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@Damo Below is a mock programme line-up as PTV Network New Zealand (as a fictional broadcaster) celebrates Matariki later this year.

Matariki is a significant event in the Māori calendar, heralding the start of a new year and symbolising new beginnings and fresh opportunities. This year, on Friday 28 June 2024, the Māori New Year will be celebrated in a special way on PTV Rewind.

This normally nostalgic channel, known for showcasing classic shows from the golden age of television, will be dedicating an entire evening to Matariki with two entertainment specials and a drama - all with a Māori theme and sourced from the TVNZ archives.


The first programme to screen at 7.30pm will be the Howard Morrison Special, originally shown on TVNZ in 1982 and recorded in front of a live audience at Hamilton’s Founders Theatre, a landmark that was sadly closed in 2016 due to safety concerns. Sir Howard Morrison, a legendary entertainer who was knighted in 1990 and passed away in 2009, will take centre stage accompanied by The Yandall Sisters and a 35-piece orchestra. The concert will feature some of Sir Howard’s most iconic songs, including “Begin the Beguine”, “Mori the Hori” and his hit single “Whakaaria Mai (How Great Thou Art)”. This is a rare opportunity to see the late great Sir Howard, showcasing his talent and charisma.


Next up, at 8.30pm, is the Prince Tui Teka show, originally broadcast in 1983. This variety extravaganza will feature performances from Tui’s wife Missy, Te Rōpū Manutaki (winners of the 1983 Polynesian Festival) and four sisters from Tokomaru Bay who made their television debut at the time. They will be singing Tui’s hit song “E Ipo” which pays tribute to the Māori lyricist Ngoi Pēwhairangi, known for her contribution to the iconic song “Poi E”. This special will also be a tribute to those who have since passed away, including Tui and Missy as well as Ngoi Pēwhairangi herself. It will be a night of celebrating Māori talent and remembering those who have contributed to our rich cultural heritage.


To cap off the evening at 9.30pm, PTV Rewind will be screening the drama The Protesters, originally shown as part of TVNZ’s Loose Enz series in 1982. This thought-provoking, one-off play explores issues of race and land ownership in the aftermath of the controversial 1981 Springbok Tour and Bastion Point. As a group of Māori and Pākehā protesters occupy ancestral land that the government wants to sell, tensions rise and debates ensue about the best course of action. The all-star cast - including Jim Moriarty, Don Selwyn, Merata Mita, Billy T James and Anzac Wallace, among others - deliver powerful performances, delving into the complexities of race relations and the impact of colonialism, although, sadly, some of the cast are no longer with us.

This special Matariki celebration on PTV Rewind not only pays tribute to the past but also acknowledges the importance of this event in Māori culture. It brings together iconic Māori entertainers, showcases traditional songs and dances and also sparks thought-provoking conversations about our shared history. It is a reminder that Matariki is not just a time of celebration, but also a time for reflection and understanding.

So mark your calendars for Friday 28 June 2024 and tune in PTV Rewind in celebrating Matariki. Enjoy a night of nostalgia and Māori culture as we pay tribute to our rich heritage and look towards a brighter future.

Mānawatia a Matariki - let us all celebrate and cherish this special occasion with PTV Rewind.

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Below is a mock update on how the Independent Radio Service (IRS) works as a complement to my dream television network and as a commercial radio business.

The Independent Radio Service (IRS) is New Zealand’s newest commercial radio network, broadcasting on more than 200 frequencies nationwide and streaming online.

With a strong presence in both urban and rural areas, covering all major cities and towns across the country, we at the IRS offer a mix of music, news, sport and talk. Consequently, catering for a broader spectrum of listeners from North Cape to the Bluff.

One of our main strengths is our music programming. With six different music brands under our portfolio, we cater for every genre and era. QFM is the go-to brand for all the latest and hottest hits, from Top 40 to hip hop, RnB, dance and electronica. Heavy FM, on the other hand, caters for die-hard rock fans and plays the loudest rock music. Double X is the perfect brand for ‘today’s best music mix’ while Lite FM provides a more relaxed atmosphere with easy listening tunes. Country FM is the go-to brand for country music lovers, while Vintage FM takes its listeners on a trip down memory lane with hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Apart from our excellent music programming, we also offer two talk brands to keep our listeners informed and entertained. TalkNZ is the leading source for news, current affairs and open-line talkback, allowing us as New Zealanders to voice their opinions on important issues. SportNZ, on the other hand, is New Zealand’s newest home for sport, racing and rural content.

