PTV Network New Zealand (Patrick Te Pou Enterprises Ltd)

Excellent schedule @PaddyTePou! Love the idea of a classic game show block as well.
The only thing I’d consider adding would be some form of ‘late-night’ programming like Johnny Carson or Match Game (Rayburn) or even classic films in the 10 pm slot to break up the UK comedy block.

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Thanks, @greenpea.

Sadly, I don’t have any plans to add the best of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show or Match Game (the US equivalent of Blankety Blank) to Rewind’s schedule, so late night viewing would begin with The Bill Classics (i.e. half hour episodes of the British police drama, The Bill, from 1988) at around 10.30pm every weeknight.

The classic US sitcom, Night Court, follows at around 11pm and late night action - Police Woman on Monday, The Streets of San Francisco on Tuesday, Charlie’s Angels on Wednesday and Mannix on Thursday - wraps up the evening (from around 11.30pm).

On Fridays, the weekend on Rewind starts with late night horror and suspense in Tales from the Darkside (at 11.30pm), Hammer House of Horror (at midnight), Alfred Hitchcock Presents (at 1am) and The Twilight Zone (at 1.30am) before the channel ends transmission at 2am.

Rewind, as a nostalgia channel, would only air classic television series in the fields of drama, comedy and light entertainment, along with classic children’s programming.

Wednesday nights on Rewind, from 7.30pm, are devoted exclusively to British sitcoms and there is also a ‘best of British’ block, i.e. classic British comedy and drama, on Sunday nights (from 7pm).

Meanwhile, Rewind’s sister channel, GEM, is home to classic films from the golden age of Hollywood and British cinema. It is intended that GEM would screen a late movie on Friday nights, a matinee movie on Saturday afternoons and double features on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.



What if the 2022 NZ action/drama film Muru (which, in real life, screens this Sunday - 5 March - at 8.30pm on Sky Movies Premiere) had a free-to-air television premiere via PTV Network New Zealand’s (as a fictional broadcaster) main channel?

Written and directed by Tearepa Kahi (Mt Zion) and starring Cliff Curtis, Jay Ryan and Manu Bennett, Muru follows the 2007 police raids of the Ngāi Tūhoe community of Rūātoki. It was released as the opening night film of the New Zealand International Film Festival in July last year, and in cinemas nationwide in September.

Here’s a mock schedule for a typical Sunday night on PTV Network’s main channel, PTV (from 6pm until closedown), featuring the free-to-air premiere of Muru.


6.00pm - PTV Weekend News

The weekend edition of PTV Network’s flagship news programme with comprehensive coverage of today’s major stories from home and overseas, plus a report on the day’s sport and a national weather forecast. [CC]

6.30pm - ASB New Faces

Walter Neilands presents a talent quest/variety show which gives up-and-coming entertainers the opportunity to showcase their talent in music, dance, comedy and other kinds of entertainment. Contestants have the opportunity to win $2,000 per regional heat, $20,000 for a regional final and $200,000 for a national final. (G) [CC]

7.30pm - 60 Minutes

A team of American, Australian and New Zealand correspondents - including Garth Bray, Mark Crysell, Guyon Espiner, Sarah Hall, Paula Penfold and Melanie Reid - present PTV Network’s flagship current affairs programme with an engaging blend of human profile pieces, interviews and in-depth investigations. [CC]

8.30pm - Sunday Night at the Movies

MURU (2022)
Police Sergeant Tāwharau is forced to choose between his job and his people when the government launches an armed raid through his Rūātoki community. Action, starring Cliff Curtis, Jay Ryan, Manu Bennett. Directed by Tearepa Kahi. PTV Network advises that this film is bilingual and includes English subtitles. (M-VL) [CC, AD]

10.50pm - PTV Weekend News

The weekend edition of PTV Network’s late news bulletin with a final wrap of today’s news stories, plus a summary of tomorrow’s weather. [CC]

11.05pm - Chicago PD

Action with the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department.
In the Dark: When Upton and Ruzek answer an emergency call to an abandoned house, their investigation leads down a dark path. S9 Ep 4 (16-VC) [CC]

12.05am - Weather Outlook and Preview

Detailed weather forecast, followed by highlights of tomorrow’s viewing.

12.10am - Closedown

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@Damo @greenpea @NuStraya @Trains_and_Sports @TBoy @Biscuit45 @McMuffinMan17 The following changes to the PTV News Channel are coming into effect.

Full-length (half hour) bulletins and summaries of national and international news, sport, business and weather (formerly known as PTV News Now) are delivered at certain times throughout the day to keep viewers up to date with the latest developments from across New Zealand and around the world.

Each half hour bulletin typically begins with the important national and international news of the moment for the first half. After a commercial break, the second half of the bulletin begins with a headline summary; this is followed by a brief business update, financial market information and sports news. On the weekends, an extended sports update replaces the business and financial segments. The bulletin ends with a national weather forecast and a summary of the main headlines.

The 5-10 minute summaries, however, typically consist of the main national and international news stories in brief along with a sports story and a national weather forecast.

With the exception of the short summaries, most half hour bulletins are repeated an hour later so that viewers can catch up on the news at a convenient time.

In other developments, PTV Network’s Otago/Southland regional news programme, Points South (from Dunedin), would be temporarily shifted to Invercargill due to major upgrades to the buildings, which house the Dunedin studios.

