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Don’t know if those are the sort of jobs that get advertised mate, they’d get locked in before a show get announced.



@SA_TV @greenpea @NuStraya @Damo @LiamP @TV4 @nztv Below are the mock details.

PTV Network New Zealand (as a fictional broadcaster) is pleased to announce a slate of New Zealand-made dramas and comedies for broadcast in 2024 across PTV, Shake, GEM and PTV+, highlighting the nation’s unique and distinctive storytelling talents.


Deadline is an upcoming New Zealand drama series that dives into the inner workings of an Auckland-based tabloid newspaper. Following the lives of a team of journalists and photographers through the hustle and bustle of the newsroom, the series is a true representation of the stories the reporters tell and how these stories shape the nation’s discourse. Discover the highs and lows that come with chasing a story, whether it be the sensitive tale of a Māori protest or a scandalous story of an All Black and a drug ring. With tensions building, an ever-increasing workload and wild deadlines, it’s a thrilling ride from start to finish. Get an exclusive inside look into the lives of the staff who are just a few taps away from informing the public of the issues that matter most. Deadline will feature an exciting cast that includes Ria Vandervis, Toby Leach, Theresa Healey, Reid Walker, Joe Naufahu, Jess Sayer and Tom Sainsbury.


Double Parked is a hilarious sitcom about a lesbian couple, Nat (Madeleine Sami) and Steph (Antonia Prebble). The couple had been planning a trip to an IVF clinic, only to be left upset and disappointed with the results. In an effort to improve their chances of conceiving a child, they decide to take matters into their own hands and attempt a home insemination job. To their great surprise, the process ends in unexpected success and both women find themselves pregnant. Now that Double Parked has moved to its new home on Shake and PTV+, Kiwis can look forward to a brand new season in 2024. Get ready for an exciting and comical story from Nat and Steph as they embark on yet another hopeless situation turned into a hilarious, life changing experience.


Head High initially charted the journey of two brothers, Mana and Tai, who rose to become high school rugby stars. Three years have passed since Mana and Tai graduated, and now the local drama series Head High is making a comeback in 2024 with a fresh take on the story. A highly anticipated continuation, aptly titled Head High II, sees two sisters, Aperira (Api) and Leila, take on the ultimate challenge: to achieve their dream of the Black Fern jersey. The series has made the move to Shake and PTV+ to bring this vision to life. While Head High was a true reflection of the determination of two brothers, Head High II will see the fight to the finish amplified with two determined sisters, the gutsy Api and the fiery Leila, testing each other as well as their opponents. The stakes are high but will Api and Leila have what it takes to be crowned Black Ferns? Tune in from 2024 to join their inspiring journey. Head High II is based on the original series, created by Kate McDermott and Tim Worrall.


Homebound 3.0 is a New Zealand sitcom that follows the story of Henry, an ambitious 30-something unpublished writer who is stuck in the same rut as many other 30-somethings. Despite his best efforts to stay afloat, Henry finds himself constantly bombarded by his Chinese parents and their family friends, all of whom are determined to get him out on arranged ‘dates’. Faced with this, Henry and a fellow thirty-something, Melissa, concoct a plan to fake a relationship so as to get their parents off their backs. Created by and starring Sam Wang with Michelle Ang, Homebound 3.0 is making the move to its new home on Shake and PTV+ with a second season set to premiere in 2024. With its unique and relatable story, Homebound 3.0 is sure to make a splash and become a must-watch for all Kiwis looking for a little escapism.


Presented entirely in te reo Māori with English subtitles and set in pre-colonial Aotearoa New Zealand, Kairākau is an action/drama series which sees the lives of three prominent chiefs doing whatever it takes to keep their people safe and maintain their chiefly honour. Kairākau is making the move to GEM and PTV+ with a fourth season in 2024.