RADIO+ is our online streaming platform. With an easy-to-navigate website and mobile app, listeners can access all the IRS brands (including online-only stations) and their favourite shows and original podcasts from anywhere and at any time. This added convenience makes us a top choice for listeners looking for quality programming on the go.

What sets us apart is our commitment to region specific content. We pride ourselves on being a truly New Zealand-owned and operated radio business, with Double X, Lite FM and TalkNZ broadcasting their local shows and local news bulletins from various locations across the country. This allows us to connect with the local communities and provide them with content that resonates with their interests and concerns.

We also support local talent by providing a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their music. We often promote new music from local artists and organise events to showcase their talent. This support for the local music industry is a significant boost for the New Zealand music scene.

In addition to our entertaining and informative programming, we at the IRS play an essential role in shaping the country’s cultural landscape. Our shows and music selection reflect the diverse cultures and interests of every New Zealander, promoting unity and inclusivity.

As famously stated by S Club 7, “Reach for the Stars” – and let the IRS be your celestial compass!

QFM is the flagship brand of the IRS, offering a wide range of Top 40 hits, entertaining DJs and the latest gossip from the world of pop culture. With a mix of chart-toppers, throwback tunes and new releases, QFM has something for the younger generation.

QFM XTRA is an extension of the QFM brand, catering for the urban youth with the biggest hip hop and RnB tracks. This station also features popular mix shows and interviews with renowned artists, making it a popular choice among young Kiwis.

For those who love to groove to the beats of dance and electronica, QFM Dance is the perfect station. A mix of popular and underground tracks, this station is dedicated to showcasing the best in EDM.

Heavy FM is a rock lover’s paradise, playing everything from classic rock anthems to the very latest rock tracks. This network brings bloody decent rock music to Kiwi rock fans, making it a go-to station for anyone who loves headbanging to some killer guitar riffs.

Double X is a hot adult contemporary music station with a diverse playlist of ‘today’s best music mix’, i.e. more music and more variety. With a focus on Kiwi families, this station also features local shows and hosts from different regions across New Zealand, making it a truly national platform.

Lite FM caters for those who prefer mellow and easy-listening tunes. Playing hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and now, this station is perfect for days when you just want to relax and unwind with some good music.

Country fans have a special place in the IRS with Country FM, a station that is devoted to playing nothing but the best in classic and contemporary country music. From old-time classics to the latest country hits, this station has it all.

For those who love the nostalgic feel of oldies music, Vintage FM is the station to tune into. Playing the greatest hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s, this network is a trip down memory lane for the baby boomer generation.

TalkNZ is the IRS’s nationwide news and talk network, offering a distinctive combination of the latest news, current affairs and open-line talkback. By inviting us as Kiwis to share their opinions on the issues that matter to them, TalkNZ fosters a space for intelligent talk, robust discussion and controversial debate. It’s ‘leading New Zealand’s conversation’.

SportNZ serves as the IRS’s nationwide sport and racing network, offering a range of up-to-the-minute sport radio programmes with the latest news, results, interviews and analysis, plus live commentary by the country’s renowned sportspeople and broadcasters, to keep its fans engaged. Embracing the diverse interests of all New Zealanders, SportNZ dedicates a significant portion of its platform to rural news, providing dedicated insights and valuable information tailored specifically for farmers and the rural community.

RADIO+, the IRS’s digital platform, offers live streaming of all its existing brands and online-only stations. It also features original podcasts and audio content, such as ‘best of’ highlights, interviews and more. This platform allows listeners to access their favourite stations and content anytime and anywhere via and the RADIO+ app.

Nearly all of the IRS’s music brands are loosely based on The Edge, Mai, George FM, The Rock, More FM, The Breeze and Magic (in real life), whereas the name “Double X” is a homage to the Whakatane-based Radio 1XX (also in real life). The IRS’s talk brands, on the other hand, are loosely based on Newstalk ZB and the now-defunct Radio Sport. Let me know your thoughts and feedback… if you can.



Below are the mock details.

At PTV Network New Zealand (as a fictional broadcaster) we’re thrilled to announce an exciting slate of new and returning local programmes for our flagship channel, PTV, in 2024.

The line-up showcases a diverse range of genres, from thought-provoking dramas and documentaries to inspiring lifestyle and factual shows and light entertainment. All programmes are expected to screen on PTV and PTV+ later this year.


