I don’t know whether there was in this case but there have been so many allegations and complaints against him, it’s difficult to keep track.


That is true. I am just trying to understand the reasons why The Australian are publishing an article like this without any real clear establishment of the facts.

There is definitely a solid reason for the compliant. However, we don’t know if it was consensual or not. Obviously, it goes against the rules of the church (which I believe are outdated anyway) but its not really clear what the article is trying to suggest.


I guess they’re trying to show that Pell has had a history of lying and a lifestyle which goes against his teachings and the teachings of the church.

Until now, there have been allegations and legal action but no convictions but that’s changed now with him being a convicted child abuser. I guess these media outlets are looking at the previous allegations and wondering whether they are worth pursuing further.


John Paul II should never have been made a saint due to the overwhelming evidence that he covered up child abuse, so quoting him was a poor decision, as was a day of organised prayer for George Pell’s ‘innocence’.


So I’ve been fairly quiet but I’ll add a few comments now.

I think that the vigilante action against those who want to defend Pell shouldn’t be happening. If they want to have a prayer service for him then let them. He still has supporters and people who don’t want to believe that the allegations are correct. This is no different from any parent who believes their child can do no wrong despite all the evidence or any other family member or friend who will often defend others.

As for the actual charges, I honestly don’t know whether he’s guilty or not, but he has been found guilty through the courts and through the jury who heard and saw all the evidence that we won’t get to so we just have to trust they made the correct decision or what they believe was correct.
Even if he is innocent, I still think he is guilty of many cover ups or wrong decisions and he should be held responsible for them. The Catholic Church themselves overall still seem to be trying to distance themselves and trying to deflect things when they need to face this head on. They need to apologise, they need to admit that stuff has happened and throw all those they know about to the courts and they need to look at the way they do things and see if that really is the best way in this day and age, things like celibacy, things like the secrecy of the confessional. They apparently have a lot of money unlike many of the other churches and it’s now time for them to put their money where their mouth is and make amends for what has happened. There’s a lot of people who have been hurt and there’s a lot of people who now don’t trust the church or God or anything that they stand for and the way they are dealing with this is so against the biblical teachings.

While I am focusing on the Catholics there, it does apply to the other churches which also have a history. I know many of the churches now have this as one of their highest priorities and have for years been focusing on ensuring that all their checks and protection methods are in place and effective and do work with the authorities and other organisations to ensure that everything is open and transparent. The way some of the older churches are going is still like they’re trying to do it on their own and failing badly.


appropriate thread

Completely overwhelmed by this occasion. Historic. Justice (or not). Tragic. Disappointing. So many things being thought right now.

I think the judge (say what you like about the sentence) was excellent, took his time, a lot longer than usual, composed and clearly explained everything in detail.


The rumours were around in Sydney when he was appointed the Archbishop of Sydney, with stories about various nicknames he and his then entourage had in Melbourne. In the end, none of it was really a surprise.


Definitely was historic. Biggest trial by media in Australia’s history IMO. But it was great to see a hearing being allowed to be filmed, as it should IMO.

I really thought the judge was going to come down hard but it was a fair sentencing for the prosecution and Pell.

It will now be interesting to see how the coverage goes for the appeal and whether it will gather as much attention if it goes the other way.


That right wing f**kwit Fraser Anning says it’s the increase in muslims that caused the Christchurch shootings. He’s out of his mind when he blames the muslim community for a shooting involving a white man as a perpatrator. WTF is that prick on? Where’s his evidence?

P.S. Couldn’t find a better topic for this so I thought I mention it here.


At least the prime minister condemned it straight away.


Now don’t accept his vote ever again.


First we have Anning now this extreme right wing nut job spiting more hate speech.

Finally our extremist government actually doing something right for once by banning him from entering the country. They still have a long way to go by removing Abbott, Dutton, Andrews, Kelly et. al. Before they are even remotely in a legitimate state to govern.

I am sure Bolt and Murray etc will be carrying on and on about all this as usual and prove to be on the wrong side of public opinion as they are with every thing from Pell to Cliamte Change.


Uh oh some are gonna get mad for this…


I’m referring to Milo being banned. Nothing else.


You do make many good points in regards to this issue. People like Anning and Yiannopoulos should think before they make comments as vile as what they said.


I’m pretty sure they do think - that’s the issue.


This Fraser Anning person was at some far right meeting in Melbourne today and it’s being reported he was egged by a protester and then Anning proceeded to punch the protester.

I’m assuming Anning will be the first guest on Bolt and Murray on Monday night.


I wonder if Anning or Yiannopoulos have read the reports and discovered that the perpetrator is white and that they’re targeting the victims.

If they did and mentioned this, then that’s downright vile.


Have you seen Anning’s statement? He doesn’t give a fuck.

Hope him and his Nazi thugs get charged for assault today, but I’m sure they won’t


Anning throwing a punch in response to the initial egging was reasonable. The four thugs who charged and choked out the boy was over the top and they should be charged.