Law & Order: NZ is an upcoming crime drama, based on the long-running US TV series Law & Order, that will be coming to New Zealand on PTV and PTV+ in 2024. The series follows police officers and Crown prosecutors as they team up to solve complex criminal cases and will celebrate the importance of law and order and showcase the dedication of the officers and prosecutors who bring the worst offenders to justice. With a stellar cast of Kiwi talent - including Ben Mitchell, Ido Drent, Lisa Chappell, Will Wallace, Kerry-Lee Dewing and Peter Elliott - Law & Order: NZ will explore a wide range of criminal cases from murder to fraud, and will connect with the New Zealand justice system in a truly unique way.


Created by Dana Leaming (Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa), Not Even is a unique comedy-drama series that follows a diverse group of fun-loving Māori and Pasifika friends as they take on the challenges of modern city life. The crew of five - Ma, Heps, Pua, Liz and Taaps - has recently moved to Wellington and is preparing to enter an exciting yet daunting new phase of life. Each of them experiences their own personal struggles, from questioning their cultural identities to grappling with career decisions and mental health issues. All the while, the bonds between them provide emotional support and friendship, allowing them to reach new heights. Now, Not Even is coming to Shake and PTV+ with a second season in 2024! Get ready to join our friends on their amazing journey - you’re sure to laugh, cry and have a blast with these five as they take on the world.


Pax Assadi is a typical 12 year old from the early 2000s from New Zealand. His parents, like many immigrants, dream of providing him with the best possible opportunities. The Assadi family is from a refugee background. Despite his parents’ intentions for Pax to get good grades and focus on his future, he yearns to assimilate with his Kiwi peers. But this tug-of-war between tradition and assimilation is set to change. Fast forward to 2024 and Raised by Refugees, a sitcom about the Assadi family, returns with a third season on Shake and PTV+!


Sunshine Cove is a serial drama unlike any other. It will explore the characters of a fictional Eastern Bay of Plenty coastal town in contemporary New Zealand, and will air twice a week on Shake and PTV+ in 2024. Offering potential of an idyllic life, Sunshine Cove (as the title suggests) is a town Kiwis have all visited for their summer holidays, known for its beaches, fishing and beauty. Yet this town is populated by everyday people with everyday hopes, dreams, worries and uncertainties just like any other place. What Sunshine Cove does offer is the unique opportunity to show the culture of small town New Zealand, highlighted through the drama that can be found in everyday life. Above all else, it shows us how we can come together as a community to laugh at ourselves and to be inspired by one another.


The Brokenwood Mysteries’ unique blend of wit and thrill has kept us as Kiwis guessing since it premiered in 2014. The critically acclaimed murder mystery series has now made its way to international viewers and is sure to entertain even more people with its delightful stories and quirky characters over the next coming years. Set against the stunning backdrop of NZ’s rural countryside, the series follows DSS Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) and the Brokenwood Police as they investigate crimes and sinister events that take place in the small Kiwi town of Brokenwood. With a 10th season set to premiere on PTV and PTV+ in 2024, fans and audiences alike are eagerly awaiting the show’s return. As the original cast of characters have grown and progressed throughout each of the series’ chapters, viewers are sure to be thrilled with the exciting and original stories that will be told as the narrative continues. Filled with gripping suspense, unexpected twists and turns, and plenty of humour, The Brokenwood Mysteries is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

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I quite liked Homebound 3.0, didn’t think much of it’s lead-in though. Pretty unfunny for a sitcom, which I guess, is pretty funny really. The wrong one got a second season, in my opinoin. Any chance PTV would greenlight a second go, Paddy, Homebound 3.1?

@TV4 Homebound 3.1? What a funny title, although it’s only a spoof.

And what if many Shorty stars, past and present, had starred in other dramas on my network, like Deadline, Law & Order: NZ and Sunshine Cove (e.g. Ben Barrington, Ido Drent, Kerry-Lee Dewing, Ria Vandervis etc)?

I can imagine a potential spin-off could be interesting. Dunno how it would work, or where it would be set, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something Paddy.

@TV4 Here is a full description for one of my drama concepts on my network if it becomes a reality. Take Deadline, for example.


