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Yeah great list, have not bought a CD for years. I wonder if it will be on Google play?


WSFM had something of a Michael Jackson day yesterday, playing a song of his every couple of hours.

They even ID’d themselves as WSFMJ a few times.


An observation re iHeart Radio The 80s Radio.

Streaming via the Rsdio App is about 90 seconds behind DAB, which is more than I expected. It also has ads, whereas DAB doesn’t. It appears that the streaming drops some of the sweepers to accommodate the ads.

Sound quality appears to be slightly better on streaming, probably due to DAB’s pitiful 32kbps bit rate, but neither is great.


Christian O’Connell is featured on a segment on Postcards tonight.


Gold 104.3 is really ramping up the promotion of Christian. Double page “tell-all” in the Sunday Herald Sun.

Wonder how much all of that’s costing?!


Lots of ads to get that “bonus”


they are trying to get him on tv here as well - in the UK he was on buzzcocks and a bunch of other stuff


If he gets the right manager, he’ll be on those stupid shows with talking/laughing heads.

Look at the ‘talent’ on those shows, they’re all from the one or a few management agencies.


A great point you make there cranky. I’m amazed TV critics don’t notice these things.


Wouldn’t be convenient for them, they’d miss out on their tid bits fed to them.


WSFM are today doing the “The Best Compilation Albums Of All Time”.

A short while ago they played 5 songs from “1986 Just For Kicks”, including the 12 inch mix of Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately”. Here’s the album cover.


That kind of radio just makes me smile and all warm and fuzzy inside :blush:


4KQ and Channel 7 Brisbane are again holding their annual Christmas lights competition.


And who better to tweet it than Jo who works across both ARN and BTQ.


The Recent Ratings of Christian O’connell 104.3 Breakfast Show is at 6.6%. All i can say is Gold 104.3 Thankyou for taking your listeners for granted and giving them the reason to change Radio Station. Gold 104.3 taking listeners for granted more and more.


By trying something different (which is a good thing) - there is a reason why Christian is considered to be one of the best broadcasters out there, he’s brought something different to a shift that can be very samey.

(Disclaimer: I’m a fan)


Having not listened to commercial FM breakfast radio since Richard Stubs over 20 years ago, I found myself listening O’Connell most mornings since he began.


It’s a good change from the footy heavy Triple M, the somewhat footy heavy Nova, the footy heavy Fox, the footy heavy SEN, the f…


It’s their loss if listeners are switching off - it’s a good product and I hope they stick at it. It has me listening to breakfast radio for the first time in years.


Its never going to be everyones cup of tea


I preferred Jo and Lehmo, but I don’t mind Christian either. His show is quite unique compared to others with very little rubbish about awful reality shows and overrated celebrities. I don’t really consider him extremely funny, but the listener interaction is excellent.