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Had to go to Leichhardt for a work course… drove past 10’s new logo.


Were the joggers from Nine just available in one style? Did you go back to get the chair after you had watched the cricket?


They’re my shoes. Also, what chair?


A couple of comments. :grinning:

Sydney has four major inlets of the Tasman Sea - Broken Bay, Port Jackson, Botany Bay and Port Hacking.

The Derwent River at Hobart flows into Storm Bay before it hits the Tasman Sea.


So Sully was talking out of his arse again? /shock


Continuing discussion from 7TWO schedules thread where people had conspiracy theories on why tonight’s Powerball draw was delayed, forcing them to watch entire episode of Murdoch Mysteries. It is a bit unusual for a big lottery draw to be delayed. Last year the draw for Powerball’s $100 million jackpot went smoothly, so I wonder there are problems this time around.


It’s not uncommon. It just makes the news when a big draw is involved. Usually the delay is barely noticed.

When the Lotto draw was televised live years ago, they had a back up machine that was just off screen. The official had to take the numbers drawn and continue on. Another time both machines stopped working so they had to come back later in the night to finish it.


If any Melburnians or visitors to the city have nothing planned one day, go and visit the Steve Irwin Sea Shepherd ship at Docklands for a tour before it’s too late.

What a amazing piece of history which sadly won’t be around for much longer as the vessel is now retired and will most likely be turned into scrap metal. It’ll be at Docklands until the end of the month.


This will be me around 6:30-7:00pm tonight.


A very odd story … Amy Harris in The Sunday Telegraph claims insiders at Nine have said it was Karl Stefanovic’s hat that ultimately cost him his job on Today. Focus groups apparently hated the hat.

From Instagram:

The same story also claims that if Stefanovic is sacked by Nine, that another network is interested in signing him “if Stefanovic can return his “old newsman” ways”.


Another round of FA Cup is on this weekend and still no live coverage on TV in Australia. Do we really have to wait until the semi-finals in April for live telecast?


I was walking out of Qudos Bank Arena towards Olympic Park station when I saw a LOT of scantily clad people. I didn’t know where to look, some of them looked like either current or ex-students. :hushed: - I felt like a dirty old man for looking!

Apologies in advance for posting a Daily Mail article, but I think it explains my point:


But if they’re dressed like that, where are they supposed to hide their drugs?

Erm…on second thoughts, don’t answer that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw a Princess Leia pillow in a bedding store over the weekend… and I wondered how many teenage boys over the years would have wanted to buy one just to say they could sit on Leia’s face :thinking:


Or worse?


Tell us more… what would you do to a Leia pillow?


You know. :dizzy_face:


Yes, yes I do…


An unintended consequence of the Brexit debacle.


I guess it just goes to show Brexit is giving everyone the shits

I imagine evacuating Her Majesty would be a fairly formal affair… I wonder if the Usher of the Black Rod would be involved?