Deadline is a 10-part drama series that shines a light on the ever-changing newspaper industry, and the fascinating situations that the journalists of the fictional Kiwi Express newspaper find themselves in.

Ria Vandervis (better known on Shorty in real life as Harper Whitley) would play the role of Jane Reynolds, a harried editor-in-chief who is constantly balancing the demands of her unruly staff while striving to keep her own life together. Deadline would follow Jane as she tries to navigate her demanding job and her chaotic personal life. Alongside her is editor Brad Fenton (Toby Leach), who is willing to challenge authority and bend the rules of journalism to get the best story.

The cast also features characters such as investigative reporter Sue Jamieson (Theresa Healey) and her ambitious photographer son Derek (Reid Walker), journalist Mike Brunt (Joe Naufahu), sports reporter Andrea Wright (Jess Sayer) and notorious gossip columnist Mark Hughes (Tom Sainsbury). Each of the characters has their own story to tell and viewers would get to witness their individual struggles as they make headlines and chase leads throughout the series.

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PTV Network New Zealand (as a fictional broadcaster) has divided the country into 8 broadcast regions for the insertion of localised commercial advertising, community notices and regional programming, such as local news, into the network feed.

The regions include Auckland (plus Northland), Hamilton (Waikato), Tauranga (Bay of Plenty), Hawke’s Bay (the east coast of the North Island), Palmerston North (the west coast of the North Island), Wellington (this region encompasses the Kāpiti Coast and Wairarapa), Christchurch (the upper South Island = Nelson, Marlborough, the West Coast and Canterbury) and Dunedin (Otago and Southland).

Each region aims to receive tailored advertising and prorgramming specific to regional interests, events or agendas. The regions are tailored to reflect New Zealand’s geography and diverse cultural landscapes, allowing for efficient and effective targeting of the population’s needs.

What do you think?


@SA_TV @greenpea @NuStraya @Damo @LiamP @TV4 @nztv Below is a mock press release.

PTV Network New Zealand (as a fictional broadcaster) is proud to announce its ambitious plans to launch two brand new arts shows in 2024 - Quarter Acre Paradise and Opus. With support from NZ On Air and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, both shows will be commercial free and aired on Sundays across PTV and GEM.


Experience New Zealand’s vibrant arts and culture like never before with PTV Network New Zealand’s new weekly magazine show Quarter Acre Paradise. Hosted by experienced New Zealand broadcaster and RNZ newsreader, Evie Ashton, the new show will review the arts scene and the artists at home through field items, interviews and profiles.

Quarter Acre Paradise promises to offer viewers vibrant stories without the limitations of budget; transporting its audience into a place where artisans, performers, curators and creatives are given the spotlight. Inspired by New Zealand’s unique and diverse art and culture, the show will bring viewers on a journey to explore every element, from the country’s flourishing visual artforms to its carefully-crafted film-making and theatre productions.

Exploring and celebrating the country’s distinctive culture, Quarter Acre Paradise will also look at the influences, trends and inspiration behind the artwork created by our local and international talent and focus on the stories, traditions and innovations of our nation’s culture scene.

Quarter Acre Paradise will go to air Sunday at 10am on PTV and PTV+.


Designed for classical music and ballet lovers, Opus is PTV Network New Zealand’s weekly, feature-length series devoted to classical music, ballet and opera. Hosted by RNZ Concert presenter David Morriss, each episode will feature a handpicked selection of one-off specials made exclusively for television - all commercial free.

In 2024 Opus will introduce viewers to an array of renowned classical music and art pieces, both in New Zealand and overseas. The series is dedicated to showcasing music from celebrated musicians and composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Chopin and Vivaldi, as well as memorable classic ballets like The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, plus performances by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

In addition to its classical music and ballet content, Opus will bring viewers unique and interesting documentary specials concerning the musicians, movements and works of art that have shaped classical music and ballet as we know it. This makes Opus a great learning tool for those who want to further explore the performing arts, and connect to some of the most influential figures throughout history.

