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NSW’s issue is it has two shitty choices, even the Greens are fucked up there. (Although we have to wait for licences too)


I know. There is no one I’d want to vote for in my area. It’s nuffy-mania up here.


The ACT still issues licences on the spot if you renew over the counter at Access Canberra. Well they did two years ago.


Been on this site for 3 years now time flies when you have fun!


Think that’s the day we moved across to Discourse.


It’s allegedly an efficiency improvement to centralise card production - but then again its Service NSW

Digital licences on the other-hand is just stupid and dangerous.


Ahhh true I completely forgot we moved to a new site.


Where the hell is the efficiency improvement? Who thought there was efficiency improvements to be made? The system was fine - go in, pay your money, get your photo taken, wait 5 minutes, get your card, away you go. Now there are unnecessary additional steps - have the photo sent to a central processing facility, send the license out, wait for Australia Post to get it to you.

Now let’s see what the issues are arising from this idiotic move:

  • mail gets lost. It happens.
  • Someone pinches your mail from the mailbox. If they know what they’re looking for, you’re fucked.
  • The interim license - this will get lost, destroyed, etc. It’s a piece of paper.

BTW - I was up your way at Service NSW…for some stupid reason, they couldn’t renew my license and barely even bothered to try. I waited 30-45 minutes to be treated like a dipshit, including people pushing in front of me, being served and front line staff buggerising around not serving “clients”. Believe me, I left some very nasty feedback on their machines. :rage:

I agree. They should still be issuing on the spot licenses until this system is tried, tested and at least 99% foolproof. I reckon they want to get rid of the plastic licenses and replace it with this stupid piece of shit technology.

More issues

  • What happens if the phone gets lost?
  • Stolen?
  • Goes flat?
  • Gets hacked?
  • Copper doesn’t accept it if you’re pulled over?
  • Not accepted as proper ID when required?

I hope this blows up in their face and the idiots responsible sacked.

There - rant over. F##k you Service NSW and F##k you Gladys.


They will say it allows the frontline staff to serve more people and reduce wait times by having the processing done off site. I can see where they are coming from, I don’t have an issue with this as customers still get an interim licence on the spot and they get served quicker.


It’s more then likely not visible from the customer side - you don’t make a massive centralisation move like this without there being some improvement (I’ve heard the financial side is in the order of 5 or 6 figures per site)


@KevinPerry and Steve Molk at Decider TV have merged with Rob McKnight @blackbox at TV Blackbox, with all now posting at http://tvblackbox.com.au. Good luck!

A minor criticism - the Decider TV website was always hard to navigate, and while the TV Blackbox website is better it still has an unnecessarily large header that doesn’t scroll away in mobile view.


it still has an unnecessarily large header that doesn’t scroll away in mobile view.

Thanks for the feedback, should be fixed now. I’m sure there’s plenty more bugs, don’t be shy MediaSpy, let us know what you think so we can fix it. Cheers


With a couple other contributors on board with Rob it’s starting to seem like TV Tonight might have some competition on its hands, a pleasant surprise considering the slow decline of the industry.


I’d like to think there’s room for everyone. Personally, I am a big fan of David’s work (TV Tonight is the first website I look at each morning). The last thing I want is some crazy competition as my stuff is more opinion based and supportive of the podcast. Considering the work that goes in to maintaining a website, it made sense to join forces with the team at Decider TV (especially considering Molk works across both).

We are very lucky in this country to have so many great media blogs from TV Tonight to Mumbrella to Media Week to B&T… not to mention the community here at MediaSpy!


I wish you, Kevin and Steve all the best, Rob.

I thoroughly enjoy your work and I look forward to another year of great, but lengthy!, podcasts. :joy:

Hopefully there’s a few surprises in store for us throughout the year too!

(Not the same David btw)


I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone, but I thought I’d share…

New vehicle sales in Australia fell by 3 per cent in 2018, over the previous year’s all-time record, finishing at 1,153,111 units.

Fascinatingly, SUVs accounted for 43 per cent of all sales, while passenger vehicles plummeted five points to just 32.8 per cent market share.

Some other points in the article…

  • Toyota, at 217,061 units, nearly doubled its nearest competitor, Mazda (111,280). It is also its second highest tally ever, despite the loss in Camry sales due to supply issues.

  • Holden and Ford plummeted, with both recording their lowest volumes since the 60s! Holden itself lost a third of its sales, whilst Ford lost around 9,000 sales.

Models (Top 10)

Toyota HiLux 51,705, Ford Ranger 42,144, Toyota Corolla 35,230, Mazda 3 31,065, Hyundai i30 28,188 (32,031 with Elantra), Mazda CX-5 26,173, Mitsubishi Triton 24,896, Toyota RAV4 22,165, Nissan X-Trail 21,192, Hyundai Tucson 19,261, Volkswagen Golf 19,076, Mitsubishi ASX 19,034


And why was Doctor Who not up in the top tv shows of the year in the media-spy awards???
Also to think I was not in the category of best members, I mean I feel ripped off :stuck_out_tongue:


Who are you? :wink:


I am a simple man who loves wearing dark sunglasses in profile pics :sunglasses:


First I’ve heard of it. Better luck next year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: