Public Transport

It’s only really been the last 5 years or so that Smart cards have been commonplace for public transport.

It would be more convenient if there was s national system like there is for toll road usage.


there won’t be a national one - the closest we will get is when credit cards can be used in all states

Really? They have had smart cards in QLD and NSW (not sure about VIC) for just over 10 years. There now meant to be phasing them out to put in a tap and go eft card system.

I did say “commonplace”, not when they first came out.

Yes I agree

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In Canberra I was able to buy a daily ticket for travel on public transport there ,that included the new light rail,they also have a smart card as I was only visiting I didn’t bother getting one .If they discontinue daily tickets before I visit there again I’ll have to purchase a smart card for public transport

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Will 12 electric trains be enough though, especially during morning and afternoon peaks? I think at least 15 trains will be needed for Gawler line alone.

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I got my first one in 2006 when I started High School as it also doubled as the school library card though I never used it for public transport. It seems 2006 it was only available to secondary school students and then made available to the general public in 2007.

Smartrider in WA has been around since at least 2004, being world class at that time, but they’re unfortunately behind the times with no ability for NFC upgrades.

Apparently the government is working on this and each year the rollout gets delayed for the upgrades.

I was told by a transperth employee earlier in the year that it would launch in December 22, but time will tell if that remains true.

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Not having it look dark and depressing would be a starting point.

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Nah, I think the dark grey gloomy aesthetic is a Melbourne vibe.

They do need to do something about the ventilation and diesel smell, no one is ever going to want to spend time there if they need to hold their breath.

…Opal prices go up

More than one in 10 trains on the Craigieburn and Werribee lines were at least five minutes late or one minute early over the past year, data from Public Transport Victoria shows.

Frankston, Sunbury and Belgrave trains were also delayed more than 8 per cent of the time in the 12 months to August 31.

A Metro spokesman said illegal activity such as trespassing, vandalism and graffiti disrupted 1635 services in August alone and was the biggest factor hurting its performance, causing more than one-third of delays and cancellations.

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I think it’d be better framed as a second Lara station. Lara is sprawling out each way, so could justify a second stop.

I’d assume a lot of it would come down to where they can get the land for the connecting roads - ideally you’d just keep Beach Road straight up until it reaches Mill Rd. Otherwise you’ll be extending the connecting route significantly.

It would be a good first step to just have a Lara station to Avalon express bus, though the big problem there will be the likely horrible connections. Melbourne Airport rail doesn’t have that problem as they have tonnes of flights so can justify service - Avalon’s flights are sporadic so like the Skybus does now you really need timed connections, something any train service will struggle with given typical 40 minute gaps.

Plus last time I headed to Avalon it was a 6am departure - the first train of the day from Southern Cross arrives at Lara Station at 5:36.

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I was on a train this afternoon and there were people putting their feet on the seats and talking too loudly,this was a designated quiet carriage too👎Young people are the worst offenders for doing this.Do other states have quiet carriages too?