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@fournews Yes, but it is only a part of a series of what if scenarios.

In real life, I felt sorry for the people who are involved in the New Zealand news media and lost their jobs. Even though the state of news and current affairs in the country is changing, I was shocked and upset.

I would be thrilled if some of the brilliant journalists and crew (along with those who are new to television, despite the fact that the technology is changing) would consider joining my dream television network, PTV Network New Zealand, should it become a reality. I believe that such a collaboration would lead to even greater heights of television excellence.


Below is a mock announcement.

At PTV Network New Zealand we would like to announce an important change in our evening news programme, PTV National News, at 6.30pm (following the regional news at 6pm). We have decided to remove the separate sports segment from this bulletin.

Rest assured, our viewers will not miss out on local and international sporting coverage. In fact, the PTV Sport team will continue to deliver sports news from New Zealand and around the world but sports items will now be integrated within the PTV National News bulletin at 6.30pm, their placement determined by their news value. This approach will be similar to what you see in Early Sunrise, PTV News at Noon and PTV News First which screen on PTV earlier in the day on weekdays.

Moving forward, PTV National News at 6.30pm will focus on delivering the most important national and international news of the day. We will leverage the extensive resources of our PTV News newsroom and our partners via satellite (including CNN, AP Reuters, Channel 7, ABC Australia, ABC America, NBC and the BBC). This half hour bulletin will also include a comprehensive wrap of the day’s business news, an update on the financial markets (including the sharemarket) and New Zealand’s weather.

For those tuning in to PTV Gold at 8pm, we offer a recap of the day’s news with updates on any late breaking stories as they occur during the evening and a more detailed national weather forecast than the 6.30pm edition of PTV National News.

We understand that sports fans might be disappointed with this change. Therefore, separate sports segments will continue to be a part of Sunrise and the early evening edition of PTV Weekend News (now screening at 5.30pm instead of 6pm). Goran Paladin will anchor half hourly sports bulletins on weekdays in Sunrise while Kimberlee Downs and Guy Heveldt will share the role of sports anchor on the weekends.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this decision may cause and we thank our viewers for their understanding and continued support.

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The reason why is to provide full coverage of national and international news in a concise half hour format every night from Monday to Friday. This format, which is similar to how the BBC One and ITV bulletins are presented in Britain on weekdays, is preceded by a half hour of regional news.

The mock announcement is inspired by the fact that, in real life, TVNZ dropped the nightly sports segment from its main evening news bulletin in 1988, as per an article published in The Press, although separate sports segments were still presented on the weekends.

isn’t sport part of that full coverage though? probably good that sport still has that separate segment, especially as it can be a break from that doom and gloom some normal news headlines can have