Animals & Us
Hosted by Laura Tupou, this engaging series follows ordinary Kiwis and their extraordinary pets and explores the unique bond between humans and animals.

A magazine programme showcasing the diverse and thriving arts scene in New Zealand, profiling talented artists and their creations through mini-documentaries. Also included in the programme are reviews of the latest films and books. Hosted by Anna Thomas with reporters Giles Dexter, Shannon Redstall and Louise Ternouth, film reviewer James Croot and book reviewer Steve Braunias.

Beauty and the Beast
Veteran broadcaster Mark Sainsbury (aka ‘the Beast’) hosts a weekday talk/advice show in which he and a panel of famous New Zealand women (aka ‘the Beauties’) answer viewer questions on various topics.

A groundbreaking series that uncovers the extraordinary connections between people, places and ideas throughout New Zealand’s history and present.

A gripping drama series set within the bustling newsroom of a national newspaper, offering an adrenaline-pumping glimpse into the world of print journalism.

Deal or No Deal
Hosted by radio personality Paul “Flynny” Flynn, this beloved international game show makes its Kiwi debut for the first time in 15 years and gives contestants a chance to win a $100,000 jackpot by outwitting the enigmatic Banker.

50 Forward
Mark Leishman hosts a weekday magazine show tailored to the interests and lifestyle of New Zealanders over 50, featuring life tips, health advice and more.

The House on the Hill
A psychological thriller that follows a family haunted by secrets from the past when they move into an isolated mansion.

Law & Order NZ
A local adaptation of the iconic US crime procedural, focusing on gripping cases investigated by dedicated detectives and prosecutors.

Get ready for instant thrills with live Lotto draws every Wednesday and Saturday night, where Kiwis have a chance to become millionaires. Sonia Gray and Jordan Vandermade, along with an array of guest hosts, call the six numbers that may make you a winner.

The Morning Break
Pippa Wetzell hosts a lively weekday magazine show featuring celebrity interviews, entertainment, lifestyle features and cooking. She is joined by Melanie Kerr and Robert Scott, who present advertorials throughout the show.

The Price Is Right
The popular game show arrives in New Zealand for the first time in over 30 years (host TBC), where contestants must guess the prices of merchandise to win prizes and cash.

Tangata Whenua
A gripping historical drama that explores the lives of Māori during the Land Wars of the 19th century.

Tipping Point NZ
Test your trivia skills with the fast-paced Kiwi version of the British quiz show, hosted by Mike Puru. Each week, four contestants aim to win up to $100,000 by inserting counters into a jackpot machine.

Wild New Zealand
A breathtaking documentary showcasing the incredible diversity of New Zealand’s natural landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to pristine coastlines.


A Question of Sport
Join Kirstie Stanway as she referees a light-hearted sports quiz between teams captained by former All Black Israel “Izzy” Dagg and league legend Wairangi Koopu.

The Anita Wigl’it Show
The ultimate ‘Thursday night live’ variety show hosted by the inimitable Anita Wigl’it returns with laughter, celebrity chat, music and unforgettable moments.

Blankety Blank
Rhys Mathewson hosts an all new version of the classic game show where contestants fill in the missing words in famous quotes with quirky and hilarious results.

The Brokenwood Mysteries
Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) and his team continue to unravel puzzling crimes in the charming town of Brokenwood.

bp Ultimate Car Show
Car lovers rejoice as this popular motoring series returns to road test new cars and provide information about buying, selling and maintaining cars. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Stephen McIvor, motorsport legend Greg Murphy and former Silver Fern Storm Purvis.

Candid Camera
With Meg Mansell and Tim Batt as co-hosts, experience the best of hidden-camera comedy as unsuspecting Kiwis interact with humorous and unexpected situations.

David Lomas Investigates
Award-winning investigative journalist David Lomas uncovers compelling and topical stories.

Dulux Home Front
Transform your home with the latest design and décor tips, as well as DIY advice, from this inspirational lifestyle show with hosts Hamish Dodd, Shelley Ferguson and Peter Wolfkamp.

Face the Music
Clint Randell hosts an all new version of the quiz show where, each week, contestants use their musical knowledge and their memory to put names to classic hits from rock and pop music. Clint is joined by Henrieta Tornyai (aka Henika) as his co-host.

