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I’ve been trying to remember what we had in school (it was that long ago) that was like that. We had a thing called a “Negotiated Study” but that was more english oriented than an actual project of anything. A passion project would have been pretty cool.


What year level? I’d rather a study period so I could go to the mall.

Used to rule when you had a study period before lunch. 2 hours off.


In college they were just called frees - they didn’t even expect us to study! Our negotiated studies were a major component of our year 10.


Work experience without the OH&S paperwork


You gotta love fake Newspaper Pop-Ups.


I’d be pretty happy too if my dividends went from $100 to $75 million :smirk:


Doesn’t look to different to a typical Tele article, to be honest.

Also, the scammers aren’t up to date with the Today news. :laughing:

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Note to self - do not inject anything into the penis. :rofl:


And I thought WIN’s watermark was bad… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow this is huge :open_mouth: Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among 40 people who have been charged in connection with an alleged college entrance exam scheme in the US. We should hear more on this in the coming days.


Luckily theres no NBC affiliate in Bermuda anymore, otherwise we would get a Mappy version of this lol

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A thief with a stolen ATM attempts to take it on a bus in New Jersey.

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It would been VERY tricky trying to get money from it to pay for his bus fare!


Novated lease documents - don;t you just love 'em! :rofl:

Try to sort out the lease of a new car through work and I have to ring them tomorrow to ask more questions!

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My last one took 4 days - didn’t help the car the lease company had procured for me arrived 8 weeks early

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For the annual April Fool’s prank, Google has added classic game Snake to the Google Maps app.


The Commander in Cheat. A new book shows how Trump regularly cheats playing golf.


Quit my job yesterday morning, was a while coming now. Not going to stay in a workplace that delivers me rubbish pay, Harassment and bullying and then i get the blame for it when reporting it. Thought it would be a great feeling, Oh how wrong i was felt intimidated, sworn in the face told i had 3 days to change my mind. Despicable, I think if you’ve had 8 employees (Inc myself) walk out in the past 6 weeks i would be worried and to pick up that it’s a toxic workplace.


Sorry to hear that, that’s not good at all.

Hope you get a much better one soon.


When you’ve calmed down and have a little perspective you should consider writing a formal letter to your boss’s superiors detailing your experience. Don’t be vindictive, don’t embellish. Just detail what has happened in a calm and measured manner. Even if the person who deals with it chooses to dismiss it, you’ll feel better about yourself knowing they have a record of what is happening in that workplace.

I did something similar years ago. Walked out on a job I’d been in for years because the environment was toxic and it was effecting my health. I really couldn’t afford to be without work at the time but it was the best thing I ever did. Wrote a letter to head office. They investigated, noted the attrition rate and realised they’d lost an effective employee with a history of excellent KPIs. Received a call from corporate and had a pleasant chat with someone who took the matter seriously and offered me a place elsewhere in the business. I declined and ended up working for a direct competitor.

Saw my immediate manager from toxic workplace in a shopping centre months later who ranted and raved about what I’d done. His partner had to drag him away. I’m guessing things didn’t work out too well for him.