SEN (Radio)


where is this from? is this behind a paywall?

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Thankfully (?) not, it’s an article on so you can at least read the whole thing.

That said, the whole (two-weeks-late) story becomes more an indictment on the Murdoch press (I mean, I guess the Daily Mail would do it too) than anything given it just means they get another story out of Hutchy complaining about it on the Saturday morning show. :man_shrugging:


Regardless, I think he’s to be commended in giving young talent a go who’d never get a look in anywhere else

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…but not for ruining what was once a good radio station.

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And screwing over thousands of listeners who lost a station that was a part of their lives. If they go broke it’ll all be for nothing.

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Craig Hutchison explained the company’s financial situation further in this week’s episode of The Sounding Board podcast with Damian Barrett.

We made $4.8m profit EBITDA. There were some markdowns and impairment of assets that created a paper loss. We have made money every year. We haven’t had a year where we haven’t made money. Would we have liked to have made more? Yes. It is my job to make more for our shareholders per annum? Yes.

This was the last year of our audio build and our radio build in conjunction with our stakeholders to finish the job we set out to do five years ago.

We have been playing a long game on asset, as opposed to a short-term game on earnings. That job is finished and we have no more audio stations to buy or build. We have a two-country platform that will serve us well.