Escape to stunning destinations destinations across New Zealand and around the world with the must-see travel series hosted by Laura McGoldrick, Nickson Clark, Lily McManus and Sam Wallace.

Grand Designs New Zealand
Follow ambitious homeowners and architects as they embark on extraordinary architectural journeys.

Inside New Zealand
Immerse yourself in the people, places and events that define New Zealand’s unique culture and history in the form of homegrown documentaries, made specifically for PTV by the finest factual storytellers in the country with support from NZ On Air.

It’s in the Bag
Jason Reeves and Matilda Green host an all new version of the classic travelling quiz show where locals compete for money, prizes and surprises.

The essential guide to personal finance, investments and making the most of your money, presented by Ingrid Hipkiss.

NZ’s Funniest Home Videos
Laugh out loud with host Sharyn Casey as she showcases the funniest and most outrageous amateur videos submitted by New Zealanders, plus the best clips from overseas.

Palmers Garden Show
Discover gardening tips, tricks and inspiration from host Carly Flynn and her team of experts, including Andy Ellis, Lynda Hallinan and Justin Newcombe.

Play Your Cards Right
Ben Hurley hosts an all new version of the classic game show in which two couples try to predict answers to survey questions for the opportunity to play a game with oversized playing cards for a chance to win cash.

Really Living
Wilhelmina Shrimpton presents a series on health and lifestyle choices available in New Zealand, featuring reports on fitness, injury prevention and management and new developments in health and wellbeing.

Mitch McCann, Kaitlin Aldridge and Charlotte Cook present a consumer affairs programme in which they investigate your consumer issues whilst keeping you up to date with the latest scams and advice.

This Is Your Life
Relive unforgettable moments and celebrate the remarkable stories of New Zealanders in this emotional and nostalgic show with host Ryan Bridge.

Towards Tomorrow
Jared McCulloch, Thomas Mead and Emily van Velthooven present a magazine-style documentary series with the latest developments in medicine, science and technology from New Zealand and overseas.

Wheel of Fortune
Spin the lucky Wheel and solve word puzzles to win loads of cash and prizes in the all new version of the classic game show. Matt Gibb is joined this year by Miss New Zealand 2023, Georgia Waddington, as his co-host.

Stay tuned for further updates and detailed programme schedules as they become available.

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@greenpea @NuStraya @TV4 @Michael_Eccles Here are some subtle changes to PTV Network New Zealand’s News and Current Affairs programming in 2024, although most of which is identical to the one I posted earlier.


Anchored by Daniel Faitaua on weeknights with Tom McRae and Janika ter Ellen alternating on weekends, PTV News covers the important news of the day from New Zealand and around the world. Utilising the vast resources of the PTV News newsroom and affiliates such as CNN, AP Reuters, Channel 7, ABC Australia, ABC America, NBC and the BBC through satellite feeds, this nightly half hour bulletin presents a comprehensive overview of the day’s major events nationally and internationally. Andrew Gourdie and Guy Heveldt team up to deliver in-depth sporting news and analysis while Jess Tyson keeps New Zealanders updated on weather forecasts using state-of-the-art technology. Note: Weekend weather presenter to be announced.


Led by anchor Ryan Bridge, Ryan Bridge Tonight (RBT) is a nightly current affairs programmeand features a skilled team of journalists, producers and researchers via the PTV News newsroom. Its focus is on in-depth investigative journalism and comprehensive coverage of topical events and issues across New Zealand. Incorporating a blend of regional stories of national importance, studio interviews and human interest pieces, RBT endeavours to provide a holistic perspective on issues relevant to us as New Zealanders in everyday life. Note: Title changed from A Current Affair.


Presented by Rebecca Wright, Nightline is a late night news and current affairs programme and provides an in-depth examination of the most significant events of the day and the issues that impact us as New Zealanders and the rest of the world. The programme offers current affairs investigations, hard-hitting interviews with the newsmakers, expert analysis, authoritative commentary and a critical preview of the headlines appearing in tomorrow’s newspapers. Tom McRae and Janika ter Ellen alternately anchor a nightly news round-up as part of Nightline, wrapping up today’s big news stories in New Zealand and previewing the international news day ahead as the Northern Hemisphere wakes up.


