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Rob Kidd on air today for Totally 80s on WSFM.


WSFM line up this week

6-9am Jonesy and Amanda
9am-1pm Bill Weaver
1-2pm Totally 80s with Rob Kidd
2-6pm Steve Fitton
6-7pm JAMNation
7-8pm Christian O Connell show

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So now we have infighting. what the heck is going on at ARN.

It’s not infighting, it’s planned publicity. Pretending to have conflict gains publicity for both stations. Has been done for decades, since Triple M and 2Day were first co-owned.


I still remember Ugly Phil (then on Today Network nights) calling Triple M’s night show and shouting out, “Your station’s shit!” before hanging up.


Absolute class by Phil O’Neil…not


Given the potential future move of Christian to Triple M if the ARN/SCA merger goes ahead, this is an odd promotion to run now. These stickers are going to live on for years to come on everyone’s bins which would means there will be constant reminders to the public of Christian’s old station, directing people who are looking for Christian to the wrong station, with virtually no control over the lifetime of the ads.

Hear me out here, but why would ARN get rid of Christian, when he consistently rates #1 in Melbourne, and there’s a strong case the show would work nationally?

What about a network that runs national shows comprising two stations, one with K&J playing AC and another with Christian playing a greatest hits format?

Meanwhile the MMM stations remain local focussed, and could even feature Amanda & Jonesy in Sydney, which would be quite the homecoming.

During the latest Radio Wars podcast several things were said that made nationally syndicated commercial radio in Australia sound inevitable to some extent.

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ARN want a KIIS network and MMM, with Christian kept on board on MMM, it seems.

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As @TVHead said, ARN want Triple M. ARN can only keep 2 stations in each market, so Gold/WSFM will have to be sold to ACP. Christian’s contract is seemingly with ARN, so he will stay with ARN and move from Gold to Triple M.

I posted in the merger thread yesterday about how I don’t think that Christian’s show will translate as well nationally without losing his Melbourne audience.

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On one of the bins in my street there is still a 3KZ I Love Melbourne sticker from the 1980s.


Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but are we out of survey at the moment? I notice Christian O’Connell has been off air for two days and Marty Sheargold was off air yesterday.

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I thought the same thing when both Christian and Marty were away yesterday. Craig Huggins mentioned this morning that Christian is unwell, so I think it may have just been coincidence.

Marty’s show had the flu run through it as well in recent weeks

No. This week is the final week of Survey 3 and Week 5 of Survey 4.

Marty had a Fisk recording apparently.

That makes sense. I thought it was odd that they’d both be on leave now that they’re dealing Kyle and Jackie O.

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