Without further ado, below are the screening times for the PTV News Channel’s bulletins and summaries:

9am (5 min summary - live)
10am (5 min summary - live)
11am (30 min bulletin - live)
12pm (Midday - simulcast live with PTV)
1pm (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 2pm)
3pm (5 min summary - live)
4pm (PTV News at 4pm - simulcast live with PTV, then repeats at 5pm)
6pm (PTV News at 6pm - simulcast live with PTV, then repeats at 7pm)
8pm (PTV News at 8pm - simulcast live with GEM, then repeats at 9pm)
10pm (30 min bulletin - live)
11pm (5 min summary - live)

9am (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 10am)
11am (30 min bulletin - live)
12pm (Midday - simulcast live with PTV)
1pm (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 2pm)
3pm (30 min bulletin)
4pm (PTV News at 4pm - simulcast live with PTV, then repeats at 5pm)
6pm (PTV News at 6pm - simulcast live with PTV, then repeats at 7pm)
8pm (PTV News at 8pm - simulcast live with GEM, then repeats at 9pm)
10pm (30 min bulletin - live)
11pm (30 min bulletin - live)

6am (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 7am)
8am (5 min summary - live)
9am (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 9am)
11am (5 min summary - live)
12pm (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 1pm)
2pm (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 3pm)
4pm (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 5pm)
6pm (PTV Weekend News - simulcast live with PTV, then repeats at 7pm)
8pm (30 min bulletin - live)
9pm (5 min summary - live)
10pm (5 min summary - live)
11pm (30 min bulletin - live)

SUNDAY - as Saturday, except:
8am (10 min bulletin - live)
9am (Face the Nation - simulcast live with PTV and includes a news update)
10am (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 11am)
8pm (30 min bulletin - live, then repeats at 9pm)

In addition, here is the detailed PTV News Channel schedule with programme descriptions as shown below.


Excellent work @PaddyTePou although I’m guessing for breaking news events the repeated bulletins would be dropped in favor of live editions to provide rolling coverage regardless of the day?

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Thanks for your suggestion, @greenpea, but, at the moment, there are no plans to add further live news bulletins to the PTV News Channel if it becomes a reality. However, the PTV News Channel’s regular schedule would be interrupted by live feeds of breaking news stories as they develop.

It is intended that the PTV News Channel would be similar to that of the RTÉ News Channel from Ireland and that it would regularly simulcast live news bulletins as they are broadcast on other PTV Network channels, including PTV and GEM (at 12pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm weekdays, and at 6pm weekends), along with the addition of ‘News Channel exclusive’ bulletins and summaries at other times throughout the week.

For busy viewers, the channel would also feature a replay service of the most recent PTV News and ‘News Channel exclusive’ bulletins so that they could catch up on the latest national and international news, sport, business and weather at a more convenient time (e.g.) PTV’s 6pm bulletin is replayed on the News Channel at 7pm, with a live simulcast of GEM’s 8pm bulletin to follow and a replay of that bulletin at 9pm. Raw feeds of breaking news stories and live press conferences would also feature, as does international content (from the BBC, CBS, ABC America and CNN) via satellite.

News programming on the channel would be complemented with live simulcasts, full replays and highlights versions of PTV Network New Zealand’s existing current affairs programmes, such as Sunrise, Nightline, Campbell Live, 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, Te Hēteri and the regional news programmes. and the PTV News app would offer rolling coverage of the latest local, national and international news stories along with breaking news alerts, business reports and financial market information, detailed weather forecasts, entertainment news, in-depth news commentary and analysis, high quality videos and much more. Viewers could come back during the day and night to see how a story develops across the PTV News website and app.

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Here’s a drawing of me, the founder and owner of PTV Network New Zealand (as a fictional broadcaster), with the two Miss Pinup New Zealand’s as the Mascots of my network (for marketing and promotional purposes only): Juanita/Jay (aka Miss Sweet Jean) and Jasmine (aka Miss Jazzylicious).

You’d probably see them in test cards when two of the 12 PTV Network channels, PTV (the main channel) and Taste (the food channel), close down for the night. And you’d also see them in television channel idents, in posters, in calendars and through out-of-home advertising too!

I would like to express my gratitude to and gratefully acknowledge Jayde Murray (aka Jayde Lemonade) for the illustration of this wonderful artwork. Jayde is a talented graphic artist and I am proud of what she has achieved.

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@Damo Below is a mock (and brief) press release regarding PTV Network New Zealand’s (as a fictional broadcaster) broadcast of the WWE WrestleMania 2023.

After negotiations with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), PTV Network New Zealand is pleased to announce that it will be streaming WWE WrestleMania as a live, pay-per-view event on PTV Ringside via PTV+, for $29.95, on Sunday 2 April (NZ time).

PTV Network’s youth-oriented general entertainment channel, Shake, will carry delayed coverage of the event on Saturday 8 April (following WWE NXT), running through to the early hours of Easter Sunday (9 April).

In the unlikely event of a significant streaming issue which prevents WWE fans from accessing the WrestleMania stream via PTV+, PTV Pop Up (Freeview Channel 23) will carry the live broadcast as a free-to-air programme and Shake will have a full replay on Saturday 8 April.

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@foxyrover @Medianext.MX @Trains_and_Sports @Damo @greenpea @NuStraya In real life, Sky Television owns the New Zealand broadcast rights to the 2024 Paris Olympics (27 July - 12 August 2024) but what if PTV Network New Zealand (as a fictional broadcaster) incorporated the best of Sky and covered the Paris Olympics?

Here’s a mock press release looking at how PTV Network’s Olympic coverage plans would look like, in full detail and with a focus on the studio content, multiple channels and multiple platforms.

Get set for the most extensive live and free to air coverage of a major sporting event in New Zealand history, with PTV Network New Zealand opening up access to all the action from the 2024 Paris Olympic Games across multiple channels and platforms.

From 27 July to 12 August 2024, athletes from more than 60 countries worldwide will descend in Paris for a 17 day sporting extravaganza to compete in over 30 sports.

A PTV Network spokesperson says the network will deliver unprecedented coverage and viewing choice served across TV, mobile and connected devices. PTV and Shake will be fully focused on the Paris Olympics and PTV Network will launch 10 additional channels (including a 24-hour Olympic News channel), providing viewers wall to wall coverage around the clock.

“Follow the Olympics anywhere, anytime with our live coverage, replays and highlights available across TV and streamed online. This will be the most extensive coverage of an Olympic Games that New Zealand’s ever seen.

“The Olympic Games have a special place in New Zealand’s hearts – every four years they bring us together as we stop and watch. At PTV Network New Zealand, our focus is all about sharing the moments that matter to New Zealanders and we’re committed to ensuring this event is a shared national viewing experience.”

