Russia Ukraine conflict - Coverage Discussion

No ticker on the CNN-I feed.


As well as CNN-I showing European times instead of US times.

Sky News International covers up their clock and I think also FTSE info.

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I now remember how whack American ads are now… thanks CNN/Nine :joy:


Oh also CNN International breaks in to the feed to bring live EU, NATO or Russian pressers.

(I’m a sad person that’s had CNN-I on for 3 days straight)


They’ll probably be more in sync now with this conflict, but CNNI still breaks away from CNN US quite a bit throughout the day, even during the pandemic. Can be quite annoying because a lot of it is documentary or focus style programming with no current news.

For discussing which team you’re backing in this conflict: Russia and Ukraine Conflict


Not all of us “back” a team though. All good, I know it’s just your way of a segue.

CNNI doesn’t tend to replace the US primetime (east coast) lineup - everything outside that seems to be fair game.

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It seems though that the number of CNN US programs simulcasted on CNNI has increased since the pandemic to the detriment of CNNI-produced news programs. Found that to be annoying due to CNN US’ political-heavy focus - something which was warranted during the Trump presidency due to the sheer amount that occurred but not so much now.


Chris Reason reporting this morning. It was mentioned this morning he is being sent to various places to give reports.

RT’s unhappy about being taken off Foxtel


Can’t wait for the conspiracy minded to spin this as something the government forced rather than Foxtel doing on their own volition.

I would love to see the RT report on being taken off are around the world. Should be some entertaining viewing.

Looks like Nine have switched to the CNN International feed now.

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Very interesting, on Telstra home wifi RT is now inaccessible. On mobile (Optus MVNO), could access it once I got past a CAPTCHA.

I wonder if Telstra have now decided to block RT?

Damn. I was enjoying the American ad breaks :pensive:

What are the main news outlets in Ukraine? Television stations etc?

I believe all commercial television networks there are simulcasting Ukrainian public television. You can also follow Kyiv News and Kyiv Independent on Twitter.

It will be interesting to see if Russia plan to take these over in the coming weeks.

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