Opus will go to air Sunday from noon until 3pm on GEM and PTV+. An audio simulcast will be available on RNZ Concert.

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@SA_TV @greenpea @NuStraya @Damo @LiamP @TV4 @nztv Below are the mock details.

Summer’s here and Christmas is on the way! As the festive season nears, I have decided to give my dream television network, PTV Network New Zealand, a bit of a makeover.

New channels were brought in and all existing channels were revamped through new names, although some logos would remain the same as they are now.

I changed the name of one of my network’s dream channels, GEM (General Entertainment and Movies) to PTV Gold; it’s a specialised entertainment channel designed to cater for the ‘baby boomer’ generation, or ‘the golden years’, i.e. all Kiwis aged 50+.

PTV Gold would offer a range of documentaries, factual programmes, classic movies and quality British dramas and entertainment.

To avoid confusion, its branding is consciously distinct from the SuperGold card offered for people aged 65 years and over.

I renamed Bold to PTV Nitro, a male-oriented general entertainment and sport channel.

Targeting Kiwi men aged 25-54, PTV Nitro would offer explosive entertainment that is a thrilling relief from the monotony of daily life, with additional free-to-air sport, top-notch factual content and scripted programmes, and an array of action-packed movies.

The name “Nitro” is derived from the term ‘nitroglycerin’, a liquid substance used to make explosives and for medicinal purposes.

I created the concept of a free-to-air channel named PTV X, dedicated to observational documentary (OB DOC) and factual content. It is intended that the channel would run between 6pm and midnight, seven days a week.

Meanwhile, a commercial-free block of educational programmes for preschoolers would be shown on PTV X from 6am to 6pm on a daily basis.

The “X” in the its name originates from a Roman numeral for 10 and does not denote a pornographic adult entertainment channel.

Those aged between 18-39 should be pleased to hear that PTV Shake Extra (formerly Shake Extra), an extension of PTV Shake (formerly Shake) as a youth-oriented general entertainment channel, had been given a bit of a revamp.

All preschool programming had been moved to a new channel, PTV X; this leaves PTV Shake Extra, a supplementary channel to PTV Shake, with a full day of ‘extra’ entertainment from noon to 1am, extending to 2am on Friday and Saturday nights and starting at 9am on weekend mornings.

Nonetheless, the respective channels’ logos would stay the same.

I combined the concepts of my network’s two lifestyle channels, Home and Taste, to form a single channel: PTV Breeze.

This ‘super lifestyle’ channel would air a wide selection of shows about home improvement and DIY, gardening, travel, food and other lifestyle topics, on a daily basis from 7am to 1am. Please note that this channel name has no affiliation to The Breeze which, in real life, is New Zealand’s top radio brand owned by MediaWorks.

Here’s a ‘did you know?’ fact. In 2017 Heke Beer was launched by the Waiheke Brewing Company in order to promote a local lager from and reflect Waiheke Island. However, David Rankin, a descendant of the Ngāpuhi chief Hone Heke, expressed his displeasure at the brand’s name, claiming it was well-known throughout Ngāpuhi and the rest of the country, threatening to take legal action if the name was not removed.

In order to provide further content for its male-oriented general entertainment and sport channel, PTV Nitro, I created PTV Nitro Extra as a supplementary channel and brand extension. While using the same programme format as PTV Nitro, PTV Nitro Extra would contain ‘extra’ programming that would not fit onto the main channel.

In order to provide further content for its female-oriented general entertainment channel, PTV Peach (formerly Peach), I created PTV Peach Extra as a supplementary channel and brand extension. While using the same programme format as PTV Peach, PTV Peach Extra would contain ‘extra’ programming that would not fit onto the main channel.

I gave MAX and MAX 2, my dream network’s two music television channels, an overhaul and added a third: MAX 3.

MAX would have a Top 40 playlist during the day and niche playlists by night. MAX 2 would feature ‘hot adult contemporary’ music videos with the addition of regular features like ‘old school’ hip hop and RnB and 90s rock. MAX 3, however, would broadcast classic music videos by day and classic rock by night.