The New Zealand team is expected to be the biggest yet with over 250 athletes taking part. PTV Network anticipates the event will draw big audiences based on the number of top athletes participating, our national passion for sport and the time difference running only 10 hours behind New Zealand.

“We know the country will want to back our athletes on the world stage and we’re proud to be bringing their stories to the widest audience possible in New Zealand. We’ve brought together a talented team of presenters to front our coverage, including Laura McGoldrick, Stephen McIvor, Jeff McTainsh, Goran Paladin, Brook Ruscoe, Kirstie Stanway and Courtney Tairi. On the ground, our experienced PTV News and PTV Sport teams will cover all the action from Paris across multiple platforms,” the spokesperson says.

PTV’s coverage, from 7.30pm until 10.30am the next morning, will focus on the New Zealand athletes and deliver viewers the big moments live from Paris.

Laura McGoldrick and Stephen McIvor will alternately anchor the channel’s primetime coverage (7.30pm to 10.30pm) from PTV Network’s Stanley Street studios in Auckland. After a 10 minute break for the late news, Jeff McTainsh will present the overnight coverage (10.40pm to 6am) and Goran Paladin and Kirstie Stanway will alternately take viewers through the morning’s events (6am to 10.30am). From Paris, PTV Sport’s Kristina Eddy, Ravinder Hunia, Storm Purvis and Karl Te Nana will bring viewers a sense of the colour and energy of the sporting and cultural spectacular as roving reporters.

PTV Network New Zealand will draw on the international commentary team provided by the event’s host broadcaster, combined with its own roster of experienced and expert sporting personalities who provide viewers with insight and analysis of the Paris Olympics (TBC).

Back in the Auckland studio, expert commentators will join the presenters as the live action unfolds. New augmented reality and immersive mixed reality graphics profiling key competitors and venues will give PTV Network’s studio presentation an immersive storytelling edge.

PTV News is sending a large team to France to cover the event from every news angle.

Early morning coverage will include special PTV News bulletins at 6am, 7am, 8am and 9am, featuring live crosses to Paris for updates on the overnight events as they arrive. The short bulletins will be presented from Auckland by Sunrise newsreader Wilhelmina Shrimpton on weekdays and PTV News’ Alice Wilkins on weekends.

PTV News at 6pm (nightly on PTV) and 8pm (weeknights on GEM) will go live to the Olympics each night for the sports headlines, presented from Paris by Andrew Gourdie and Narelle Sindos.

The PTV News contingent includes reporters Gordon Findlater, Natasha Payne, James Regan and Ollie Ritchie; Europe correspondent Lisette Reymer, Campbell Live’s Andrew Macfarlane and Te Hēteri reporter Tamati Tiananga - they will be following the New Zealand team’s successes and keep viewers up with the play across platforms throughout the day.

PTV Sport’s Tony Johnson and Sunrise’s Melissa Chan-Green will present live coverage of the Opening Ceremony from Paris on the morning of Saturday 27 July, setting the scene for the world-class sporting competition to follow.

Commercial breaks during the Opening Ceremony will have a split-screen format to avoid delays, which will also include an avail enticing viewers to subscribe to PTV+ Premium.

An hour-long highlights package, with all the high-profile events from the Olympic Games and a particular focus on the New Zealand athletes, will screen at 5pm each evening on PTV with a replay on Bold at 6.30pm.

Acting as secondary channel, Shake will also be a part of the plans for Paris with live and delayed coverage of full events.

A special edition of PTV Network’s magazine-style infotainment show for teenagers, Infocus, will screen weeknights at 5.30pm. That edition will profile athletes and share coverage of key Olympic moments that are most relevant to young New Zealanders.

And at around 10.30pm each weeknight, join Chris Key and Ben Hurley for an entertaining look at the highlights of the day in The Moment.

PTV Sport’s Brook Ruscoe will anchor Shake’s overnight line-up, presenting the latest news and action from around 11pm until 6am, with Courtney Tairi taking over as host from 6am to the end of competition. The studio content on Shake, originating from PTV Network’s MAX studio in Auckland, will be looser than PTV’s own coverage (including hosts using more casual wardrobe).

By focusing mainly on alternative sports (e.g. climbing, breakdancing, skateboarding and basketball), the channel’s following with younger audiences will be reflected in its event selection.

Olympics Extra 1-4 (Freeview)
Pop-up channels Olympics Extra 1-4 will be available on Freeview channels 18, 19, 20 & 21 with live and delayed sessions (including longer form events such as football, rugby sevens, tennis and volleyball), plus full replays and highlights, 24 hours a day.

MAX, MAX 2 and the PTV News Channel will take a break from 27 July until 12 August as PTV Network New Zealand will direct the respective channels’ technical resources to Olympics Extra 1-3 on channels 18-20, with Olympics Extra 4 replacing PTV Pop Up 1 on channel 21.

PTV+ and PTV+ Premium
PTV+ will offer, alongside the six linear channels of Olympic coverage, an additional five online-only or FAST channels with live and delayed event sessions in HD and a 24-hour Olympic News channel. Some segments from the Olympic News channel will also be available during the 5pm highlights on PTV.

PTV+ Premium, a paid subscription version of PTV+, will carry raw and world feeds of every event with all content being 100% commercial free. There are three subscription options:

  • Option 1: The same as PTV+ with no ads*, plus ‘PTV+ Premium exclusive’ content (the home of HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC, Netflix and more) - $19.99 per month
  • Option 2: The same as PTV+ with no ads*, plus ‘PTV+ Premium exclusive’ content (the home of HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC, Netflix and more) and free access to Disney+ (the streaming home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and much more) - $29.99 per month
  • Option 3: The big one - the same as PTV+ with no ads*, plus ‘PTV+ Premium exclusive’ content (the home of HBO, Showtime, FX, AMC, Netflix and more), PTV Sport (major local and international sporting events and sports content - live and on demand) and free access to Disney+ (the streaming home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and much more) - $39.99 per month
The PTV Sport website,, will feature a special Olympic section with the most up-to-the-minute coverage, results and commentary as the event unfolds. Plan future viewing with a comprehensive schedule filtered by channel, individual sport and sessions featuring New Zealanders, or watch key Olympic moments again for free with video highlights. For PTV+ Premium subscribers, a range of full replays and extended highlights will be available to watch on demand at any time.

