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Time to lift my game, lol!

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It must be the segment that airs at 1930 that’s putting @Laoma off.

The two shows I listen to without fail every week are The Mechie Show and Inphase on SWR. There are plenty of other good programmes as well. As a general rule, the better presenters and formats- for my tastes at least- are on air during the afternoons/evenings and on the weekend.

I think more hosts should upload their shows to somewhere like Mixcloud or Archive.org so that people can listen at their leisure. They’d get more exposure this way too. I’d imagine you’d have to get clearance with your station first, and then there are the copyright issues (Mixcloud pays a royalty though). A lot of British DJs upload their shows to Mixcloud.

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Haha sorry Mechsta. Should have added you to list, the list is all shows I can listen to on old fashion FM.

Spotify and at streaming are too much stuffing around for me, and i don’t have an aux input in my car. I also feel a bit disconnected if I just had Spotify (No news, traffic etc) so FM mainly for me also.
That said I happened to be in Macksville lastnight when the Mechie show was on. Nelson was blasted along the old Pacific. Perhaps @Mechsta you need to get 2BBB to buy a bigger transmitter so the sounds of bellingen can be heard in Sydney :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re the ongoing ridiculous rebranding of everything and sundry to Triple M, I’ll reflect what @RFBurns said above and note that SCA have essentially devalued all their stations. Who ever buys them (carallis will probably end up with them) will need to rebrand and roll out transmission infrastructure. Not good selling points. I won’t rant about it, but imagine how confusing it will be particularly for those newer car radios that create a list of dab and fm stations. Lucky dip I guess.


You would have heard my song (Fleetwood Mac) which was played just before Nelson :smiley:

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The challenge is that Caralis already owns stations where SCA currently has radio presence, such as Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Orange, Dubbo & Toowoomba. If Caralis were to acquire some of the SCA stations in the aforementioned regional markets, then he would have to either divest some of them, or that Grants acquire either the SCA or Caralis stations.

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Shortwave transmitter sounds like a good idea.


As too much focus on high yielding units for their clients instead of the sub $30 market done so well by Aldi, Kmart etc. Plenty of cheap digital radios that do the job well enough.

How much are they writing off each year as recorded in their annual report?

Indeed. Meaningless to the audience. Many would perceive the stations to be known as KO/NX, same as NBN.

ZZZ Lismore local 6am - 5pm. Since the drive shift was truncated, there seems to be an ever rotating line up of on air talent. Local Sat morns, local countdown from 9 or 10am.

Shame about Zoo, but why bother when the SCA guys do the same and ZOO is close enough in share for the 2 station sell?

Admire your idea with Discogs and further steps, and as you write, nothing beats a live station with well scheduled music.

Camerons would love to have a presence in Toowoomba instead of relying on overspill from River. Need to work on FM translators for 4AK and 4GR in Toowoomba and Warwick too.

With DRM+ simulcast?

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SCA Dubbo is local 6am-1pm weekdays. More than ZooFM Mon-Fri, but Zoo are local Sat mornings.


Good to hear they’re back on beyond 10am.


Prior to that I believe SCA Dubbo was local 6am-3pm weekdays, whilst ZooFM kept dropping its local hours from 6a-6p, 6a-2p and now 6a-10a weekdays.


Happy 18th Birthday to 97.3 today,15/10/2001 .Though they had started test broadcasts before then, today was the official on air date. I remember being excited about a 3rd commercial FM station in Brisbane at the time but was soon disappointed.The playlist has not changed in 18 years,:-1:The best present they could give us listeners is a complete overhaul of the playlist


Remember my rant about SCA 5 or so days ago in this thread?

Anyone seen the news about SCA shares taking a dive (or Tanking as hinted in The Australian newspaper), they announced to the ASX they don’t have a good outlook, & this is before what I said they’d done is taken into account.


Was actually surprised on Sunday there was no radio coverage of Bathurst. I would have thought it would have been on somewhere.

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Sounds like Triple M Sydney had coverage according to their Facebook page

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Considering last year (and possibly a few before that) Triple M was broadcasting from Bathurst.

Maybe it all fell through when Camplin’s didn’t sell SCA their stations.

I think they were mostly playing music with race updates.

ABC Local Radio seemed to have better Bathurst coverage, though it still wasn’t a full race call.

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I couldn’t agree more! I was also immediately dissapointed with the ultra bland and safe playlist, and to this day they’ve done absolutely nothing to make me interested in listening. Probably the lamest metro FM station in the country. And to make matters worse when they launched we also lost Star 106.9 with River launching initially with a CHR format - thankfully that didn’t last long.


At the moment I’m being forced to listen to them,not happy :-1:


Ah but there was- there was a special event licence listed on 103.9 from Mount Panorama :wink:

As for you 'toads whining about 97.3, small fry when you have Breeze to listen to. In Sydney we’d kill for at least one listenable commercial FM station. And even if you’re forced to listen to 97.3, it’s better than being forced to listen to WS or Triple M down here…

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