The internationally acclaimed and New Zealand-based vocal trio, The Madeleines, specialise in jazz, swing and glamour. Their 1950s dresses have inspired the colour themes of each MAX-branded channel (see the mock advertisement below).

Photo: Supplied. No copyright infringement intended.

What do you think?


I like the new brands, @PaddyTePou, but I have a few things that I would like to address:

  • I like the rename to Nitro, but I think the font looks wrong, as it makes the I and the T look weird, so maybe try a different font for Nitro & Nitro Extra
  • When I hear X, I don’t think of documentaries, I think of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. I suggest a new name [Docs, Knowledge, Info, just to name a few ideas] and new font.
  • How long do Nitro Extra and Peach Extra broadcast for each day?
  • Is there an all day [6am to 6pm or 7pm] channel for older kids, like there is for preschoolers on X?
  • Do the kids channels have brands, and if so what are they, and are there 2 brands, one for preschoolers and one for older kids?

Everything else is amazing, so it doesn’t need changes or clarification. Thank you.

Certainly not what I was expecting, but also it’s a bit random.

What’s the relevance of the 10?

You’re welcome, @iheartpizza, and thanks for your response.

Just given the PTV Nitro and PTV Nitro Extra logos a bit of an update, and here they are…

Just renamed PTV X to PTV 10 in an effort to avoid confusion with X (formerly known as Twitter) which was acquired by Elon Musk.

PTV 10 would carry observational documentary and factual programming from 6pm until closedown at midnight, preceded by a 12-hour block of preschool programming from 6am to 6pm daily.

No. There are no plans to launch separate kids channels for free-to-air television in New Zealand if my dream network becomes a reality, but there are plans for a brand called PTV Kids Club.

PTV Shake, as a youth-oriented general entertainment channel that targets all Kiwis aged 18-39, would carry programming for older kids in the early morning and afternoon with the inclusion of a daytime comedy and drama block for young adults from 10am until 2.30pm. Teen magazines would fill the half hour, 6.30pm slots on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings as a sandwich between The Simpsons (at 6pm) and Family Guy (at 7pm).

There would be designated preschool slots on PTV Shake from 8.30-10am and 2.30-3.30pm on weekdays and 6-7am on weekends; however, to offer a choice for preschoolers, PTV 10 would show a commercial-free block of age-appropriate programming from 6am to 6pm as an alternative to PTV Shake’s own kids programming. It is intended that the preschool content would be first-run from 6-10am and that it would be repeated twice (10am-2pm, 2-6pm) - e.g. Sesame Street plays daily at 8am with same-day repeats at noon and 4pm.

PTV Nitro Extra and PTV Peach Extra, as supplementary channels/brand extensions, would usually broadcast from 2pm until around midnight on a daily basis and provide ‘extra’ programming that cannot be fitted on PTV Nitro and PTV Peach as parent channels/brands. Meanwhile, PTV Nitro and PTV Peach would typically open their respective daily broadcasts at 9am and cease transmission at around 1am, unless major sporting events - live, delayed or as a full replay - air prior to the parent channels’ usual start time of 9am.

I have enjoyed sharing my mock designs and ideas, within my dream television network, with you as it doesn’t have to be real. More to come in the future.


@greenpea @NuStraya @nztv @TV4 Below are the mock viewing highlights when it comes to Christmas.

At PTV Network New Zealand we’re presenting our best talent in a great selection of programming to commemorate Christmas. As Kiwis are enjoying different spots across the country - such as patios, holiday parks and coasts - our main channel, PTV, will be airing a variety of shows, movies and specials that will mark the season.

MONDAY 18 December

On Monday 18 December at 7.30pm PTV will be bringing us a special Christmas edition of the ever-popular celebrity-themed general knowledge quiz, Pointless Celebrities. Hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman will be joined by a whole range of fantastic celebrity guest stars: Aled Jones, Russell Watson, Ben Cohen, Kristina Rihanoff, Kriss Akabusi, Shakira Akabusi, Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo.

