Ratings: Neighbour season high; Married at First Sight improves

Last night’s dramatic special one-hour episode of the long-running Australian soap Neighbours drew its largest audience since July 2015 while Nine’s Married at First Sight improved from Monday night’s season opener.

Shown on Ten’s multichannel Eleven, Neighbour’s first half hour was seen by 268,000 and the 7pm segment by 251,000 while Married at First Sight lifted to 905,000. That represents a significant improvement on the 771,000 that watched on Monday but it is lower than any episode of the 2015 season that averaged 1.12 million.

Seven was the number one network with a network share of 31.1%, its lowest Tuesday result of the survey. ABC (16.2%) and SBS (6.8%) also lost ground with Nine improving to 25.5% while Ten was steady on 20.5%. Seven won all markets except Melbourne that was won by Nine (by 0.2%), but Nine dropped behind Ten to finish third in Perth.

My Kitchen Rules dropped to 1,244,000, its lowest Tuesday result this year after Seven News had 1,044,000 and 973,000 across its hour. Home and Away dropped 107,000 week-on-week to 741,000 and Seven Year Switch lost ground but still won its timeslot with 772,000. Later, Best Bits was steady with 368,000 while The Chase had 598,000 and 355,000 in the afternoon.

Over on Nine, Nine News averaged 1,016,000 and 1,003,000 with A Current Affair the number one 7pm show with 897,000. After Married at First Sight (905,000), Ren Rumble hit a season low of 352,000 despite the improved lead in. Earlier, Hot Seat had 542,000 in the afternoon.

NCIS was Ten’s best performer with a season-high 618,000 with NCLI: Los Angeles also recording a 2016 high of 501,000. Earlier, The Project had 598,000 and 425,000, Family Feud 576,000 and Ten Eyewitness News 491,000. Slipping outside the top twenty were Territory Cops (469,000) and Bondi Rescue (459,000) both down from last week’s highs.

ABC News (802,000) made the top ten with 7:30 (599,000) the next best for ABC. Catalyst that followed dropped to 556,000 while Keeping Australia Alive shed 105,000 from last week to 466,000. Foreign Correspondent (336,000) and Antiques Roadshow (313,000) missed the top twenty.

Meanwhile for SBS, Great Continental Railways (295,000), Insight (259,000) and Dateline (223,000) were the best performers.

Sunrise recorded its best breakfast result since 1 February with 341,000 while Today had 315,000 and ABC News Breakfast 98,000 and 52,000. Later, The Morning Show had 154,000 to lead Today Extra (144,000) and Studio 10 (79,000).

See [Tuesday 5 April 2016] (Tuesday 5 April 2016) for a more detailed look at the ratings numbers in the Media Spy forums.

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