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Destination Flavour China

Premieres Wednesday 28 November at 8:00pm


Adam Liaw discovers the vast and ancient country of China, exploring its history through its food whilst at the same time exploring his own family history.


SBS has picked up the rights to German WWII drama Das Boot, which is inspired by Wolfgang Petersen’s 1981 movie adaptation of Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s novel.


SBS has picked up the rights to six-part mini-series The Little Drummer Girl, based on the novel by John le Carré and starring Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood, Big Little Lies). It will premiere on BBC One in Britain on October 28 and AMC in the US next month.


Epic Warrior Women

Premieres Sunday 11 November at 7.30pm

This three-part docu-drama series tells the story of history’s most iconic women fighters. Each extraordinary tale centres on the life of one young woman warrior caught up in the bloody struggles of her time.

Throughout history warfare has been seen to be the preserve of men. But in this series reveals the women who fought just as courageously, just as skilfully and just as fiercely as men.

The three-part series looks at the lives of history’s most iconic women fighters. It chronicles the military achievements of the original Amazon horse warriors of the Steppe, examines the highly trained female gladiators of Ancient Rome, and the feared all-women regiments of Dahomey, who shaped African history.

Narrated and presented by BBC historian Bettany Hughes, each episode is supported by stunning dramatic re-enactments, original costumes, historic locations and CG animation. Interviews with historians, archaeologists, provide the background to each extraordinary story of blood and sacrifice that centres on the life of one young woman caught up in the bloody struggles of her time.

The first episode looks at the origins of the Greek Amazon mythology and find answers among the ancient nomad warriors of the Central Asian grasslands. Episode two shows how Rome interpreted Greek mythology by encouraging gladiator women to fight to the death as Amazons in the arena. Episode three looks at how the all-female slave raiding regiments of West Africa terrified both the local population and the Europeans sent to conquer them.


The Doctor Who Took Kids Off Drugs

Monday 12 and 19 November at 8:35pm

Two years ago, Dr Chris van Tulleken discovered people were taking more prescription drugs than ever before - a billion prescriptions a year in the UK. In this two-part series, he works with a GP surgery to get patients to try drug free alternatives - with amazing results.

Now Chris is on a new mission; to understand why British kids are receiving more than three times more meds than we were 40 years ago. As a new Dad, Chris has a very personal motivation to explore the reasons behind this explosion in medication.

In the series he sets about finding alternatives to drugs which might be just as, or even more, effective. He tackles the shocking rise in teens taking anti-depressants by testing if Wilderness Therapy can work where the drugs are failing. He investigates why parents are giving out so many over the counter meds when they may not be always necessary. And he helps hyperactive kids replace their drugs with mindful meditation. He also digs deeper into the forces driving the over medication of UK children and asks whether the drug industry itself could be playing a part in the rise.


Australia Says Yes

Thursday 15 November at 7.30pm

Packed with drama, high emotions, and cliff-hanger moments, Australia Says Yes is the intimate and personal history of struggle and perseverance that propelled Australia to say Yes to marriage equality.

The film shows how a group of determined individuals fought tirelessly against unjust laws that treated LGBTIQ people as second-class citizens, creating a movement that saw them go from criminals to legally equal over the course of five decades.

The program records this battle through personal reflections from the heroes and pioneers of the movement, archival footage featuring key moments in the historic struggle, and behind-the-scenes moments revealing heartache, strategy, determination and humanity.



Premieres Thursday 15 November at 8.30pm 6 parts

Waco explores the 51-day 1993 standoff between the FBI, the ATF, and David Koresh’s religious faction, the Branch Davidians, in Waco, Texas, that culminated in a fire engulfing the compound, killing 76 Davidians, including Koresh.

The six episode series follows the events leading up to the tragic standoff at Waco, offering perspectives from both sides of the dispute. Waco stars Michael Shannon, Melissa Benoist, Taylor Kitsch, and John Leguizamo, and presents a fascinating insight into religious fanaticism.


It will premiere in Australia on BBC First with SBS getting second window rights:

BBC First

Amazon Prime Video has an international deal with AMC but maybe they get it after SBS…or perhaps not because it’s a co-production with the BBC.


SBS picked up PBS documentary Chasing the Moon during MIPCOM at Cannes last week. The six-hour series, produced to commemorate next year’s 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, is due to air next year.


Pompeii’s Final Hours: New Evidence

Premieres Sunday 11 November at 7.30pm 3 parts

For centuries, a third of the Roman city of Pompeii has been left untouched. This means that hundreds of shops, homes, streets and bodies have laid unseen beneath ash and rubble for 2000 years - exactly as they were on the day of the eruption.

For the very first time, parts of this untouched area will undergo new archaeological digs - and the filmmakers have been granted wide-ranging access to these ground-breaking works.

A trio of presenters will explore what life was like in the final days of the doomed city of Pompeii - counting down day-by-day to the eruption itself. Spanning the entire ruined city and the surrounding areas, they’ll be following the new digs, stepping into the best preserved Roman sites, and visiting the volcano itself.


Vikings - Season 5 (2nd part)

Premieres Thursday 2 December at 9.30pm 3

The fifth season of Michael Hirst’s epic series will return for its second, and final, half this December.


But 2 December is a Sunday.


Strange - it must mean week commencing.


Great American Railroad Journeys - Season 3

Premieres Tuesday 27 November at 7.30pm

Steered by his 19th century Appleton’s guidebook, Michael Portillo embarks on a brand new one thousand-mile American adventure through California. Along the way he discovers how the railroads conquered the wild landscapes of the West and how California became America’s richest state.

Beginning in the Silver State of Nevada, Michael takes to the skies over the dramatic Sierra Nevada mountain range. At Lake Tahoe, he hears of the first European explorer, known as ‘The Pathfinder’, whose discovery opened up the west for settlement.

Travelling on the historic Virginia and Truckee heritage line, Michael investigates the vast deposits of silver and gold ore on which Virginia City was built. At Chollar Mine he finds out about the short-lived mining boom and meets a quirky relic of the period - the pistol packin’ preacher.



After showing first season of Cruising with Jane McDonald, SBS went straight into season 2 last Saturday (October 27) with the show keeping the Saturday 7.30pm timeslot. Episode 1, which aired last week, saw Jane taking first Scandi-cruise aboard the Viking Sky, visiting Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm, and doing everything from meeting cats to becoming the fifth member of ABBA. Tonight is episode 4 of season 2 in which Jane visits Cuba. Here is the synopsis:

A cruise like no other, to a place like no other. Beginning and ending in Havana, Jane’s cruise round Cuba opens her eyes to a completely unique country. Because of the political situation between the Castro regime and the western world, Cuba has a relatively new tourist industry and is still relatively unspoilt unlike every other Caribbean island.

Note this episode will be shown in WA at the later time of 10.50pm due to Premier League telecast.

Two more seasons of Cruising with Jane McDonald aired in UK during this year. In season 4 she visited Sydney, Tasmania and New Zealand.


When does the episode on gastro outbreaks screen? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alex Polizzi Secret Italy

From Thursday 22 November at 7.30pm

Alex Polizzi embarks on a voyage of discovery back to her roots, taking in the colourful regions of Italy, from the cities and lakes of the North, to the unmistakably Mediterranean South.

Alex’s journey will see her revisiting some of her fondest memories, from her honeymoon tour, to the humble hillside village that her grandfather came from and Rome, the city that she lived in during her twenties. Along the way she will also uncover some of Italy’s hidden treasures, discovering regions that she knows little about, meeting unique characters and immersing herself in the culture of this great country.


The Al Pacino prequel series is a little grim.