PTV Network New Zealand (Patrick Te Pou Enterprises Ltd)

I describe PTV Network New Zealand as “the country’s newest commercial broadcaster, providing a wide range of local and international programmes for audiences across the country and online”.

It’s like transforming both MediaWorks TV and Sky into a combined organisation. To me, the team at MediaWorks TV are specialists in news and current affairs and Sky are specialists in televised sport.

This is where I’ll post any information in regard to this topic, along with logos and graphic mocks if necessary.

DISCLAIMER: Patrick Te Pou Enterprises Ltd, trading as PTV Network New Zealand, is a fictional broadcaster and will not broadcast to New Zealand, as it is fictitious and imaginary. Thank you for understanding.


Here’s the PTV Network logo:

And a black background:



@foxyrover @Biscuit45 @Puggo19 @Zacgb Hi guys - I hope you’ve liked the customised PTV Network New Zealand logos; I used Microsoft PowerPoint and saved it as a PNG file.

I will be posting any information regarding PTV Network New Zealand in due course. Please note that this is a fictional broadcaster and will not broadcast to New Zealand, as it is fictitious and imaginary. Once again, thank you for understanding.


I love the logo’s. Clean and modern, I’m looking forward to seeing more!


@Zacgb Thanks for your kind words; I appreciate it!


Well done mate - I would love to see a mock programming lineup for PTV - maybe something for news! Great job!

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@Puggo19 Thanks very much!

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Our corporate vision is simple: “We’re bigger, better, more exciting (but of course – still clever), ambitious, bold and passionate about great TV.”

At PTV Network we put all New Zealanders ‘in the mood’ for relevant news and current affairs, free-to-air sport, and the best of local and international entertainment through comedy, drama, movies, documentaries, factual, lifestyle and kids shows. We operate the largest family of free-to-air commercial channels in New Zealand, and deliver our range of content through linear television broadcasting and online via PTV On Demand, PTV Network’s digital platform.

Our investment in programming is primarily funded by television and online advertising revenue. We sell all of our key demographics across five regional licences (Auckland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin), with more targeted advertising on PTV On Demand.

Our family of channels consists of PTV1, the flagship of PTV Network, along with PTV2, PTV3, PTV4, PTV5, PTV6 and CPTV. In addition to linear broadcast, PTV On Demand encompasses full episode catch-ups, express plays from overseas (i.e. fast tracked from the US and UK), movies, complete box sets and original digital content like web series.

More details to come.


I look forward to hearing the broadcast date!


@nztv Thanks for your time; however, this is just a fictional broadcaster and the broadcast date hasn’t been announced (just yet)!


I like the simplistic format and colour choices for the logos and how it is consistent across the different channels. The font choice also has the right amount of weight to it without it looking overwhelming. I see there is a part-BBC influence with the block style and also the “On Demand” logo.

Interesting choice of using the Super Mario Bros. series font for the Children’s PTV (it gets the playful message across), I’m curious to see other elements of PTV when it comes to the On-Air Presentation side of things. Curious to see if PTV has a News Service as well…

I also use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a majority of different creations since the program has become quite versatile and added features you would see on the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator. :slight_smile:


@Biscuit45 News and current affairs programmes play an integral part of the PTV Network strategy, as does free-to-air sport.

I mean, from my vantage point, the team at MediaWorks TV - which owns and operates Newshub - are specialists in news and current affairs and Sky are specialists in sports content. This is in addition to both local and international entertainment.

There will be more posts to come.


A short time ago, I had to delete the previous post in which some readers might find offensive and I apologise for any inconvenience caused. It won’t happen again.

Below are the descriptions for each service.

PTV1 , the flagship of PTV Network, is the channel of choice for 25-54 year-olds and offers a broad range of programming – news and current affairs, free-to-air sport, and the best in homegrown and international entertainment through comedies, dramas, movies, documentaries and so much more – to the millions of viewers who tune in each month. Local content is at the heart of the channel, with nearly 50% of the PTV1 schedule consisting of New Zealand made programmes and talent.

PTV2 is the channel of choice for 18-39 year-olds and those with a youthful energy. It focuses heavily on both homegrown and international entertainment and delivers a lineup of engaging dramas, comedy and reality shows, as well as hit movies, the latest WWE Wrestling action fresh off the satellite, and the latest music videos and content. PTV2 is similar in format to 9Go! and 10 Peach from Australia and ITV2 and E4 from the UK.

PTV3 is the channel of choice for Kiwis who have more time for living life, all people 40-64 (a more mature audience than that of PTV1 or PTV2). From current affairs and thought-provoking documentary and factual programming to classic comedies, quality British dramas and all-time favourite movies, this is the channel that keeps its viewers informed and entertained. They are successful, motivated and switched on. PTV3 is similar in format to 7TWO and 9Gem from Australia and ITV3 from the UK.