We can also look forward to something special at 8.30pm as Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park comes to your screens in a two-hour presentation, featuring edited highlights from the Auckland and Christchurch shows. Tune in to see performances from headline acts Georgia Lines and Kaylee Bell and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of New Zealand’s top musical talent!

TUESDAY 19 December

On Tuesday 19 December at 7.30pm PTV will screen a special Christmas edition of its popular game show, Tipping Point Lucky Stars, featuring some special celebrity contestants. Host Ben Shephard will be joined by Derrick Evans (aka “Mr Motivator”), Josie Gibson and Len Goodman, in what will sadly be his final appearance after succumbing to cancer earlier this year at age 78. Ben will be hoping to create some Christmas cheer as the contestants brave the tipping point machine in the hopes of winning a record-breaking 20,000 pounds towards their chosen charities.

That’s followed at 8.30pm by the iconic 1988 action-thriller, Die Hard. Directed by John McTiernan, Die Hard stars the legendary Bruce Willis as John McClane, a New York City police officer with a knack for getting himself in and out of exciting and often dangerous situations. McClane is trying to save his wife and several other hostages from a group of highly skilled and heavily armed German terrorists, led by the diabolical Hans Gruber (famously portrayed by the late Alan Rickman). Thanks to McClane’s driving wit and relentless heroism, he is able to outsmart the terrorists and ultimately succeed in his mission. But just as anything thrilling, Die Hard will still keep viewers on the edge till the end.

WEDNESDAY 20 December

On Wednesday 20 December at 7.30pm PTV will screen the ‘family blockbuster without the family’, Home Alone, where a young eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally left behind by his family as they fly to Paris for a Christmas holiday. Kevin soon finds himself in the centre of a comedic battle of wits against two bumbling burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern). Directed by Chris Columbus, Home Alone went on to be one of the highest grossing films of all-time and even spawned a 1992 sequel (see Thursday).

At 9.45pm, things switch from the big screen to the small screen as PTV screens Barry Manilow’s A Very Barry Christmas, a one-off 2022 special where the music legend will be performing some of his greatest hits, such as “Mandy” and “Copacabana” as well as some iconic Christmas songs. Accompanied by his live band, the special will document Barry Manilow’s unique fusion of the Christmas and music cultures. This will be a show like no other and is sure to be highly entertaining for fans of both Manilow’s music and Christmas alike.

THURSDAY 21 December

On Thursday 21 December at 7.30pm PTV will screen Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, the sequel to the classic family blockbuster starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Tim Curry and Brenda Fricker. In the sequel Kevin finds himself in an unexpected situation when he mistakenly boards a plane to New York City, separating himself from his family heading to Miami. As fate would have it, he runs into two of his old foes, who are planning to rob a toy shop. If you love the original film then you’ll love this festive sequel as it brings all the slapstick comedy and festive cheer of the first movie to spectacularly joyous heights.

After the screening of Home Alone 2 the Elvis-themed Christmas 2023 special, Christmas at Graceland, will follow at 9.55pm and feature artists like Alanis Morissette, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Lana Del Rey, Post Malone and more as they perform The King’s famous songs from his home in Graceland.

FRIDAY 22 December

By hokey! On Friday 22 December 2023 at 7.30pm Jason Reeves and Matilda Green will host an hour-long Christmas edition of PTV’s travelling quiz show, It’s in the Bag. Jase and Matilda will be in the beautiful Bay of Islands town of Kerikeri and there will be a variety of prizes worth more than $70,000 at stake. The question is, the money or the bag?

The Royal Variety Performance 2023 will follow at 8.30pm and be hosted by the esteemed British TV presenter and comedian, Bradley Walsh. The evening will be full of sensational performances from Cher and Britain’s Got Talent winner Viggo Venn, plus McFly, Rick Astley, Zara Larsson, Paloma Faith, Hannah Waddingham and Melanie C amongst others. There will also be a special celebration to mark 100 years of Disney.