Wake up to a better breakfast with Melissa Chan-Green and Lloyd Burr on Sunrise, a mix of the latest news, sport, weather, entertainment and current affairs in a 2.5 hour, magazine-style format. By drawing on the extensive resources of the PTV News newsroom and PTV Network New Zealand’s advanced satellite technology, Sunrise provides a comprehensive overview of what has been happening in New Zealand and abroad overnight, along with in-depth interviews, celebrity news and human interest stories. Joining the dynamic duo are newsreader Wilhelmina Shrimpton, sports anchor Jeff McTainsh and roving weather presenter Chris Kirk, making Sunrise the perfect start to your day.


Presented by experienced New Zealand journalist and broadcaster, Wilhelmina Shrimpton, Early Sunrise is an early morning news programme that focuses on the important stories that happened overnight and what is likely to make the news in the day ahead. The programme delivers national and international news in an hour-long format and features detailed weather information and a thorough overview of the top headlines appearing in the morning papers. The network’s business editor, Madison Reidy, delivers the very latest in business, economic and financial news and overnight market updates.


Presented by Amanda Gillies, PTV News at Noon is a midday news programme that wraps up the morning’s events and provides its viewers with the latest updates on the day’s developing news stories from New Zealand and overseas in an hour-long format, featuring live crosses to PTV News reporters around the country, in-depth interviews and thorough analysis. The programme also includes a comprehensive business report with Madison Reidy, sports news and the afternoon’s national weather forecast. Note: Midday news format extended to an hour.


Presented by Alice Wilkins, PTV Afternoon News delivers an essential update on the important national and international news of the moment. This half hour, mid-afternoon bulletin at 3.30pm delivers the latest developments on the day’s major stories from New Zealand and overseas as well as a comprehensive business report, sports news and a national weather forecast.


PTV Look North is an Auckland-based regional news programme covering an area from North Cape to the Bombay Hills and Port Waikato. Presented by Laura Tupou, this nightly half hour programme consists of the latest news, sport, weather and features from across the upper North Island and utilises the resources of the PTV News newsrooms in Auckland and a Northland bureau based in Whangarei. Note: Broadcast region changed to include Auckland and Northland, and a separate regional news service for the Waikato and Bay of Plenty is added (see below).


PTV Coast to Coast is a Hamilton-based regional news programme that covers the latest happenings in the area extending from Bombay Hills and Port Waikato in the north to Turangi in the south, and from the base of the Coromandel Peninsula in the west to Cape Runaway in the east. Presented by Sally Murphy, PTV Coast to Coast offers viewers in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions a half hour package of local news, sport, weather and feature stories, drawing on the resources of the PTV News newsroom in Hamilton with regional reporters and crews stationed in Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane. Note: The Waikato and Bay of Plenty have a new regional news service, designed to replace the Auckland-centric Look North (which solely covers Auckland and Northland; see above).


PTV Spotlight is a Wellington-based regional news programme that reports on the events of significance to New Zealand’s capital city as well as the Kapiti Coast, the Wairarapa, Manawatu, Whanganui, Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne - all comprising the lower part of the North Island. Presented by Isobel Ewing, PTV Spotlight provides viewers in the region with a half hour package of local news, sport, weather and feature stories, drawing on the resources of the PTV News newsroom in Wellington with regional reporters and crew stationed in Gisborne, Hastings, New Plymouth and Palmerston North.


PTV Mainland Today is a Christchurch-based regional news programme that caters for the interests and demands of the Mainland, i.e. Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and the West Coast which make up the upper South Island. Presented by Emma Cropper, this programme delivers a comprehensive half hour package of local news, sport, weather and feature pieces. It utilises the journalistic expertise of the PTV News newsroom in Christchurch with regional reporters and crew stationed in Nelson and Greymouth.


PTV Points South is a Dunedin-based regional news programme that focuses solely on Otago and Southland, providing coverage on local issues and local people and giving a regional perspective on national news. Presented by Hannah Wilkins, this half hour programme offers daily news, sport, weather and feature stories from across the lower South Island, just south of the Waitaki River. It draws on the extensive resources of the PTV News newsroom in Dunedin with regional reporters and crew stationed in Queenstown and Invercargill.


Fronted by TV journalist Andrew Macfarlane, Newsround is a twice-weekly show covering news and current affairs for 7-12 year olds. Through the efforts of a team of young reporters, the programme offers Kiwi kids an engaging and informative insight into the stories making headlines in New Zealand and overseas.


