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Here’s an updated graphics package I made in MS Powerpoint for SCN. - I was bored one day. - I recently found this forum and it’s great to know there are other news nerds like myself.


Welcome aboard, although I don’t think those links you posted are correct.

Also, we have a dedicated space for mock designs, for example: Random Mocks

Thanks for the welcome. Love the discussions happening here. I’m an aspiring broadcast presenter and journalist. (I’m High School Age). I present and produce on 94.7 The Pulse FM in the Monday Drive slot and I’ve networked myself in with a couple of TV Anchors. At home in the forum for sure.


Welp, there goes my chances at getting a job in the industry.


For the past two and a half years I’ve been volunteering and presenting. I know how competitive the industry is so I’ve taken every step to skill myself to get a job. (All I need to do is finish school and get a bachelor of comms and I’m ready to take on the world)

Also welcome.

Just to re-iterate, the links you posted above are to the edit page where you uploaded the YouTube video so we can’t see them - you need to provide the final You Tube address or “Video URL”.

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Thanks. Obviously new to this. Should be fixed now :slight_smile:
It’s amazing what you can do in a program such as MS Powerpoint - after-effects can be very time consuming.


It’s amazing you can make something so much better looking than what’s actually on air, using powerpoint!

Where did you get that high quality map of Tasmania from in the weather video?

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Welcome to MediaSpy @NewsDiscuss! I think you’ll enjoy it here a lot. :slight_smile: You remind me of myself, I have always made everything from Logos, Graphics, Animations and Birthday Cards (some on Word) on PowerPoint for over 10 years since I received my first Computer around my birthday on October in 2006.

Just last year, I made all the graphics and title-cards for my Year 12 Digital Media News & Current Affairs Project, where I made a local version of Seven News based on the suburb of my school: Seven Koondoola News. I replicated the then new Seven News Graphics in October of last year. Everything made on PowerPoint 2016: even the OTS Graphics! I’ll make sure to post them in the Random Mocks discussion some time in the future, I am very proud of them. :blush:

Great Mock, looks very nice, and fits in with the Seven News Graphics style. :+1:

Again, from me and all of us, Welcome to the MediaSpy Club! :smiley:

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It’s not a bad program if you’re creative with it. I just did a google image search
The image is more than likely copyrighted - the youtube video is ‘unlisted’ (you need the link to view it), so I didn’t take much notice of the source.

It’s not a likely program you’d think of but it’s great for good looking but simple and quick graphics. It’s a program most people have access to and you could use it in a live situation connecting a computer as an input using a chroma key background (I use MSPt for animated supers a lot for projects). In after effects, you have a lot more fine control, but you can’t argue with the result in Pt - particulary for fast turn around. Here’s a promo I did using Pt TheConvo and here’s a news update GCN Update. This probably isn’t the ideal place to discuss this but it’s interesting.

I know what you mean, most people think that PowerPoint can’t do that much creative wise, but it can be as useful as Photoshop or even Illustrator, people have been shocked when I tell them I made something I showed them in PowerPoint when they thought it was Photoshop. Pretty much everything I have made is in PowerPoint.

Since I have been using it for more than 10 years now, I have learned how to do complex and advanced things, such as making graphics, high res logos, animations, OS Simulations and even a animated title card for my Seven Koondoola News Bulletin. To implement the graphics into my video, I would place them on top of the video, set the timing for the animations to be just right, set the slides to change automatically with set timing, then export the Presentation as a MP4 (Yes you can do that! :smiley:) I had also tested chroma key before my News & Current Affairs Project, making Mock Seven News Graphics, and asked a friend to drop it in Sony Vegas to test it. I’ll make sure to post some of my best works in the Random Mocks Thread.

At the risk of going off topic (probably a little too late :stuck_out_tongue:), when can we expect Southern Cross News Tasmania debuting their new Set? Should be soon I hope. :crossed_fingers:

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