Pacific coverage
PTV Network’s coverage will screen across the Pacific, with live action being provided by PTV Network New Zealand. SunPix (the team behind Tagata Pasifika), an independent production house, will produce daily highlights packages with a Pacific focus for broadcast in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

*Ad-free applies to the PTV+ on-demand library only and programmes may contain PTV Network promotions where contractually required. Live TV plays with ads.



@Damo @greenpea Below is a mock press release.

PTV Network New Zealand today announced that, from Good Friday (7 April), there will be some changes to Shake and Bubble.


A pick of primetime family movies will move to Shake at 6.30pm every Saturday night (from 8 April), beginning with the network premiere of Arctic Justice, starring the voices of Jeremy Renner and Heidi Klum. Other titles will include Smurfs: The Lost Village, Megamind, Dr Seuss’ The Lorax and, for the first time on network television, Clifford the Big Red Dog with more to come later in the year.

The Wonderful World of Disney, a Disney movie slot, will also move to Shake and screen at 6.30pm on the fourth or fifth Saturday of each month. Cruella, based on the character Cruella de Vil from Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” and starring Emma Stone, will have a network premiere on Shake on 29 April.

Matinee movies, however, will continue to screen on Shake’s sister channel Bubble at 1pm on weekends and throughout the Easter school holidays from 8 April.


PTV Network New Zealand is launching a new youth-facing sibling channel to Shake called Shake Extra, which will be shared with Bubble by broadcasting from 7pm until midnight.

From Easter Sunday (9 April) Shake Extra, as an extension of the main Shake channel, will focus primarily on comedy and entertainment and be home to ‘extra’ programmes that cannot be fitted on Shake.

A raft of new programmes and existing Shake content will screen on Shake Extra; these include Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Ridiculousness, Riverdale, Robot Chicken, South Park and Survivor (USA), plus 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, American Dad, Duncanville, Just for Laughs, Live at the Apollo, Ninja Warrior (UK & USA), RuPaul’s Drag Race, Saturday Night Live, Taskmaster (UK), Velma and many more.

Bob’s Burgers will screen at 7pm every night from Monday to Friday, with Family Guy (first shown on the main Shake channel at 7pm weeknights and repeated on Shake Extra at 11.30pm) taking over on the weekends. On weeknights American Dad will screen at 7.30pm and the hit MTV series, Ridiculousness, will follow at 8pm.

Shake Extra’s nightly “MTV 60” strand, from 10.30pm weeknights, will play host to such popular MTV programmes as Buckhead Shore, Ex on the Beach, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Just Tattoo of Us and Siesta Key.

PTV Network’s children’s channel, Bubble, will now broadcast daily from 5am until it hands over to Shake Extra at 7pm.


Shake’s weekly comedy movie slot, Saturday Night Comedy, will make way for delayed coverage of the Saturday night matches from the 2023 Sal’s NBL season, beginning with the Wellington Saints v Hawke’s Bay Hawks match at TSB Arena in Wellington on Saturday 8 April at 8.30pm.

Shake will carry two NBL basketball matches each Saturday night (delayed coverage from around 8.30pm) and Sunday afternoon (live from 4pm). If a One NZ Warriors match is played at home (e.g. Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland) during the NRL season and kicks off at 4pm on a Sunday, the channel will carry delayed coverage of a Sunday afternoon NBL match at 6.30pm (following The Simpsons).

Courtside, a brand new highlights programme with reviews of all the week’s Sal’s NBL action, will be available to watch on demand via PTV+ from 7.30pm every Tuesday and then on Shake at around 11pm.

All NBL basketball matches will be available live and on demand via PTV+ Premium (Option 3) - $39.99 per month.

Meanwhile, Shake will have delayed, commercial-free coverage of WWE WrestleMania 2023 at 11.30pm on Saturday 8 April (following WWE NXT). WrestleMania will be available as a live, pay-per-view event on PTV Ringside via PTV+, for $29.95, on Sunday 2 April (NZ time).

In the unlikely event of a significant streaming issue which prevents WWE fans from accessing the WrestleMania stream via PTV+, PTV Pop Up 3 will carry the live broadcast as a free-to-air programme and Shake will have a full replay on Saturday 8 April.

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Below are the mock details regarding Shake Extra, an extension of PTV Network New Zealand’s (as a fictional broadcaster) youth-oriented general entertainment channel, Shake.



All images contained in the overview are samples only; no copyright infringement intended. Programmes in the mock schedule may be subject to change without prior notice.

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@Michael_Eccles Below are the mock details regarding PTV Network New Zealand’s (as a fictional broadcaster) music television channels, MAX and MAX 2. Each channel has the same format and content but a fresh look and feel, including new logos, new graphics (although the bilingual format, i.e. English and te reo Māori, remains unchanged) and new brand-wide theme music.

MAX is a music television channel that caters to each and every music fan - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Covering all kinds of music and incorporating the latest and best music videos, new releases, chart countdowns, specialist music shows, live concerts and features.

MAX 2 is an extension of the MAX brand and plays host to the best music videos of the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and today. From Rod Stewart to Ronan Keating, Phil Collins to Pink, Elton John to Ed Sheeran - your favourite video clips are randomly assorted and played back to back, 24 hours a day.


Current song lower-thirds

“Just played” lower-thirds

Music video request tickers

News/weather tickers


The theme music for the new look MAX and MAX 2 is “Heavy Metal Bikers”, courtesy of Focus Music Library (licensed by Universal Production Music).