60 Minutes, a weekly current affairs and investigative journalism programme, boasts a team of renowned Kiwi journalists such as Garth Bray, Mark Crysell, Michael Morrah, Paula Penfold and Melanie Reid. Through extensive reporting, the programme delves deeper into the stories that affect, involve and concern us as New Zealanders plus the best of overseas current affairs from the US and Australian 60 Minutes teams.


Introduced by Tom McRae, Four Corners is a weekly presentation of international issues through the lens of overseas current affairs programmes from the BBC and ABC Australia. Each edition of Four Corners gives us as New Zealanders a different perspective on global events so that we can better understand the world and our place in it. Note: Tom McRae (who, in real life, is at Al Jazeera in Doha) replaces Paula Penfold as presenter of Four Corners.


Nicholas Pointon, a seasoned financial journalist, presents Business World - a weekly programme catered for those interested in business affairs. Each edition of Business World features a comprehensive review of the week’s national and international business news, a report compiled by Australia’s Channel 7 financial reporter Gemma Acton, insightful interviews with New Zealand and the world’s business leaders and feature stories impacting the corporate sector. Business World’s reporter/interviewers include Frances Cook, Courtney Winter and Anan Zaki.


Meet the Press is a Sunday morning programme focused on public affairs, live from the political hub of Wellington. Presented by Imogen Wells and the network’s political editor, Craig McCulloch, the show includes extensive interviews with the politicians behind the headlines, a thorough recap of the previous week’s events and a panel of experienced commentators offering their insights on the issues of relevance to New Zealand politics.


Espiner & Company, led by journalist and investigative reporter Guyon Espiner, is a lively and unapologetic weekly talk show that delves into the state of the nation. Rotating panellists include Linda Clark, David Cunliffe, Marc Daalder, Chris Finlayson, Morgan Godfery, Claudette Hauiti, Matthew Hooton, Jo Moir, Josie Pagani, Sam Sachdeva, Trish Sherson, Shane Te Pou, Ben Thomas and Laura Walters - all of whom bring their own bold and sometimes controversial opinions to the table.



@TV4 @nztv @LiamP Below are the mock schedules for PTV on the final weekend of May 2024 as the FA Cup Final (Manchester City v Manchester United) takes place on the morning of Sunday 26 May 2024 (NZ time).

Please note that programmes in these mock schedules may be subject to change without notice.


SATURDAY 25 May 2024

7.30am: Real Estate Today. Frances Cook presents a weekly showcase of NZ’s top-tier properties for sale, as well as magazine-style features for those considering making a real estate transaction. (G)
8.00am: The Best of Sunrise. The previous week’s best moments from PTV Network New Zealand’s flagship breakfast programme. [CC]
9.00am: Escape Fishing with ET. Andrew Ettingshausen presents an Australian series in which he explores Australia and the Pacific, seeking out various fish species and divulging his fishing prowess. (G) [CC]
9.30am: Tagata Pasifika. Join John Pulu, Marama T-Pole and the Tagata Pasifika team for the latest Pacific news, current affairs and features.
10.00am: Dulux Home Front (FINAL) (R). Hamish Dodd, Shelley Ferguson and Peter Wolfkamp host a programme providing home improvement advice and practical tips for DIY enthusiasts. A repeat screening of last Tuesday’s programme. (G) [CC]
10.30am: Getaway (FINAL) (R). Laura McGoldrick, Nickson Clark and Sam Wallace host a travel programme that showcases holiday destinations in New Zealand and overseas. A repeat screening of last Tuesday’s programme. (G) [CC]
11.00am: Palmers Garden Show (FINAL) (R). Carly Flynn, Andy Ellis, Lynda Hallinan and Justin Newcombe team up to host a comprehensive gardening programme, offering inspiration and information for everyone from novice gardeners to seasoned experts. A repeat of last Friday’s programme. (G) [CC]
Noon: PTV News (MIDDAY SUMMARY). A summary of the latest national and international headlines, plus sport and weather. [CC]
12.05pm: DOCUMENTARY - Kingdom of the White Wolf (PART 1). A three-part documentary series in which Ronan Donovan, a National Geographic researcher, travels to the Arctic to study wolves. (PG) [CC, AD]
1.05pm: PTV SPORT - Bunnings Sports Saturday. Kimberlee Downs introduces an afternoon of sporting action which includes (all content subject to change):

