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Maybe someone read my post :slight_smile: . Makes sense nine own 4bh but their baby is 4bc. This is almost as big as Alan going to 2gb from 2ue.


Nine own 4BH but lease it to ACE to manage.

True but if they both wanted to recruit the same team, I would assume 4bc would win. 4bc would have more $$$$.

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which is why they got LG&M, while 4BH got BBQ Bob.

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TV.Cynic what is this program you take of screenshots and does it provide you with the playlist of the last day?

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I would’ve liked to have heard Greg Newman and Ian Keenan just for a chat. Newman and Brad Muir did mid-dawns forever and then Newman had the ‘nightclub’ for several years.

Don’t forget that Jef Harrison got them Murray and Greg Newman over to 4BH for several years before that place was bought to it’s magical knees.


The program is DAB Player - DAB Player von Andreas Gsinn - www.ukwtv.de - UKW/TV-Arbeitskreis e.V.

Requires a USB stick DAB+ Tuner.

If you leave it running on the same station you can copy and paste the output of the text seen on screen.


With Laurel, Gary and Mark on 4bc Breakfast and BBQ Bob on 4bh Breakfast. Where does this leave Brent James (4kq Mornings) and Nick Micheals (4kq Afternoons)? I believe there is space on 4bh schedule for those 2


Bremt James hired with bfast by Nine.

Hopefully Nick Michaels hired by Ace for say, 1-7pm.


I wondering where did the music on 4kq after midnight Thursday (30 June) come from. Did it actually come from 4kq studios or elsewhere?

From SEN. They took over the frequency from 12:01 am, the beginning of 1 July.


So it’s Laurel, Gary, Mark and Brent? What will Brent James be doing at 4BC?

Thanks mate for the interesting info.

Did you do the 4KQ last day montage (56:09) that’s on YouTube?

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Do from your software access to DAB feed, do you have a list of the last day of songs, particularly 6pm - 12mn?

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I would like them posted if possible


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Totally 80s starts tonight from 8pm and all weekend on WSFM

Jason Staveley will be on holidays from Monday so Madigan will fill in for Totally 80s