Ratings: Ratings bragging rights shared on Thursday night

There was something for all commercial networks in Thursday night’s ratings results.

Seven was the top rated network with the best multichannel results while Nine’s main channel was number one for the first time this week and for Ten, The Bachelor was the top entertainment program for the night.

The Bachelor’s result was the best second night ever for the reality show an up over 80,000 from the same episode in 2015. It was again the number on program with key demographic groups where Ten was number one.

Seven’s network share was up slightly to 26.5%, and while Nine (25.2%), Ten (23.9%) and ABC (16.6%) were steady, SBS dropped to 7.7%.

Seven News (1,050,000 and 973,000) was the number one news program but by 7pm Home and Away had slipped to a disappointing 668,000. Double Surveillance Oz had 474,000 and 460,000 with The Big Bang Theory on 325,000 and 301,000 while Dynamo Magician Impossible averaged 272,000. The afternoon’s The Chase grabbed 626,000 and 400,000.

A Current Affair was number one at 7pm on Nine with 815,000 after Nine News had 1,000,000 and 949,000. In Sydney 193,000 watched the NRL while 177,000 Brisbane fans saw their home team defeated. In AFL territory World’s Best Commercials managed 309,000 and The Footy Show had 299,000 including 214,000 in Melbourne. Hot Seat averaged 517,000.

The Bachelor Australia led the way for Ten with 824,000. Next best was The Project on 632,000 and 444,000 after Family Feud had 561,000 and Ten Eyewitness News 506,000. Later, Law and Order: SVU had 504,000 and 365,000.

ABC News (771,000) and 7:30 (660,000) were in the top ten again while the return of The Checkout had 602,000 for ABC. Later, New Blood averaged just 388,000 while Antiques Roadshow managed 279,000 and a repeat of Barracuda had 108,000.

Eating History: Italy (220,000) was SBS’s best while the second instalment of the Roots remake dropped to 202,000, down from Wednesday’s premiere that had 320,000.

349,000 woke up to Sunrise on Seven ahead of Nine’s Today where 320,000 tuned in.

See [Thursday 28 July 2016] (Thursday 28 July 2016) for a more detailed look at the ratings numbers in the Media Spy forums.

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