Radio Data System (RDS)

RT added for the first time to 917 The Wave, in Mandurah.

SDRuno tripped up by the ampersand symbol, showing an underscore instead. The Toyota decodes correctly - Wake up with Gunners & Ali weekdays from 6am.

Just a small change but here’s hoping this is a sign of bigger things going on in the background at the West Coast Radio studios, with regards to their DAB plans.


Time we called to find out.

97.5 2HD Port Stephens, NSW RDS capture

The PI code looks a bit odd, due to the SDR Touch software issue, but it is: 0000
This will be another of those RDS stations that due to PI code starting with zero some
of the Mitsubishi vehicles won’t decode the RDS.


My Ford Focus won’t decode it either.
Might be the same issue.

NEW FM doesn’t display properly on it either.

Re 2HD; I’d be phoning the broadcast tech @ 2HD/NEW FM & asking him to change the PI code to: 2975. Or ideally as per Commercial Radio Aust’s guidelines PI change to: 297A (in consideration of 2GGG 97.5 whether they have RDS or not).

RE 2NEW FM. Their PI code is listed as: A00A. Unfortunately I didn’t check their PI code when last up that way. Maybe someone can confirm that or if you ring the NEW FM tech you could ask him.
You could request that he change the PI code to: 2053 to see if that results in a better result re your RDS decoding in your Ford Focus?

Just out of curiosity; can you RDS decode: 94.9 Central Coast? PI code: C949 or 2SER 107.3 with PI code of: FFFF ?

I’m sure if you contact the 2HD tech or management in Newcastle & explain the issues that they should ‘ideally’ be helpful as it’s in the station’s interest to get their RDS right. RDS is after all also a promotional & publicity tool.

Yes, I’m pretty sure my car radio hasn’t ever had any issues with Rhema.CC or 2SER-FM RDS.

2HD FM and NEW FM are the only ones I have ever had issues with (the latter displaying as W FM (with a couple of leading spaces before the W),

The NEW FM problem shouldn’t be related to the characters in the PI code then. Must be something else.

Programs like RDS Spy can extract a lot of RDS data from FM RDS data stream signals which one could analyse & try to work out what’s happening. You need a SDR radio or dongle & software etc & it all gets reasonably technical. 2HD wasn’t doing much with their RDS. Just sending RDS groups 0A & 2A. Could imagine 2NEW might be similar. Again suggest contacting the station or a fellow techie/amateur with an interest in such things & equipment.

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Thanks, I’ll try that. Cheers.

Just to fall in line with the CRA RDS PI Code standard, I’ve changed the PI code of 2MFM Sydney to 292E & CoastFM Gosford to 296A.

If anyone who can wants to check they can decode the RDS correctly with the new PI codes, that’d be great.

Someone can update the RDS list too if they work?


Just checked on two radio’s & they both decode okay for 2MFM.
BUT… the PI code of 2MFM is now: 289E rather than as you reported as 292E.
The PI code was checked with two SDR software programs, plus another addon.

I can’t check Coast FM PI from here unless there’s a tropo lift, might be worth double checking given error with 2MFM 92.1


Not sure if they’ve changed anything, but I’ve started picking up 2BS’s RDS signal here in Sydney. Though for some reason only the RT decodes and not the station name. Anyone else having this issue?


Thanks @ozbark don’t know how that happened, I have three power level presets in the TX & 2 are correct but the current preset was as you said 289E, I’ve fixed that now, so all should be good.

The CoastFM PI code is definitely correct, I checked with our off air monitoring equipment from home, but couldn’t get 2MFM reception to check that also.


All good. These things happen :wink: Yes PI code now 292E as reported. Thanks.

BTW is the CRA RDS PI Code standard doc still in draft status or has it progressed to final? Just curious.


Wouldn’t have a clue, probably CRA don’t either. I’d say it’ll stay as a work in progress for quite some time as they change their minds & others give their 2 cents worth.

It’ll only ever be a recommendation though, it would have to go through ACMA & be legislated into the Broadcast Act. by the federal government to be anything else.


90.5 2MNO/t Cooma has RDS but no PS. But has MONARO FM in the RT field. The main freq of 93.3 doesn’t appear to have RDS.


91.9 1WAY-FM Canberra now has RDS

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I know it’s been reported here before that 2UUU Nowra now has RDS, but discovered today on a drive down to Wollongong that they have song info too, though the formatting leaves a bit desired (as below). I saw some that still had the track numbers in them too. Also found that their RDS is only on 104.5,



RDS was also on 2UUU 92.3 last month, noted in Berry. Maybe off temporarily?
No idea about their 99.7 transmitter.

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Me neither.

I didn’t get any further south than Billy’s Lookout just north of Gerringong.

I think 99.7 was still 2SSR there.

Back in Sydney now.

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Not sure if they’ve since turned off the RDS on the other two transmitters, as I got RDS on all three of their frequencies at Kiama back in May.

On another note, the RDS indicator is showing up again for the Hawkesbury community broadcasts 89.9 MHz, but I’m not getting PS/RT.

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