Radio Data System (RDS)

Quite fascinating; at least two here have low standards when it comes to open data.

The site owner must be aware that accepting the site’s establishment requires publishing on a public database?

Broadcasting in Australia is a public spectrum, it belongs to the people, legislated by government and administered by the regulator.

If you accept a site on your land, you accept the level of scrutiny which is highly specialised and hardly a concern from the wider public.

The behaviour of River FM/site owner is ignorant/despicable and should not be tolerated. They should be booted from the page.

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Sunshine FM now has RT song info



Some RDS notes from tonight’s DX log.

97.1 2MG Mudgee - new PI code (297A) and change to RT info (@ozbark they must have read your comment about the possible conflict with 2OAG Orange with 2851 vs 2051!)

97.9 2GEE Kandos - received this with RDS. Same details as 93.1 Mudgee except there doesn’t appear to be any AF listed. Couldn’t get 2MG on 101.5 to check that though.

Have added/updated both in the Google worksheet, but couldn’t work out how to get an ACMA link for the TX site (Mt Bocoble) into the file.


And 107.5 2OCW has the most bizarre RDS I’ve ever seen… no PS and no RT info! I could only get the TEF to display PTY though, but not the PI code.


It’s the TEF’s response to the dreaded 0000 PI code.
My suggestion is to try an email to the station to have them correct it.
It’s in their interest to.

Thank you. :clap: I have added the link. :+1:

Awesome! :sunglasses: If only several community FM stations could get their RDS sorted.
Noted this week that there’s still some community FM station’s running their RDS CT on summer time. :roll_eyes:

Noted today that 87.6 Faith FM in Yass now has RDS, joining Goulburn, etc.
PS: Faith FM
PTY: Religion
AF: 87.8 & 88.0
Mono signal, like most of them.

Also noted from 102.1 Edge FM - Wangaratta some RDS changes.
The biggest has been a PI Code change: from 3021 to ‘New’ PI of: 3102
As Edge FM Wangaratta’s signal doesn’t penetrate into Melb, its won’t affect the DAB station
with same SId.
They’ve also removed PTYN, DI changed & Weather Details have now been added to their RT.


Has a weird RDS issue with my TEF in Taroom

Vision FM has RDS there, my work car decoded it without a drama but despite my TEF having -52dbm of signal it was only getting 3/4 bars of RDS and wouldn’t fully decode

Mine you I did note the PI code was 1234 so maybe that’s why it wouldn’t decode on the TEF


This item might also interest @Radiohead who’s done this route several times.
Vision FM has been noted with RDS from the Chiltern area of Victoria near Albury/Wodonga.
I’m sure there was a Vison FM FM station there in the past, but the licence has expired.

This week during my travels I noted Vision FM with RDS on 87.8 in the Chiltern area on Hume Hwy, but not so strong. Curiosity got the better of me & I entered the township outskirts & checked for RDS & signal levels. RDS could just be achieved, but signal wasn’t local to town, but definitely not too far away.
I referenced the Vision FM website map & also peered at ACMA records. I’m concluding that the location must be the Rutherglen transmitter located 1/3 the way from Rutherglen towards Chiltern area, that provides some overspill coverage onto the Hume Hwy near Chiltern.

The PI is interesting. Often the Vision outlets have a default PI of 1234.
This PI is the same as 99.3 B-Rock Bathurst.
Also has a group code of 1A for ECC of NSW.PIN 1 1:01 & DI of 1


It should. :thinking: My TEF decodes the PI of 1234 & the rest of the RDS info for Vintage FM, Campbelltown, NSW - which also uses this PI.


For those of you here within the receivable area of Coast FM 96.3 Gosford, I’ve added RDS2 with a station logo.

On the RDS encoder we’re using, that’s the only RDS2 thing I can add & I can only add 1 extra RDS sub-carrier at 66.5kHz.

I’ve done a rough levelling of everything, but when I get time, will level the RDS & MPX/Modulation/Deviation levels to optimal again.

I’ll leave RDS2 & the station logo on, as long as I don’t get reports of it causing problems to people with RDS only, or other reception issues.

Let me know if you can pick up the station logo & on what receivers?


Horrible east coast low p.s. off Sydney coast keeping me inside today, but giving me some time to update the RDS list & provide some more RDS news.

  1. Discovered this week from Melbourne that 88.0 ‘J-Air 88FM’ now broadcasting with RDS & with stereo carrier. This might be Melbourne’s first LPON with RDS if you exclude 3GL Werribee.

  1. Also it appears that 87.6 Faith FM from Benalla, Vic has RDS.
    It was suffering from a lot of interference on the Hwy from presumed Winton Motor Raceway with an o/c sharing the same frequency. No RDS pics for this one due to problem with Smartphone at the time.
    Can confirm:
    PS: Faith FM
    RT: Call 1800FAITHFM
    Suspect PI was FA1F

Don’t Kiss have RDS?


Not that I’ve seen thus far & I can’t recall it ever mentioned here before.
Happy to be corrected of course.
I think they have might have several transmitters on air.
If you know anything more please drop us a line.


As ozbark said, the weather is a good opportunity for me to try a few things out.

Firstly, the LPS test on all of my locally purchased receivers capable of RDS

NONE of the following 12 would display the Coast FM LPS RDS (just the regular RDS) … I also did notice it seemed to take a bit longer than usual for some radios to display regular RDS too.

And it was also a good opportunity for a Radiohead radio family group photo… So it’s a big hello from my radio family to yours! (absent are my non RDS radios, of which there is another 5 or so radios). TEF not included too.


I get a Kiss on both 87.6 and 87.8, both don’t have RDS, not sure exactly where they are from.


Nice move.

There is a theoretical slight degradation - we found it insignificant in practice. At Logan in April we enabled RDS2 on one of our two stations, and A/B checked reception differences between the stations in fringe & multipath prone areas. No concerns or listener complaints after a 7 week trial, so added it to the 2nd station.

Good luck with it.


Are you sure 96.3 added RDS1 LPS, in addition to the RDS2 station logo?

Note sure of the exact models, but from the radios we tried, I think the Sony’s and JBL in your radio family support LPS.

The TEF supports LPS in the v2.10 release candidates.


That’s quite a collection you have there. :sunglasses:

Just to clarify RFBurns was only transmitting the logo with RDS2, not Long PS, so likely only those DAB+ portable RDS radios that are capable of displaying a DAB+ logo would likely display the logo & probably only very recently manufactured ones.
Looking at your selection of radios perhaps that might only be a couple of candidates?
Also you might have to wait several minutes depending on the logo file size & quality of reception try for 0% BER.
I’d wait up to 10 minutes or so as a trial.
Try again & see how you go. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oops, for some reason I had LPS on my mind, not RDS2… but I didn’t notice anything different with the RDS on the Sonys or JBL receiver, so I assumed they didn’t display anything other than regular RDS1.


Thanks, I waited about a minute or so to see any text changes, but didn’t notice anything.

I think only one of my radios displays DAB+ images, and that was the Blaupunkt one (2nd from right on the 2nd row).


We’ve found some RDS radios around 10 years old support LPS. It’s been in the RDS1 standard for years. Very much hit and miss - some brand new radios don’t have it, though many DAB/FM radios do.


The RDS2 tuners tab on the RDS sheet lists some models (which needs adding to…). If you have an SDR and RDS SPY, the latest RDS SPY (with the RDS2 logo display plugin) works well.

Depending on the size of the logo file, 10 KB takes over a minute to transmit using one additional RDS2 sub carrier.

LPS will be fairly quick, about 5 seconds on the TEF.