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I’ve been trying to remember what we had in school (it was that long ago) that was like that. We had a thing called a “Negotiated Study” but that was more english oriented than an actual project of anything. A passion project would have been pretty cool.


What year level? I’d rather a study period so I could go to the mall.

Used to rule when you had a study period before lunch. 2 hours off.


In college they were just called frees - they didn’t even expect us to study! Our negotiated studies were a major component of our year 10.


Work experience without the OH&S paperwork


You gotta love fake Newspaper Pop-Ups.


I’d be pretty happy too if my dividends went from $100 to $75 million :smirk:


Doesn’t look to different to a typical Tele article, to be honest.

Also, the scammers aren’t up to date with the Today news. :laughing:



Note to self - do not inject anything into the penis. :rofl:


And I thought WIN’s watermark was bad… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow this is huge :open_mouth: Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among 40 people who have been charged in connection with an alleged college entrance exam scheme in the US. We should hear more on this in the coming days.


Luckily theres no NBC affiliate in Bermuda anymore, otherwise we would get a Mappy version of this lol