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Very different seeing a reporter and a premier having a banter. You’d never see that in another state, especially Victoria, where reporters think their purpose is to snipe and undermine leaders at every opportunity.

The new timetable for the V/Line service between Melbourne and Albury was revealed last Friday (July 29). Apart from earlier departure times for some services, the main difference is the lack of first class seating, with the introduction of VLocity trains. If you want to travel on first class you will have to book a ticket on the XPT.

Catering will still be available on the three daily V/Line trains between the two cities though.

The new timetable is effective from August 22.

Amazing how many local news articles come from local subreddits at this point.


Mayor Tom Tate is right: why cut off the direct link between Gold Coast and Brisbane Airport? It is inconvenient for overseas travellers in particular given there is currently only one international flight to GC.

I will have Gold Coast trains continuing to Brisbane Airport as normal, and Beenleigh line trains continuing to Sunshine Coast, with some Ipswich line trains also going to Sunshine Coast.

Such a non-issue. You have to pass through the city to get from the Airport to the Gold Coast, so there is zero backtracking involved. Connections are only an issue if timetables aren’t coordinated, or frequencies are too low. Both issues that could be easily fixed.

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If you have a lot of luggage and/or travel with kids, you’d prefer to stay on the same train from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast rather than changing trains in the city.

Tacky tate is being a knob as usual, hardly anyone travels past the city from the airport.


There will be too many conflicting moves to do that just for the sake of giving the tacky coast a train to the airport that 99.99% of passengers won’t use

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Because, if you had even a basic knowledge of how the Brisbane rail system operates, you would know that CRR spits out trains on the northside on the opposite side of the rail corridor from the tracks which go to Brisbane Airport. You would have to either build a very expensive series of flying junctions to get trains to connect between the two - for minimal benefit - or you would cut the rail network’s capacity in half by traversing flat junctions, which would undo the entire point of CRR.

Tate should focus on getting the Gold Coast line and light rail extended to Coolangatta airport rather than worrying about a direct line to BNE. Encouraging the local community to use the southern airport would be far more lucrative for his city.

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I’m shocked it’s taken this long for Cross River Rail to release the proposed service patterns. Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel was conceptualised around connecting the Dandenong lines to Sunbury and has been shown on network maps since January 2021 to slowly familiarise riders. Proposed routes for Auckland’s City Rail Link also went public last year.

Also possibly a dumb question, but why not through-run Ferny Grove to Cleveland and Redcliffe to Beenleigh instead of terminating four services just outside of the city core?

That’s why it was a stupid mistake to remove the old railway line that used to go all the way to Coolangatta all those years ago

Here in Townsville there’s a new bus station where all of the city buses depart from ,it wasn’t here 4 years ago when I was last here.All of QLD bus services now are covered by Translink but Go cards can only be used on SEQ(Brisbane and surrounds)services.shame I can’t use my GO Card here.When I board a bus I’m used to tapping on and off ,instead of having to pay the driver for a ticket

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Perth’s Airport Line set to start operations on 9th October.


The two proposed routes both have merit, but what’s the deal with the horizontal S curve leaving Albion rail yards?

Just in time for the ICC T20 World Cup, with five matches at Optus Stadium at the end of October.


First reported in Herald Sun today.