RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under

Looks like slightly better production values thank we have seen in the first two seasons.

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I still have very low hopes for this.

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must watch this. it features someone from where i live

It is definitely the worst of the international versions. The set is so tacky, it ruins the vibe of the show.

There is a rumour that Paramount have swooped in to take over from next season with a larger budget. :crossed_fingers:

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Needs to move to Australia


Are you serious? I have not watched the episode yet.

Thanks a lot.

I’ve put spoiler tags on it but at the same time why visit a thread for a show knowing there has been a final and is likely to have spoilers?

Viewers have to take some measures to avoid coming across spoilers, as well. I have learned that the hard way.


Sorry everyone :slightly_frowning_face:

I knew that Q would come up.

Honestly I was interested in the convo that was happening around the improvements and whilst I’m aware of staying away for spoilers (and it did cross my mind) I never thought it would happen. Usually doesn’t.

That’s fine but be also aware that any number of viewers who’d watched the final already could be discussing the outcome and without spoiler tags.

Now you know for next time :slightly_smiling_face:

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and one of Ballarat’s drag queens Gabriella Labucci takes 2nd place :smiley:


Not quite, I understand the first 3 seasons were under the one deal with Stan and in place before Paramount had launched in Australia. With some talent contracts being guaranteed for 3 seasons regardless of production).

It is why there was also not a significant change to production despite the review/feedback on production quality.

Stan all but gave up promoting the show for season 3 and did not even hold a launch.

If there are to be further seasons it would most likely be on Paramount (or even 10) as they have shown some (limited) interest. Most likely is for the show to be “rested” for 2024, filmed in Q3 and launched at the Upfront event held next year and airing Q1 2025. Filming could also be done on an international set (likely UK) at the conclusion of their next season.


It’s very noticeable when you go from watching Down Under to a US season, just how big the difference in quality.

Would be good if Isis and Gabriella could have a run on the US show. They can compete.

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