Random Mocks


does anyone know how I could get the 9News transitions and put them onto a green background that I could then place into an imovie project as a green screen effect so I can get the transition on my video?


A quick, crude mockup inspired by the new set in Tasmania, if they ever decided to use a wide shot photograph of the set to key in behind Fraser back in Canberra.

For a wide shot, wheel the desk out of the way and freeze the globe backdrop when Australia pops up. Use a cap from one of the studio cameras. Then key that photo in behind Fraser, with his camera far enough back to include the desk he uses (if at all possible in Canberra). And of course send over the Tasmania graphics and logo, but use the SA theme.

For the standard presenter shot and OTS shots, simply key in a still of the globe backdrop frozen on Australia.


All I could find of Fraser was the official bulletin YouTube channel, so quality is not so great.

Southern Cross News

It would make perfect sense to do it this way.


CBS style


That looks brilliant! I probably would have “Ten news at 5” on the one line though and remove the “TEN” text


Hate to correct people, but just to let you know that it’s Georgina Lewis :blush:

Great mock though.


The station is now called ‘Ten Ten’?


Reference to Ten’s Sydney station?


Not really a mock for TV, but a concept of a YouTube series I’m working on: a weekly roundup of the biggest tech stories of the week. Thoughts on this quick mockup?


Is it a major coincidence that I own(ed) a YouTube channel called TechWeekly?


Time to contact a IP lawyer!


welp, back to the name drawing board for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Just remember that something like half of all YouTube views are made on smartphones so you need to avoid small text. If you look at most news-based channels on YouTube they tend to avoid using too much text at all because you need to be smart with how you interact with your audience if you want to capture them and retain them.


haha. I should mention that I haven’t uploaded to it in like 2 years so if you decide to use that name, you have my full support :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, cool. Thanks!


In 30mins and using (literally) the most basic editing software, I have (visually, at least) succeeded where WIN has failed. The only things that I couldn’t add were the original Murray Pioneer VO or an updated sponsor card that still featured the Murray Pioneer.


easy! techdaily techmonthly or techhourly


New L3s for sunrise


Really love that colour combo, Travis. On point.


I Love It 10 out of 10!!