The general rule is that one particular music video, whether it’s on MAX or MAX 2, cannot be played more than three times within the same day, and that music videos deemed unsuitable for broadcast on MAX during the day must not be shown between 9pm-5am.

Therefore, the videos are classified as ‘16’ programmes, i.e. people under 16 years should not view, and may contain violence, strong language, sexual references and other offensive content, such as nudity, drug use and adult themes. After 5am, all the videos and content on MAX are classified as ‘PG’ programmes and parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.

On MAX 2, the videos are classified PG at all times and edited for content where necessary.

The music video request ticker is only available during interactive music programming on both channels. Based on a jukebox format, a full list of all the music videos is shown at the bottom of the screen and each video has its own selection code via phone or text (e.g. ‘M’ for Most Wanted on MAX, ‘P’ for Weekend Fever on MAX 2). A phone hotline, text message service and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) are used to collect music video requests.

The news/weather ticker is only available between 6-9am on weekdays. While the channels’ respective weekday breakfast shows are screening and the music videos are being played at this time, viewers can stay informed and up to date with the latest news headlines in a text-based format at the bottom of the screen. Weather forecasts and the current time check are also included.

All images contained in the mock graphics are samples only; no copyright infringement intended.



@Damo @greenpea Below are the mock schedules for PTV Network New Zealand’s (as a fictional broadcaster) three channels - PTV, Shake and GEM - on Good Friday (7 April).

PS: Whereas the start times for PTV Network New Zealand’s main channel, PTV, are 5.30am weekdays and 7.30am weekends, the channel begins its Good Friday programming at the slightly later time of 9am.


9.00am: GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL MOVIE - Easter Under Wraps (2019). A woman goes undercover at her family’s chocolate factory to find out why sales are down. She meets the head chocolatier, who has new ideas for Easter products. Comedy, starring Fiona Gublemann, Brendan Penny, Fred Henderson, Ese Atawo. Directed by Gary Yates. (G) [CC]
10.45am: The Talk. Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Jerry O’Connell, Natalie Morales and Sheryl Underwood host a US talk/panel show in which they discuss current events, pop culture and trending topics of the day. (PG) [CC]
11.35am: Entertainment Tonight. Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner present the latest showbiz news and gossip, fresh off the satellite from the US. (PG) [CC]
12.00pm: Dr Phil. Today: “Through a Child’s Eyes: Surviving a Mass Tragedy (Part 2)”. (PG) [CC]
12.45pm: The Drew Barrymore Show. Today: Tabitha Brown and Karla Welch are spotlighted. (G) [CC]
1.10pm: Jeopardy! Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings alternate as hosts of this US quiz show where contestants are given the answers and must guess the questions. (G) [CC]
1.35pm: GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL MOVIE - The Perfect Catch (2017). A single mother reinvents her struggling diner while spending time with a former high-school boyfriend who’s now a superstar baseball player. Drama, starring Nikki Deloach, Andrew W Walker, Chance Hurstfield, Vincent Dangerfield. Directed by Steven R Monroe. (G) [CC]
3.20pm: GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL MOVIE - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971). The tale of an impoverished boy who wins a tour around Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Based on the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl. Musical fantasy, starring Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum, Roy Kinnear. Directed by Mel Stuart. (G) [CC, AD]
5.05pm: PTV SPECIAL - The Making of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”. Kate Rodger talks to Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy as they share the storyline, seeing the movie for the first time and playing the video game as a kid. Plus behind-the-scenes footage and a preview of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”. (G) [CC]
5.30pm: Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Matt Gibb and Diamond Langi host a special Good Friday edition of the game show where three celebrity contestants compete against each other to solve word puzzles and win money and prizes for home viewers. Tonight: Carly Flynn, Rhys Mathewson and Lizzie Marvelly. (G) [CC]
6.00pm: PTV News at 6pm. PTV Network’s flagship news programme with comprehensive coverage of today’s major stories from home and overseas, plus a report on the day’s sport and a national weather forecast. [CC]
6.30pm: KIDS’ GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL - Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation. Barbie and Ken stow away in Bonnie’s backpack after they learn that she is going to Hawaii. But when Bonnie leaves them in her room, the rest of the toys try to recreate Hawaii for Barbie and Ken. Animated. (G) [CC]
6.35pm: KIDS’ GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL - Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade. When Sid takes a job as an egg nanny, he’s unaware an old enemy has plans of his own. The shenanigans lead to the first egg hunt and creation of popular Easter traditions. Animated, starring the voices of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Taraji P Henson. Directed by Ricardo Curtis. (G) [CC, AD]
7.00pm: Sale of the Century. Mike Puru and Evana Corric host a special Good Friday edition of the quick-wit, quick-finger quiz show with prizes valued at more than $100,000. (G) [CC]
7.30pm: GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL MOVIE - Peter Rabbit (2018). A rebellious rabbit tries to sneak into a farmer’s vegetable garden. Comedy, starring Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson, Sam Neill and the voices of Daisy Ridley, Elizabeth Debicki, Margot Robbie, James Corden. Directed by Will Gluck. (PG-V) [CC, AD]
9.15pm: PTV SPORT - PTV’s Big Game: KFC Friday Night Rugby (DHL Super Rugby Pacific 2023). Full delayed coverage from Orangetheory Stadium in Christchurch of tonight’s Super Rugby Pacific match, Crusaders v Moana Pasifika. [CC]
11.15pm: PTV News (LATE BULLETIN). PTV Network’s late news bulletin with a final wrap of today’s news stories, plus a summary of tomorrow’s weather.
11.25pm: PTV SPORT - PTV’s Big League: dtr Friday Night NRL (NRL Telstra Premiership 2023). Full delayed coverage from Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville of tonight’s NRL match, Cowboys v Dolphins. [CC]
1.10am: Weather Outlook and Preview. Detailed weather forecast, followed by highlights of tomorrow’s viewing.
1.15am: Closedown


