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I’d watch Bowser host Media Watch one day tearing down the ‘fake Mario media’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reports that Comcast wants to spin-off NBC Universal and almost merged it with video game company Electronic Arts but talks fell through last month.

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Probably a too random topic for the random thread, but here we go.
so… you know what I’ve never gotten? How people sometimes refer to stores like they’re going to a person’s house. What I mean is when people say “I’m going to Myer’s” or “Doing a grocery trip at Aldi’s” I never got that - I would usually say “I’m going to Myer”.

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Very random lol.

But I agree. The ‘s’ isn’t necessary and akin to ‘expresso martini’ & ‘aksed’ (instead of asked) vocabulary :rofl:

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A bit like using the word “gotten”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I refer to Myer as Myers out of a force of habit.

But i would never use the possessive for another other store like Aldi.

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Similar to Dan Murphy’s, which has the apostrophe before the ‘s’, but many people still call it Dan Murphy.

This is just for trivia night - Canada and Denmark now have a land border.

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I’m not sure I like this, doesn’t roll off the tongue very eaaily.

Feels like change for the sake of change, I’ve never heard anyone call the Royal Melbourne Show the Melbourne Royal before. If it gets shortened all I’ve ever encountered has been The Show which doesn’t uaually require any further clarificarion.


After making an appearance on last night’s HYBPA? things haven’t gone so well for for Hong Kong’s floating restaurant.


First thing I thought when reading the article was insurance scam

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The “other” Logies.

Drop in next time you visit CSat or one of the other locations and you can boast about attending the Logies. :smile:

Logie’s on Campus | College Station, TX 77840 (cstx.gov)



Did anyone see a shooting star or similar at about 430pm or so? It was sighted in the Pennant Hills area towards the east.