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Gold breakfast anchor Christian O’Connell will co-host The Project this Wednesday night (July 18).


was wondering if he was going to do TV as well here - in the UK he did shows like Buzzcocks and pointless


Getting in with the ‘in crowd’ of course. The clubby mentality surrounding The Project and the other mediocre TV shows that are dwindling in audience yet give the talent on them their last gasp at relevancy are something which should be put in the past.


This!!! So true!
Clubby mentality is a perfect description. You’re my twin sometimes Cranky with the things you say :slight_smile:


Was he on tonight? I didn’t catch all of it but he didn’t seem to be on?


You’re 24 hours early.


:sweat: I must be getting old…


Premature aging. There’s a cream for that.




I can’t listen to it, what’s the message?


Talking about his wife and children having to fly out to the UK at 5:30 this morning after his mother-in-law had a heart attack last night while his wife was talking to her on the phone. He was obviously in shock when he recorded it as it goes off track towards the end.


WSFM are giving listeners the chance to win this CD this weekend

I haven’t seen this in store anywhere yet.

I also note how the album artwork is exactly the same as THIS compilation that was released in 1984, which was the first album I think I ever bought with my own money.


Another Sizzling 70s weekend for 4KQ.


Found out that this CD that WSFM was giving away last weekend goes on sale next Friday 17th. Some great songs on it! :blush:



Gee you’re right there are some absolute corkers on that! I was very pleasantly surprised as I was expecting the same old list of 80s songs you get on most compilations. But this one has a lot of rarer songs that were not the biggest hits by some of the artists. Great compilation.


Compiled by Brent James from 4KQ from what I’ve read on Facebook


Forget Pure Gold - this compilation is Pure 2SM from the 80s. Terrific music.


Ah that wouldn’t surprise me.


I remember I had this one on cassette in the mid 80s😊