Radio Data System (RDS)

Not sure if they’ve changed anything, but I’ve started picking up 2BS’s RDS signal here in Sydney. Though for some reason only the RT decodes and not the station name. Anyone else having this issue?


Thanks @ozbark don’t know how that happened, I have three power level presets in the TX & 2 are correct but the current preset was as you said 289E, I’ve fixed that now, so all should be good.

The CoastFM PI code is definitely correct, I checked with our off air monitoring equipment from home, but couldn’t get 2MFM reception to check that also.


All good. These things happen :wink: Yes PI code now 292E as reported. Thanks.

BTW is the CRA RDS PI Code standard doc still in draft status or has it progressed to final? Just curious.


Wouldn’t have a clue, probably CRA don’t either. I’d say it’ll stay as a work in progress for quite some time as they change their minds & others give their 2 cents worth.

It’ll only ever be a recommendation though, it would have to go through ACMA & be legislated into the Broadcast Act. by the federal government to be anything else.


90.5 2MNO/t Cooma has RDS but no PS. But has MONARO FM in the RT field. The main freq of 93.3 doesn’t appear to have RDS.


91.9 1WAY-FM Canberra now has RDS

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I know it’s been reported here before that 2UUU Nowra now has RDS, but discovered today on a drive down to Wollongong that they have song info too, though the formatting leaves a bit desired (as below). I saw some that still had the track numbers in them too. Also found that their RDS is only on 104.5,



RDS was also on 2UUU 92.3 last month, noted in Berry. Maybe off temporarily?
No idea about their 99.7 transmitter.

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Me neither.

I didn’t get any further south than Billy’s Lookout just north of Gerringong.

I think 99.7 was still 2SSR there.

Back in Sydney now.

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Not sure if they’ve since turned off the RDS on the other two transmitters, as I got RDS on all three of their frequencies at Kiama back in May.

On another note, the RDS indicator is showing up again for the Hawkesbury community broadcasts 89.9 MHz, but I’m not getting PS/RT.

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I recall it being discussed here in the past, but i can’t seem to find it via search.

If a station changes it’s PI code, does it mess with some radio presets? I noticed on my stereo that Coast 96.3 got removed sometime over the last few weeks, and recall reading here that the PI code changed.

Yes! but not all radios!


This season’s “D’oh! Award” i.e. for those Sydney FM RDS stations that forgot to change their RDS Clock Time from AEST to AEDST is shared equally between: 97.7 SBS FM & 103.2 Hope FM.
UPDATE: Hope FM updated now. So title goes to 2SBSFM.

Well done to the Sydney commercial & ABC techs who updated their RDS Clock Times.

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RDS with PS seems to be back on 89.9 “HAWKGOLD”.

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Isn’t that only from Sundays to Tuesdays (or thereabouts) when they are on air?

I’m not sure. Though this was from two hours ago (Sunday evening).

This was received right next to the water tower where 2NBC 90.1 is broadcast from, yet I had RDS + stereo on 89.9 with no adjacent-channel interference from 2NBC. Car radios nowadays seem to have excellent selectivity.

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That they do - same with most radios too - even my mini hifis have had no trouble in pulling in Mix 106.3 in clear stereo next to my local Classic FM during tropo.

I used to receive RDS from Hawksbury Gold, but no longer.
Maybe their RDS subcarrier is greatly suppressed, more than other
FM stations(?)… as I can’t see a RDS subcarrier on the MPX spectrum.
It must be down at least 35dB compared to it’s pilot carrier?
They could have also reduced their TX power or radiation pattern from the earlier days
when I previously received RDS from them…

ACMA says: above station on “from midday Saturday to midday Monday each week for the period 6 December 2018 to 5 December 2019”


The RDS carrier disappeared quite a while for me. Around two weeks ago it came back, but with no PS/RT. Then when I checked yesterday, the PS was back.

I don’t know if they’ve reduced power, but it seems to come in alright for me (and with RDS) – and I’m about 60km away in the southern part of Sydney. How far away are you located roughly?

3MMM Melbourne now has PTY set to “Rock Music”.

They’ve had numerous changes to their playlist in recent years but it’s always skewed towards “Rock Music” so about time.

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