9.00am: Seinfeld (DOUBLE EPISODE). Today: (1) George has a past with his new boss, Jerry’s ‘revenge date’ backfires and Kramer’s deli slicer solves Elaine’s problem with a neighbour. / (2) Elaine shares her feelings about George with the wrong person. Meanwhile, George discovers the power of tears. (All PG) [All CC]
9.45am: Friends. Today: Monica meets ‘Work Chandler’ and Ross gets together with Janice. (PG) [CC]
10.10am: 3rd Rock from the Sun. Today: As the Solomons reflect on their experiences on Earth, they realise they have succumbed to some human weaknesses. (PG) [CC]
10.35am: Everybody Loves Raymond. Today: Ray takes Ally dress shopping. (PG) [CC]
11.00am: Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead. A meeting in a London bus with jewel thief Lady Christina takes a turn for the worst for the Doctor (David Tennant) when the bus takes a detour to a desert-like planet, where the deadly Swarm awaits. (PG) [CC, AD]
12.00pm: Doctor Who - Legend of the Sea Devils. The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz and Dan travel to 19th century China, where a small coastal village is under threat from both the fearsome pirate queen Madame Ching and a monstrous force which she unwittingly unleashes. (PG) [CC, AD]
12.50pm: SHAKE’S GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL MOVIE - The Sweetest Heart (2018). A cupcake business owner gets help from an investment banker, but a potential new romance between them is complicated by the unexpected return of her first love. Drama, starring Julie Gonzalo, Chris McNally, Tammy Gillis. Directed by Steven R Monroe. (G) [CC]
2.35pm: The Video Club (GOOD FRIDAY EDITION). A selection of music videos.
2.50pm: Hollyoaks. Today: Tony is on a mission to take back control of his life, starting with his marriage; James makes a very risky decision; and the McQueens devise a plan to make some fast cash. (PG) [CC, AD]
3.15pm: Beverly Hills 90210. Today: David is concerned when Dylan works closely with Camille; Camille continues to get between Donna and David; and Matt has difficulty in telling Kelly the truth about the desert. (PG) [CC]
4.00pm: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (DOUBLE EPISODE). Today: (1) Will is abashed when his Aunt Vivian unwittingly arouses the passions of a man of the cloth (guest star Richard Roundtree). / (2) Will tries to prove that he’s a responsible person so he can take the family car to Nevada for a concert. However, Will soon finds he’s out of his element in more ways than one. (All PG) [All CC]
4.50pm: My Wife and Kids. Today: Jay gets fired in front of the girls on ‘take your daughter to work day’. (PG) [CC]
5.15pm: The Middle. Tonight: Mike enlists Axl and Brick’s help to throw a surprise party for Frankie’s 50th birthday. (PG) [CC]
5.35pm: Modern Family. Tonight: The Dunphys hatch another amorous adventure as Clive and Juliana for Valentine’s Day, but Claire is afraid that Phil might be a little too into her alter ego. (PG) [CC]
6.00pm: The Simpsons (DOUBLE EPISODE). Tonight: (1) Three famous religious stories are retold Simpsons style as the family nods off at church. (PG) / (2) Homer starts a daycare centre in his home while recuperating from a knee injury. (G) [All CC]
6.50pm: The Big Bang Theory. Tonight: A geologist co-worker’s MacArthur Genius fellowship award leaves Sheldon stone cold jealous. Meanwhile, Howard stumbles upon a remote-control Stephen Hawking action figure that he invented. (PG) [CC, AD]
7.15pm: Family Guy. Tonight: When the guys travel to Korea to retrieve the final episode of an Asian soap that Quagmire starred in, Quagmire is reunited with a former lover. (PG-C) [CC, AD]
7.40pm: Lopez vs. Lopez. Tonight: When Churro the chihuahua turns 15, the Lopezes throw her a Quinceanera that quickly goes to the dogs. Meanwhile, Quinten tries to help Oscar find his soul mate or, at the very least, a date. (PG-C) [CC, AD]
8.05pm: Call Me Kat. Tonight: In the heat of the moment, Zoey kisses Kat at karaoke night. Zoey hopes this moment can be kept between the two of them, but Kat struggles to keep the kiss a secret from Max. (PG-C) [CC, AD]
8.30pm: Ghosts. Tonight: Alberta is thrilled when a living relative, Alicia, visits Woodstone to learn more about her, but things take a turn when she hits it off with Todd, Sam’s podcast co-host. (PG-C) [CC, AD]
8.55pm: Grand Crew. Tonight: Nicky and Noah find out their dad has a new boo. Meanwhile, Anthony and Fay look after Wyatt’s plants while he’s away. (M-S) [CC, AD]
9.20pm: Walker. Tonight: The Texas Rangers and the Walker family must content with Grey Flag’s plans and one truth that everything was a lie. (PG-V) [CC, AD]
10.10pm: WWE Raw. Ringside action with the superstars and divas of WWE’s flagship brand, fresh off the satellite from the US. (PG-V)
11.00pm: THE DEADLY EARNEST HORROR SHOW - The Dead Don’t Die (2019). The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves. Horror, starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover. Directed by Jim Jarmusch. (16-VLC) [CC]
1.00am: SHAKE’S LATE NIGHT SPECIAL - The Brit Awards 2023. Join presenters Clara Amfo, Maya Jama and Roman Kemp for the best that British music has to offer. Live performances from Harry Styles, Wet Leg, Lewis Capaldi and many more. (M-L) [CC]
3.00am: Closedown


