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He is.



Maybe they should have begged Lehmo and Jo Stanley to come back until mid-year.


My tip is that Higgo will replace Troy filling in on breakfast until Christian starts.


Isn’t Higgo in Ballarat…?


doing fill-in shifts at both Power FM Ballarat and Gold in Melbourne - was last on-air in Melbourne this weekend.



Must be sending them via ship.


Usually the cheapest way when moving overseas, so probably in a container on a ship.


That Radio Today article has a comment that references this story. Is this the regular level of his humour?


Sue Carter has been appointed as Content Director for Gold 104.3 in Melbourne, in which she will start her new role on April 9. Her replacement is current i98 Content Director Tony Aldridge, who has been appointed as Content Dirctor for Mix 102.3 & Cruise 1323 in Adelaide, commencing his new role from this Monday (19th March).

More: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/two-new-content-directors-arn


Sizzling Seventies this weekend on 4KQ


I dunno, I wouldn’t usually judge a 4 hour radio show based on what sounds like about 10 seconds of on-air banter. Nor would I put much faith in a website that obviously has a vested interest in creating controversy.


Mr O’Connell’s suggestion was to rename the Diary of Anne Frank: “The Diarrhoea of Anne Frank”, to tittering from his guests, Richie Firth, Emma Jones and Glenn Moore. Mr O’Connell explained: “Diarrhea! She daren’t let go in case the Germans heard her.”

I mean I’ve never listened to him, but if that is the type of thing that can accidentally slip out your mouth, it’s not exactly going to be a high brow humour show.


Name an Australian radio show that is…?


True. He’ll fit right in then.


It’ll be interesting to see whether Christian adjusts his style at all in Australia.

The UK is still somewhat a class society so it’s perfectly OK for celebrities (regardless of how humble their upbringing) to talk about their successes… Christian often tells anecdotes about situations in a socioeconomic set above that of most of his audience (such as a recent weekend skiing in Switzerland)… The UK overtly accepts that some are rich and some are poor…

In Australia however… despite similarly being a country of ‘have’s and have not’s’ we remain (at least ‘superficially’ in the media) as still egalitarian.

Our radio presenters bend over backwards to try and sound ‘normal’… even though we know the best are on big bucks. That’s why Kyle desperately tries to resist the urge to brag…

Because in Australia the tall poppy syndrome is still alive and well.

If Christian continues his style of talking about his life as unashamedly better-off than his audience (as so many presenters in the UK freely do - Jonathan Ross is a great example)… then he must first win Melbourne over with some of his down to earth charm.


Yeah that is true. It’s part of the reason I just can’t see it working. The sense of humour might be similar but a lot of things are just different and won’t translate culturally. Time will tell.
I’m also a bit concerned if Christian is hoping for a sea change to a warm outdoorsy Australia - he’s arriving in Melbourne at the start of winter! Could be majorly dissapointed…
If he starts banging on about how cold and miserable it is, which he’s very likely to do, that’ll go down like a lead balloon with Victorians.


Even a Melbourne winter would be warmer than a London summer :wink:


‘… but I can live and breathe and see the sun in winter times’

For radio fans the arrival of Christian will be eagerly anticipated.

Ocker bogan yobbo xenophobics will deride the fact that a great will now be gracing our shores.

As a Kiwi i freely accept that we’re not the best at everything, some things we do well (Rugby we kinda sorta do well) other things we do horribly (like playing world cup finals in cricket)…

But in Australia there are certain Australians who just think Australia is the best in everything - Kochie is a great example.

IMHO the Poms do radio better than what we do.

  • Radio 2 is a great example of the intimacy of radio, presenters who aren’t afraid to just be themselves, they talk, they share, they laugh, they cry, nothing is ever hurried or rushed, it’s the epitome
  • DAB is a success because they’ve provided a ‘value-add’ from the start
  • Kiss proves that a station like Wild can be hugely popular… there’s a lesson in there for Novanation
  • Not every joke needs a laugh. Here in Australia we have all these shows doing the same thing. No one does anything in the slightest way different or interesting. They all stick to the formula. In the UK someone like Iain Lee goes on air for two hours and controversially opens up the talk lines but doesn’t talk himself… Conversely Frank Skinner on Absolute doesn’t take callers (just like Gervais, Merchant & Pilkington) yet arguably has a greater connection to his audience by (seemingly) almost talking constantly.

The Poms know: let the audience decide. Don’t belittle them.

Here in Australia we still suffer from the attitude ‘We’ll tell you want you want to hear’.

Christian will shake things up.