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I rather not speculate on such stuff such as you suggested , OnAir. Unless you know something people have probably lives outside the website. Probably.

Last post I saw was 9 hours ago.

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I think I can recognise a couple of faces


I just tested positive to COVID. I had my three COVID vaccinations but the most recent one (a booster shot) was in 2022.

It started inoculously in my office on Tuesday when I noticed a slightly runny nose. Then it turned into a sore throat on Wednesday and coughs on Thursday. I tried my cough syrup but to no avail. As I slept in late Friday night/early Saturday morning my upper body heated up and began to develop sweat. In the morning I had two rapid antigen tests but they both came back inconclusive, so I went to see a doctor who checked my body temperature and told me I didn’t have a fever. She referred to me to a local pathology to do a PCR test. The test result came back to me via SMS this evening.

I am currently isolating at home. Unfortunate timing as I just celebrated my birthday a few days ago.


Happy Birthday from another April-ite!

Hope you get better soon.

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Get well soon. Is this the first time you’ve had COVID?

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Thanks both.

Yes this is the first time I have COVID. My younger brother and sister-in-law both had COVID but that was two years ago.


You’ll be fine. I had it for the second time late last year, and it was minor but the bloody tonsillitis afterwards was far worse. Normal colds I’ve found are worse than Covid for me.

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COVID can still kill people though, I had distant relative who died because of COVID earlier this year, mostly because he was 76 years old and had heart problems. I’m still seeing people out there wearing masks too.

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Yes exactly. The flu and even colds do the same. A basic cold saw off my grandmother years ago as it developed into pneumonia. Not downplaying it just being realistic.

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Hope you feel better soon! Could flare up during winter too.

Setting up a dummy run of my discourse server to test out and logged on as a regular member LibbyPiggy to post in the chit chatter but was grettt with tgis :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking would be an awesome message to tell my test members :crazy_face:

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I was’nt sure where to write this so I thought I would just put it here,

I was on the NFSA Youtube channel last night and I scrolled right down until I got to clips from 13 years ago the interesting thing is though on a few of these they were promoted as now available as now in 4k HD,

I would get it, if it said now available in HD but what the hell was 4k HD? I mean this was back in 2011 and 4k was barley coming out in 2014. Would these really have been 4k all the way back then? maybe as a trial?


If it was shot on film, yes, they could, in the same way some old movies are now available on 4K Blu Ray.

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Unfortunately, old TV usually is “stuck” as, for example, Spearhead from Space was the only Doctor Who made on film (until the 1996 TVM) so it’s the only one that can be upgraded to HD today.

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I think NFSA has remastered their content and uploaded the exact same videos over the original YouTube uploads. I think YouTube allows those videos to retain the view count and original upload date. I notice some music videos have been given the same treatment.

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I looked into this last night and apparently YT had the capability of running clips that were 4k enhanced from 2010.


I hope someone can help me with an issue I have. I am not at all tech savvy. My bank accounts were hacked about six weeks ago.

Aside of Coles online orders I’ve only ever ordered online about 3-4 times. This time I was unable to get out so I ordered online from my regular local pet food store for the first time ever. They are a large chain store.

It asked me to click what type of animal it was, which I did, and soon after it asked me to do the same thing again, so I did it again. I proceeded with my order and paid for express delivery, however it didn’t show anywhere when I should expect my order.

Within the next two minutes I got a text about my delivery, which I clicked on. I rarely get these spam texts, perhaps one every six weeks, so I assumed it was safe because it seemed to be related to my order. I got suspicious so I checked my bank accounts the next morning and everything was fine, and then checked five minutes later and I’d been locked out (my bank was very helpful and sorted everything out before any money was taken).

I contacted customer service at the store’s head office and they said the hack had nothing to do with them. Also I did receive the order.

My question is, if the text had nothing to do with my order, how would they have known anything about my bank information? I don’t have any banking apps on my phone.

I know this is a long post so thanks for reading to the end.


I’d wonder if this had anything to do with it:

It would be a massive vulnerability in the pet food store’s infrastructure and it’s something they should be taking seriously.

I’d also recommend you brick your phone and reboot it to factory specs. It’s entirely possible that the link you clicked on in the text message installed keylogging software on your phone which is now being monitored when you enter passwords or other sensitive information. Back up your photos, contacts and anything else of value and ditch the rest.

Sorry this happened to you. These scams are getting more and more sophisticated, and these people cast an incredibly wide net to pilfer whatever they can. We have two-factor authentication on everything at work now…it’s a massive pain in the bum, but the alternative isn’t much fun either.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I think the most creepy part was while I had the bank on the phone I could see them deleting all the messages I’ve ever received from the bank. One by one they were vanishing, however they left two messages from November that were about two term deposits that need to be renewed on 9th May. I’ve got a keyword from the bank but I’m still nervous.


An update on my COVID situation. After six days in isolation I tested negative on Saturday, and my symptoms were gone, so I returned to work yesterday (Monday) but will wear a mask while in office for the whole week.

My family also tested positive to COVID but are recovering. My parents were fortunate enough to gain access to the latest antivirals and are taking them as prescribed. My mother did complain the pills have a side effect which is a bitter tasting mouth.


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