Is this the same studio used for the Weekly? The back panels and layout look kinda similar IMO.

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Live from Melbourne


Monday 17 February at 9.35pm AEDT.

  • Katie Allen, Liberal MP for Higgins; Katie Allen is the Federal Member for Higgins in Melbourne’s inner east.

  • Clare O’Neil, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Technology and the Future of Work; Clare O’Neil was elected as the member for Hotham in 2013, and was promoted to Labor’s front bench after her re-election in 2016.

  • Jacqui Lambie, Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie is one of the parliament’s most recognisable and charismatic figures.

  • Jack Manning Bancroft, Founder and CEO of Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience; Jack Manning Bancroft is the CEO and Founder of Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.

  • Simon McKeon, Investment banker and former Australian of the Year; Simon McKeon is the Chancellor of Monash University and was also the 2011 Australian of the Year.

Q+A on China - A Healthy Relationship?

Live from Sydney


Monday 14 February

  • Wang Xining, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Chinese Embassy

  • Stan Grant, Writer and journalist, who spent ten years reporting from China

  • Raina MacIntyre, Global Biosecurity head, Kirby Institute. Raina MacIntyre is Professor of Global Biosecurity at UNSW and a guest professor at the Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine.

  • Jason Yat-sen Li, Investor and President of Chinese Australian Forum and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on China.

  • Vicky Xu, Journalist and researcher at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

A timely forum given all the controversy about Chinese influence in Australia, and Chinese Government’s crackdown on even the most objective reporting and analysis of China-related issues. The producers did a great job inviting a senior official from the Chinese Embassy to appear.

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I think it’s clear that the program has officially moved to Melbourne (studio 32). I’m sure there will be various Sydney editions throughout the year though.


Judging by the bits I’ve seen of Q&A over the past few weeks, reckon the show has really improved this year as a result of the changes made to it. While the show has had themed episodes in the past, reckon the effort (so far) for each show to have a defined theme has not only given it purpose but improved the quality of discussion. Additionally, Hamish MacDonald has been a breath of fresh air as the new host - particularly like how he interacts with audience members who are asking questions.

I haven’t watched Q&A a lot over the last few years because (to me) the show became far too predictable. However, I might start watching the show more regularly again if the past few weeks is an indication of what the ‘new’ Q&A will be like


Last nights episode was filmed in Sydney. (Via Instagram)

I’m wondering if they are using the same set and moving it around like the BBC’s Question Time programme or if they have replicated the same set in Sydney, the latter is unlikely as the sets look identical but in previous seasons Melbourne and Sydney have had their own set.


Agree entirely. Also Stan Grant was excellent. Very respectful of the other panelists and articulated his points well, really showing his level of expertise, experience and knowledge.

Someone get Stan a permanent nightly news/current affair show please.


Think Stan currently works for Al Jazeera

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They’ve got duplicate sets in Sydney and Melbourne. Cheaper to do it twice at the same time.

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Definitely replicated. Unlike the Q&A Set, the BBC’s Question Time Set is a much more simple set which they can move as they are at a different locations each week. But Q&A should have a simple set like Question Time if they are doing it outside of Sydney & Melbourne.

The Set is quite nice and a lot better than the 2015-2019 set IMO. It’s good that Sydney & Melbourne have the same set.


The Australian Identity: Who Are We?

Monday, 2 March | Live From Melbourne


This week, Q+A investigates the hard truths about what it is to be Australian.

The murder of Hannah Clarke and her children is prompting serious questions about the scourge of domestic violence in our nation’s culture. And twenty years after the first Long Walk, racism and public bullying are once again under the spotlight.

On the flip side, this summer’s bushfires saw Australians come together and effectively deal with a crisis.

On Monday, Q+A asks “who are we”? How do we settle unfinished business? How can men step up and stop the violent war on women? Why do we struggle with our identity and how can we bring our better selves to the fore?

  • Nova Peris , Olympian and former politician. Nova Peris is a descendant of the Gija people of East Kimberley and the Yawuru people of West Kimberley; the Muran Clan Iwatja people of West Arnhem Land.

  • Tarang Chawla , Writer and anti-violence campaigner. Tarang Chawla is an Indian-born Australian writer, campaigner and suicide survivor. Chawla founded Not One More Niki, a movement to end violence against women.

  • Marlee Silva , Founder, Indigenous female empowerment network @tiddas4tiddas. Marlee Silva is a 24-year-old Gamilaroi/Dunghutti writer, podcast host and Co-Founder of Tiddas 4 Tiddas.

  • Lehmo , Comedian and broadcaster. Lehmo is a television and radio personality, and one of Australia’s most experienced and well-travelled comedians.

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Monday caps:



The Education System

Live from Sydney

Monday 9 March at 9.35pm


Education: Are We Failing?

Live from Sydney | Monday, March 9 2020

  • Tanya Plibersek , Shadow Minister for Education and Training and Federal Member for Sydney.

  • Adrian Piccoli , Director of UNSW’s Gonski Institute for Education and the former NSW Education Minister.

  • Eddie Woo , Leader of Mathematics Growth at the NSW Department of Education and he teaches at Cherrybrook Technology High School, the largest secondary school in NSW.

  • John Collier , has been Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School and St Andrew’s Cathedral Gawura (Indigenous) School for 10 years

  • Vy Tran , Year 12 student from Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School. Vy Tran is the co-captain of the Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School Debating and Public Speaking team.


Q&A is making plans to film and air without an live studio audience as soon as next week amid coronavirus fears.

Host Hamish McDonald addressed the evolving threat with the studio audience before the show kicked off at 9.35pm Monday night.

He told the group the production team was trying to work out a way to keep the show going if by next week having that many people in a room posed too much of a health risk.

Next week’s show is about COVID-19.



The Corona Challenge: Are We Prepared?

Live from Melbourne | Monday 16 March

Australia is staring down another crisis and it’s impacting everyday life. Travel bans are increasing, schools are closing, the handshake is on hold and people are brawling in supermarkets over daily essentials.

How much of it is necessary and how much is overkill?

  • Richard Colbeck , Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians, and the Minister for Youth and Sport.

  • Katy Gallagher , Shadow Minister for Finance, Shadow Minister for the Public Service, and Manager of opposition Business in the Senate.

  • Courtney Act , Courtney Act is more than just gender or drag - she is a contemporary artist who embodies the zeitgeist of an era.

  • Dr Mukesh Haikerwal , Melbourne-based doctor who has been testing patients for coronavirus in the carpark outside of his Altona North clinic.

  • Sam Mostyn , businesswoman and sustainability adviser, with a long history of executive & governance roles across business, sport, climate change, the arts, policy, and NFP sectors.