PTV4 is PTV Network’s home of sport and male-skewed entertainment, providing a glorious escape from everyday life. The channel is made exclusively for men 25-54 and provides a blend of premium free-to-air sport, premium scripted and factual programmes, and action movies that really pack a punch. For the bigger events in PTV Network’s sporting calendar, such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, PTV4 supports the coverage on PTV1 by offering viewers coverage of alternative sports and events. PTV4 is similar in format to 7mate, 9Rush and 10 Bold from Australia and ITV4 from the UK.

PTV5 is PTV Network’s home of female-skewed entertainment, featuring real lives and real people. From guilty pleasures, glamour and fame to true crime, daytime chat, courtroom dramas and pop culture, the channel is made exclusively for women 25-54 and packed with the best in factual, lifestyle and reality programming. PTV5 is also the free-to-air home of the Silver Ferns and ANZ Premiership netball. PTV5 is similar in format to that of Arena from Australia, ITVBe from the UK, and Bravo and Lifetime from the USA.

PTV6 is an ‘entertaining and inspiring lifestyle television’ channel for Kiwis who have more time for living life, all people 40-64. The channel has themed nights of programming from 7.30pm: travel on Monday, interior design and DIY on Tuesday, the great outdoors on Wednesday, food on Thursday, home and garden on Friday, weekend living on Saturday, and natural history on Sunday. PTV6 is similar in format to 9Life and LifeStyle from Australia.

CPTV is Children’s PTV and prides itself on being a ‘100% safe’ place for Kiwi kids and families. Broadcasting from 5am each day, CPTV is full to the brim with the nation’s favourite kids shows – from safe and educational programming for preschoolers (0-5 year olds) in a commercial-free environment to a range of animation and live-action series for children of school age (5-14 year olds), with a focus on New Zealand content. After 6pm, CPTV offers a family entertainment block where parents and children can enjoy programmes together, including nature documentaries, science shows, tween dramas and family movies. CPTV is similar in format to ABC ME from Australia and CBBC and CITV from the UK.

PTV On Demand is PTV Network’s digital platform, where New Zealanders can enjoy their favourite PTV Network shows and movies at a time suitable to them. There’s full episode catch-ups (i.e. programmes available on PTV On Demand, straight after they have appeared on television), first looks (i.e. programmes exclusive to PTV On Demand, straight before they appear on television) and express plays from overseas (i.e. fast tracked from the US and UK); box sets of the finest in dramas, comedies and entertainment; and original digital content, like web series.

More details to come.


Here’s a poster promoting PTV Network’s news and current affairs programmes.

Featuring Wilhelmina Shrimpton (Newshub), Daniel Faitaua (TVNZ), Rawdon Christie (ex-TVNZ), Nadine Higgins (ex-TVNZ), Indira Stewart (RNZ), Ryan Bridge (Magic Talk), Melissa Chan-Green (Newshub), Mitch McCann (Newshub) and Corin Dann (RNZ).

More details soon.


The poster in which I have posted serves as a homage to the ones previously seen on New Zealand’s TV3 (now Three) and Prime. These include:

  • Today Show (aired on Prime from 2002-08 as Prime had a joint venture with Australia’s Nine Network)
  • A Current Affair (originally fronted by Genevieve Westcott and aired on 3 during 1989/90)
  • 60 Minutes (originally fronted by Amanda Millar and aired on 3 during 1989/90)
  • Sunday (modelled on the CBS News Sunday Morning programme from the US … with no relation to the TVNZ programme of the same name; it aired on Prime from 2002-05)
  • Nightline (aired on 3 from 1990-2013)

Four Corners, to me, is like an hour-long, Foreign Correspondent type format with a world focus. It offers viewers deeper coverage of international issues with the pick of overseas current affairs programmes through ITV, Channel 4, ABC America and the Nine Network (A Current Affair Australia). The New Zealand version of Four Corners is not necessarily related to the Australian ABC programme of the same name.


I really like the PTV News logo, it looks good and stands out well in the other variations of it you used :+1:


Thanks, @Biscuit45 - I’ve gathered some of New Zealand’s well known journalists and broadcasters from the knowledge I have.


@Biscuit45 @Puggo19 As a loyal supporter of the vintage, pinup and rockabilly communities in New Zealand, I have created a set of customised testcards (or test patterns) using Microsoft PowerPoint. The photos - courtesy of Tony McKay Studios of Hamilton - are from last year’s Shocking Pink fundraiser.

In my book, I assembled a cavalcade of some of New Zealand’s finest retro pinups (whose pictures are shown in the testcards during closedown): Miss Victory Violet, Miss Estelle Belle, Dariel Dearlove, Miss Polly Rose, Soda Fontaine and Miss Monique Sweet.

They are known as the “PTV Network Mascots” and modelled on the “Rat Pack Mascots”; Angie Dickinson, Juliet Prowse, Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe and Shirley MacLaine were among them.

PTV Network’s slogan, “In the Mood”, is based on a classic Glenn Miller song. It was used by Australia’s Seven Network in 1990.

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