7.00am: Get Smart. Today: Suspicious that a KAOS psychiatrist is coercing his patients to divulge confidential information, Smart goes undercover as an insane colonel. (G) [CC]
7.25am: I Dream of Jeannie. Today: Jeannie wants Tony to avenge an insult - from 2000 years ago. (G) [CC]
7.50am: Bewitched. Today: Darrin’s parents come to see the new baby. (G) [CC]
8.15am: Hogan’s Heroes (DOUBLE EPISODE). Today: (1) Hogan and crew pose as caterers to clobber top generals at a secret banquet meeting. / (2) The POWs build a new escape tunnel - and a snowman - to confound the Gestapo and free a bomber crew. (All G) [All CC]
9.05am: The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Today: Mary and Sue Ann volunteer to be ‘big sisters’ but their delinquent charges prove to be quite a challenge. (G) [CC]
9.30am: The Golden Girls. Today: Blanche’s professor tells her that she can pass her course easily – in return for unsavoury favours. (PG) [CC]
9.55am: Coronation Street (R). Today: Dee-Dee is shocked by Adam’s offer to represent Damon, and Evelyn invites Roy to her birthday party. (PG) [CC, AD]
10.20am: Emmerdale (R). Today: Marshall becomes confused; Charles puts his foot in it with Naomi; and Jimmy reveals himself at the man club meeting. (PG) [CC, AD]
10.45am: EastEnders (R). Today: Whitney pushes Zack away as she grieves for Peach; Chelsea demands the truth from Keanu; and Lola and Jay face a difficult day at the hospital. (PG) [CC, AD]
11.15am: Doctors. Today: Sid fails to get through to Damien; Luca comes clean to Jamie; and Nina helps a patient whose carer is ill. (PG) [CC, AD]
11.45am: GEM’s GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL MOVIE - The Ten Commandments (1956). An epic following the life of Moses from infancy through manhood, slavery and the trials he faced when leading the Jews out of Egypt. Drama, starring Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Edward G Robinson, Yvonne De Carlo. Directed by Cecil B DeMille. (G) [CC]
3.40pm: The Video Club (GOOD FRIDAY EDITION). A selection of music videos.
3.55pm: Richard Osman’s House of Games. Richard Osman hosts a game show in which a group of four famous faces go toe to toe in testing their general knowledge skills in a variety of entertaining games. (G) [CC]
4.25pm: Pointless. Alexander Armstrong hosts a quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. (G) [CC]
5.10pm: Tipping Point. Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning a cash jackpot. (G) [CC]
6.00pm: M-A-S-H (DOUBLE EPISODE). Tonight: (1) Radar helps out a lamb meant for a Greek festival; Frank is cheated out of an opportunity to persecute a young soldier. / (2) A petty thief zeros in on the 4077th, but it’s Klinger who may wind up taking the fall. (All PG) [All CC]
6.50pm: Cheers. Tonight: Norm’s ex-secretary becomes fatally attracted to him and won’t be ignored, while Rebecca becomes obsessed with finding a ring hidden in her new desk. (PG) [CC]
7.15pm: Emmerdale. Tonight: Dawn is shocked to find about Naomi and Alex; Paddy continues to struggle; Noah is enraged by Sam’s attitude. (PG) [CC, AD]
7.40pm: Coronation Street. Tonight: Amy shocks Summer with the truth about Aaron; Michael has a showdown with Stephen; and Beth blows off Glenda to visit Marco. (PG) [CC, AD]
8.05pm: Death in Paradise (SERIES RETURN). Tonight: The team investigate the mysterious death of an astronomer after he falls from a cliff during a rate planetary event. Meanwhile, is romance blossoming for Neville? Death in Paradise screens Fridays at 8.30pm from next week. (PG) [CC, AD]
9.05pm: Silent Witness (SERIES RETURN). Tonight: In Liverpool, following the launch of Sam Ryan’s new company, the health secretary is assassinated. Sam summons the Lyell team with a plea to help investigate. Silent Witness screens Fridays at 9.35pm from next week. (M) [CC, AD]
10.05pm: GEM’s GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL MOVIE - The Man from Snowy River (1982). In 1880s Australia, after young Jim Craig’s father dies, he takes a job at the Harrison cattle ranch, where he is forced to become a man. Drama, starring Kirk Douglas, Jack Thompson, Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton. Directed by George T Miller. (PG) [CC, AD]
12.10am: GEM’s FRIDAY LATE MOVIE - One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942). When Nazi anti-aircraft fire damages a British bomber, its crew bails out and seeks help from the Dutch underground. Drama, starring Godfrey Tearle, Eric Portman, Hugh Williams, Bernard Miles. Directed by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger. (G) [CC]
2.15am: Closedown


G - Approved for general viewing (at any time)
PG - Parental guidance recommended for younger viewers (at any time)
M - Suitable for mature audiences 16 years and over (M-F, 9am-3pm*; M-S, 7.30pm-5am)
16 - People under 16 years should not view (M-S, 8.30pm-5am)
18 - People under 18 years should not view (M-S, 9.30pm-5am)

C - Content may offend
L - Language may offend
V - Contains violence
S - Sexual content may offend

[CC] - Captions for the deaf and hearing impaired
[AD] - Audio descriptions for the blind and vision impaired

*Except during school and public holidays, as designated by the Ministry of Education.

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@NuStraya In real life, I was very sad to inform that Today FM had officially ceased broadcasting and I was deeply sorry for the people who had lost their jobs since Today FM’s abrupt closure - especially Tova O’Brien, Carly Flynn and Wilhelmina Shrimpton.

I have a what-if scenario for you to ask.

What if I offered them new jobs at my dream television network - PTV Network New Zealand (Patrick Te Pou Enterprises Ltd), as a fictional broadcaster - if it became a reality? For instance…

Nightline goes to air at around 10.30pm Monday to Friday, providing a serious current affairs examination of the important news of the day rather than a lively mix of news, entertainment, satire and the arts.

The new look Campbell Live (with John Campbell who, in real life, is TVNZ’s chief correspondent) is at 6.30pm, right after the network news, and where Campbell Live may, for example, take a people-behind-the-news approach to a story, Nightline has deeper insights into the political and economic ramifications of a story and hard-hitting interviews with experts on the subject. It aims to combine a final wrap of the day’s news with current affairs and background stories in a 45-minute format, similar to RNZ’s Checkpoint (in real life).

Tova O’Brien would front the new programme from Monday to Thursday and join Jenna Lynch (who, in real life, is Newshub’s political editor) as co-presenters of a new Sunday morning public affairs programme, Face the Nation. Rebecca Wright (from Newshub) would take over on Fridays and be part of the Campbell Live team as a reporter and fill-in presenter.

