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New txs at Bulga Mine (SW of Singleton), according to the latest ACMA list:

89.3 Power FM
90.1 ABC Local Radio Muswellbrook
90.9 JJJ

(40 watts ERP)

Radiohead or another intrepid forum member might wish to take a drive up there to see if they’re on air.


Some time this week, plan to do the Cessnock, Wollombi, Broke loop.


I’m surprised it’s Local Radio Muswellbrook and not Newcastle, 1233 has better coverage and as I would imagine a better following in the Singleton area than 105.7


ABC Upper Hunter (Muswellbrook) is mostly a relay of 1233 ABC Newcastle, with the following exceptions:

  • Local Breakfast from 6:30 to 7:45am
  • The Country Hour from 12 to 1pm
  • The World Today from 1 to 1:30pm
  • Myf Warhurst from 1:30 to 3pm

1233 airs The World Today from 12 to 12:30pm, followed by Myf Warhurst from 12:30 to 2pm, and then the first hour of James Valentine from ABC Radio Sydney from 2 to 3pm before going to local drive.


Callsign is 2HVR so a relay of 105.7. Also surprising that there’s no 2NM relay listed- perhaps worth checking 88.5 as well.

Cranky Kong- you sure get around!


Over that side the 105.7 signal is so so, most mines can’t even get an AM signal to be fair, it’s mainly all static with all the machinery.

No idea why the need another Power FM freq. nobody likes it at all and it’s easily received.

I think a relay of 2NM would’ve been better received.


Today Network commercials from 2010:


Not on air. Will follow up with the mine.


Sun 969 from Alice Springs show image choice is interesting, using The Hits NZ logo for themselves hmmm :thinking: :thinking:



And semi related to the EDM discussion earlier, looks like Sun 969 has quietly dumped their Live at Bo’s.
Shame. Was a pretty solid mix usually.


I remember the good old days of when SCA had club music programs friday/saturday nights with stuff like
Ministry Of Sound Sessions
Club Rev
Party People
The Drop


Another storm on the Blue Mountains and 99.5 Move Fm has gone off the air again, just broadcasting an open carrier. 101.1 2LT unaffected.

They are not having much success with keeping these services on air with the frequent storms this summer.

96.1 The Edge gets struck by lightning and then comes back on air with no further problems.


But ARN probably has the benefit of more technical resources than Midwest Radio?


When 96.1 get struck by lightning they go off air for a couple of seconds and then come back on. However each time the Midwest stations get struck they are off air for an extended period of time.


I noticed that too tonight, though its odd that only 1 of the 2 stations is unaffected?


Loss of input fead from Lithgow.
I thought both stations feads would be carried down the same ISDN if that is the technology that they are still using.

They really need to get an STL from the studio to Wentworth Falls to fix this problem but there is no LOS between studio and Wentworth Falls.

A possible STL route could be studio / Hassan’s Walls / Mt Tomah comms tower / Wentworth falls?


Just wondering why with am radio laps the power output is in V (CMF) ,rather than watts (ERP). Yet if I open a radio guide app the am stations are using watts.


Good question, I have wondered that too.

Also that it’s not possible to convert volts to watts without knowing the amperage.


It’s STILL broadcasting dead air, looks like they’ve had equipment failure and must be waiting on replacement parts?


They should have a fallback music playlist so when this happens they still sound on-air. I know the SCA stations in Hobart had a fallback to go to if they went to dead air longer then like 3 minutes.