SATURDAY 23 December

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa Claus is preparing to celebrate his grand entrance – on Saturday 23 December 2023. Put on your festive best and get ready to experience the magic of Christmas like never before, as the Farmers Santa Parade returns for its 90th year in the city of Auckland! Tune in to PTV at 6.30pm to catch all the exciting highlights hosted by Jesse Mulligan and The Edge’s Meg Mansell and Dan Webby. You can look forward to a stunning array of festive floats, giant inflatables, marching bands and an array of the performing arts - all in the celebration of the festive season. But all eyes will be on Santa as he arrives on his traditional sleigh, waving and cheers coming from all around. Let’s come together to make this the biggest and best Santa Parade yet!

The Farmers Santa Parade special will be followed at 7.30pm by the 1994 family classic, The Santa Clause, which tells the story of Scott Calvin (played by Tim Allen), a divorced father who accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall off his roof on Christmas Eve. In order to save Christmas, Scott takes on the role of Santa Claus and, with the help of his son Charlie, delivers presents to all the children around the world. Along the way, Scott learns valuable lessons about the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. The Santa Clause is an uplifting and heartwarming family Christmas movie that is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Later (for the grown-ups!), The Last Leg Christmas Special 2023 - recorded off the satellite from the UK less than 12 hours earlier - will follow at 9.40pm. This show will be hosted by the Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, each of whom have only two legs between them. Expect plenty of laughter as two special guests, Tom Davis and Alison Hammond, will join the team to offer an even more entertaining show. This Christmas special from The Last Leg promises to be an hour of great jokes which are sure to get us as Kiwis in the festive mood.

And finally, don’t miss out on Mariah Carey’s 2022 concert special, Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to All!, which will screen at 10.55pm (after a 15 minute break for the late news at 10.40pm)! The chart-topping pop sensation will perform some of her most iconic Christmas hits, such as “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. Stay up late for a night of cheerful music and Christmas cheer!


PTV will kick off its Christmas Eve menu at 6.30pm with a festive edition of the British quiz show, The Weakest Link. Host Romesh Ranganathan will be joined by celebrity contestants Alex Jones, Cliff Parisi, Coleen Nolan, Dane Baptiste, Mel Schilling, Danny Beard, Paul Zerdin and Meryl Williams as they compete to win up to 50,000 pounds for a charity of their choice. The show was recorded off the satellite from the UK only 12 hours prior.

Then, at 7.30pm, PTV Network New Zealand will be decking its Auckland studio with boughs of pohutukawa in preparation for PTV’s studio-based Chistmas extravaganza - The PTV Christmas Show. Hosted by Stephen McIvor and Laura Tupou, this two-hour special will undoubtedly be full of music and entertainment with a top-notch band fronted by Mark Dennison and vocals by The Madeleines and two PTV Network Mascots - Miss Chevelle Charlotte and Miss Jazzylicious. The show will also feature personalities from programmes on the network, including Ryan Bridge (Sunrise), Kirstie Stanway and Jeff Wilson (PTV Sport), John Campbell (Nightline), Amanda Gillies (PTV News), Peter Wolfkamp (Dulux Home Front), Carly Flynn (Palmers Garden Show), Nickson Clark (Getaway), Brook Ruscoe (Short Sportz) and Tegan Yorwarth (Infocus). For the ultimate festive delight, The PTV Christmas Show will also feature special appearances by Ray Woolf, Sharon Emirali and the Howie Morrison Jr Quartet - so don’t miss out on what’s sure to be the best Christmas show ever!

Dolly Parton will be returning to Dollywood to star in her special, Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas, which will make its New Zealand television debut on PTV at 9.45pm (after a 15 minute break for the late news at the earlier time of 9.30pm). The special will be inspired by the optimistic energy of the Great Smoky Mountains and include guest appearances from Jimmy Fallon, Willie Nelson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jimmie Allen, Zach Williams, Miley Cyrus and many more. Through song, dance and comedy, Dolly will bring the mountains alive with some of her classic Christmas tunes, festive favourites and some special new numbers. Kiwis will experience a magical night, full of wonder and joy, with dazzling costumes, joyful performances, uplifting messages and a spirit of kindness and goodwill that will inspire the festive season.