Janika ter Ellen and Laura Tupou (also from Newshub) would read the late news segments on a week-on, week-off basis which would allow them to anchor the weekend news.

Carly Flynn would front an Auckland regional programme known as Look North, which is scheduled for 5.30pm Monday to Friday (prior to the network news).

I describe Look North as one of the six regional news magazines (the others in Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin) and as a blend of the day’s news, current affairs and features from around Auckland and Northland. It aims to cover an area from North Cape to the Bombay Hills through the reflection of community life and people-to-people involvement.

Additionally, Carly would host a new gardening show on Friday nights with Palmers Garden Centre as its naming rights sponsor.

Wilhelmina Shrimpton would front an early morning news programme, Early Sunrise, at 5.30am and would also deliver half hourly news updates as part of Sunrise (from 6-9am), with Goran Paladin (from Sky Sport) presenting sport and Chris Kirk (formerly of What Now fame and host of Brain Busters) anchoring the weather from somewhere new each morning as a roving reporter.

Ryan Bridge and Melissa Chan-Green (from AM, in real life) would host Sunrise and its entertainment segments, covering celebrity gossip and pop culture news, would be hosted by Monika Barton (formerly of Sticky TV fame).

What do you think?


Great ideas, Paddy.

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Thanks, @NuStraya. I really appreciate it. Here’s the full line-up for PTV News and Current Affairs if my network becomes a reality…

Early Sunrise (M-F, 5:30-6:00am)
Wilhelmina Shrimpton

Sunrise (M-F, 6:00-9:00am)
Ryan Bridge and Melissa Chan-Green
News: Wilhelmina Shrimpton
Sport: Goran Paladin
Weather: Chris Kirk
Entertainment: Monika Barton

PTV News: Midday (M-F, 12:00-1:00pm)
Amanda Gillies
Business: Kethaki Masilamani or Nicholas Pointon

PTV News at 4pm (M-F, 4:00-4:30pm)
Isobel Ewing
Business: Kethaki Masilamani or Nicholas Pointon

Te Hēteri (M-F, 4:30-5:00pm)
Oriini Kaipara
Sport: Tumamao Harawira

Regional Programmes (M-F, 5:30-6:00pm)
Look North (Auckland): Carly Flynn
Waikato Tonight (Hamilton): TBC
Bay of Plenty Tonight (Tauranga): TBC
Spotlight (Wellington): Charlotte Cook
Mainland Today (Christchurch): Emma Cropper
Points South (Dunedin): Hannah Wilkins

PTV News at 6pm (M-F, 6:00-6:30pm)
Daniel Faitaua
Sport: Andrew Gourdie
Weather: Jess Tyson

Campbell Live (M-F, 6:30-7:00pm)
John Campbell

PTV News at 8pm (M-F, 8:00-8:30pm)
See PTV News at 6pm for presenters

Nightline (M-F, 10:30-11:15pm approx)
Tova O’Brien (Mon-Thu) / Rebecca Wright (Fri)
News: Janika ter Ellen or Laura Tupou

PTV Weekend News (S-S, 6:00-6:30pm & 10:30-10:45pm approx)
Janika ter Ellen or Laura Tupou
Sport (6pm only): Ravinder Hunia or Narelle Sindos
Weather (both bulletins): Heather Keats

Face the Nation (Sunday, 9:00-10:00am)
Tova O’Brien and Jenna Lynch

Koha (Sunday, 10:00am-12:00pm)
Oriini Kaipara and Julian Wilcox

60 Minutes (including 60 Minutes: The Foreign Edition)
Correspondents: Garth Bray, Mark Crysell, Guyon Espiner, Sarah Hall, Paula Penfold, Melanie Reid
Foreign Edition: Michael Morrah

PTV News Channel presenters
Sanele Chadwick, Heather Keats, Mark Leishman, Jared McCulloch, Trudi Nelson, Michael O’Keeffe, Brin Rudkin, Karen Rutherford, Marama T-Pole, Alice Wilkins

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@NuStraya Below is a full list of online-only content, including web series and podcasts, for availability on PTV+ as well as on the PTV News website,Facebook and YouTube pages.

Please note that this is a taste of the mock online content in which I created so far, with more to come in the future.

Join award-winning journalist Duncan Garner as he delivers his individual take on the news and the issues of the moment from NZ and around the world in a twice weekly programme/podcast (Tuesday and Thursday).

Produced by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and presented by senior officers, Defence Watch provides a weekly insight into the role being played by the NZ military.

Jenna Lynch, Craig McCulloch and Amelia Wade present a weekly programme/podcast which focuses on the activities of MPs and the week’s events in Parliament.

Get behind the public persona of Aotearoa New Zealand’s biggest names as we spend half an hour discussing their life, passions and thoughts. Hosted by Moana Maniapoto.

Lloyd Burr presents a weekly programme/podcast in which he takes a critical look at the NZ media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the ‘new’ electronic media.

Produced in cooperation with the New Zealand Police and presented by Detective Senior Sergeant Rob Lemoto (formerly of Police Ten 7 fame), Police Five is a weekly programme/podcast which invites all New Zealanders to help fight crime and give details of unsolved crime and developments in crime prevention.

What are the top issues making headlines this week? Join Rachel Smalley and a panel of invited guests as they uncover the stories and tackle the issues that matter in a weekly panel discussion programme/podcast.

Jonathan Mitchell (NBR) presents a weekly programme/podcast which takes an in-depth look at what makes business tick and what is happening in the local and global economies.

To celebrate April Fools Day, here’s a real-life menu courtesy of TVNZ (in real life).

And here is my version.

I keep telling you that my dream television network - PTV Network New Zealand (Patrick Te Pou Enterprises Ltd) - is only a fictional broadcaster and I have enjoyed sharing my future plans and ideas with as many visitors as possible, which is great.

@NuStraya @greenpea @foxyrover What do you think of the April Fools jokes?