)

And 13 having a 6 digit as opposed to a 10 digit number also gave them a higher premium



Of course, SEN and other broadcasters could stop being cheapskates and use 1800 numbers. Like many used to do years ago. 13 and 1300 calls from landlines are often charged at 50 cents or more these days.

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nobody is calling from landlines anymore except over 55’s. Most people have unlimited calls on mobile.




Apart from which that’s the main demographic for news-talk stations. Think about it.

And I wish people would use landlines for call-in shows. There’s nothing worse than trying to listen to callers on flaky cellular connections. Even worse when they’re using hands free in the car