Finally, at 11.45pm, join Chris Kirk as he introduces full delayed coverage of the YMCA Carols by Candlelight ceremony from Victoria Square in Christchurch - exclusive to PTV. This beautiful event celebrates tradition, family, Christmas and the strong spirit of the community. It includes performances from the Salvation Army Band, guest performers, a large Christchurch choir and other festive surprises. Plus, with it being 100% commercial free, it is sure to be an amazing Christmas experience.


Christmas Night on PTV is about to become a magical event to remember with three amazing Disney specials showing.

It all begins at 6.30pm with the festive special Prep & Landing. Here Kiwis get to witness an elite unit of elves as they prepare homes for Santa’s special visit. Then 6.55pm will bring Prep & Landing 2: Naughty vs Nice to the screen, in this story the elves are back and this time competing against each other. 7.20pm will be graced with The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration, a 2022 musical special where Derek and Julianne Hough play hosts. During the show, at Disney resorts located in Florida and Hawaii, performances from Becky G, Chloe Flower, Black Eyed Peas, Katharine McPhee, Il Volo, Jordin Sparks, Maren Morris, Meghan Trainor, Ne-Yo and Run DMC will be featured.

Christmas Night will be extra special with the 2006 movie, Last Holiday, at 9pm (right after The King’s Christmas Message at 8.50pm). It stars Queen Latifah in the lead role as Georgia Byrd, a department store assistant from New Orleans who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to spend her remaining savings on a dream holiday to the fictional country of Krymka. The movie follows Georgia as she enjoys the free rein of being thought dead wrong, exploring the beauty of Krymka with her new friends while having a wonderful time. Queen Latifah is sure to bring the house down with her acting prowess, providing a fantastic evening of entertainment to celebrate this Christmas.

As the much-anticipated Christmas Night menu winds up on PTV, viewers are in for a treat with the airing of Richard Curtis’ beloved romantic comedy, Love Actually at 11.05pm (after a 10 minute break for the late news at 10.55pm). Just like in 2003, when the film first hit cinema screens, a star-studded cast fill the screen: Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister (as only he can be), Keira Knightley as the Romeo and Juliet-style aspiring singer, Colin Firth as the crestfallen romantic in pursuit of a Portuguese housekeeper and Emma Thompson as the quietly sad cuckold wife. But one of the actors the viewers can cherish tonight is the late Alan Rickman, displaying his signature wit and poise as the perspicacious husband caught in the web of hope and dismay common in Curtis’ work.


It’s Boxing Day at 7.30pm and PTV is excited to bring viewers the much-anticipated Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road. This special episode has been fast-tracked from the UK, playing just 12 hours after its original broadcast! For this very special story the Fifteenth Doctor will be played by Ncuti Gatwa and he will be joined by the debut of Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson. This will be the Doctor’s first epic adventure and promises to be an enthralling adventure as the Doctor and Ruby explore the secrets of the Church on Ruby Road. Who better to join the Doctor on his initial journey than Ruby herself, a mysterious and inquisitive companion who can help guide the Doctor through this unknown world. The Doctor Who team promise an adventure of epic proportions, with plenty of scares along the way.

This will be followed at 8.35pm by the classic 1990 action-thriller, Die Hard 2, starring Bruce Willis. This action-packed movie, the second instalment of the Die Hard franchise, sees John McClane (Willis) take on a band of terrorists who have taken control of the airport in Washington DC. As action-packed as the first film, Die Hard 2 is sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats as McClane fights to save his wife and the passengers of the plane. The film is full of exciting stunts and intense moments that will leave fans breathless.

Catch a bumper package of programming throughout the Christmas season on PTV.