  • RUGBY: Highlights of last night’s DHL Super Rugby Pacific matches and a preview of today’s action (Moana Pasifika v Waratahs, Crusaders v Blues and Reds v Force).
  • LEAGUE: Highlights of last night’s NRL matches (North Queensland Cowboys v Wests Tigers and Manly Sea Eagles v Melbourne Storm) and a preview of the rest of the weekend’s action, plus coverage of a Fox Memorial Men’s Premiership match played on Wednesday night (Marist Saints v Mt Albert Lions).
  • GOLF: The best moments from the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
  • FOOTBALL: FA Cup preview.
  • BASKETBALL: From Eventfinda Stadium in Auckland, highlights of last night’s Sal’s NBL match (Auckland Tuatara v Nelson Giants).
  • MOTORSPORT: Behind the pits at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (FIA Formula 1) and the Perth SuperSprint (Supercars Championship).

Plus the latest news and results from all sports and a special service for racing fans.
6.00pm: PTV News (WEEKEND EDITION). An update on the weekend’s national and international news, including sport and weather. [CC]
6.30pm: In for a Penny. Stephen Mulhern hosts a British game show which offers unsuspecting people on the streets to play a unique set of games with a chance of winning a prize. (G) [CC]
7.00pm: The 1% Club. Lee Mack hosts a British quiz show in which 100 contestants attempt to win up to 100,000 pounds. (G) [CC]
8.00pm: Play Your Cards Right (SERIES RETURN). Ben Hurley hosts a game show in which two couples attempt to predict the outcome of survey questions to gain control of a row of oversized playing cards, then determine whether the next card drawn is higher or lower. (G) [CC]
8.30pm: Lotto (LIVE DRAW). Sonia Gray and Jordan Vandermade call the six numbers that may make you a winner, live from Auckland.
8.35pm: Britain’s Got Talent. Ant and Dec host a series in which a variety of acts perform in front of a live audience and a panel of judges for a chance to win 250,000 pounds and perform for the British Royal Family at the Royal Variety Performance. Judges include Bruno Tonioli, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon. (G) [CC]
10.00pm: The Graham Norton Show. Tonight: Graham’s guests are Hollywood star Michael Fassbender, comedy legend Jennifer Saunders, Back to Life star Daisy Haggard, comedian Phil Wang and pop superstars Take That. (M-L) [CC]
11.00pm: PTV News (WEEKEND EDITION). An update on the weekend’s national and international news, including sport and weather. Followed by Lotto results. [CC]
11.15pm: PTV’s SATURDAY LATE MOVIE - You Were Never Really Here (2017). When a teenage girl goes missing, a jaded enforcer begins a rescue mission but uncovers corruption and abuse of power. Thriller, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, Ekaterina Samsonov, John Doman. Directed by Lynne Ramsay. (16-VLSC) [CC, AD]
1.15am: PTV SPORT - 2024 FA Cup Final (LIVE). Andrew Gourdie presents live coverage of the 2024 FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City, played at Wembley Stadium in London. This will be the second consecutive year these local rivals have met in the final, following their first ever FA Cup final showdown last season. History will repeat itself as the two Manchester giants battle for the prestigious cup once again. Kick-off at 2am. A full replay of the FA Cup final will screen on PTV Nitro at approximately 6.45am and again in Chemist Warehouse Sports Sunday on PTV from 2pm. [CC]
4.00am: Closedown


8.30am: PTV News Review (R, FIRST SHOWN ON PTV GOLD). Laura Tupou presents a review of the week’s news for the deaf, with NZSL interpreters Taryn Banks and Rosalind Elder.
9.00am: Access. A series promoting community awareness of particular interests and problems. (G) [CC]
9.30am: Business World. Nicholas Pointon presents a weekly programme for people interested in business affairs, featuring a review of the week’s national and international business news, Gemma Acton’s Australian report, an interview with a business leader and an item of interest to the corporate sector. [CC]
10.00am: Meet the Press. Imogen Wells and Craig McCulloch present a weekly public affairs programme featuring interviews with politicians and the newsmakers, panel discussions and a review of the week’s events. [CC]
11.00am: Aquarius. Anna Thomas presents a weekly programme focusing on the arts and artists in New Zealand. (PG) [CC]
Noon: PTV News (MIDDAY SUMMARY). A summary of the latest national and international headlines, plus sport and weather. [CC]
12.05pm: Rural Delivery. Today: Flipping innovation brings success for a Marlborough oyster farmer; conservation, tourism and farming on an alpine property near Kaikoura; and a boutique gourmet mushroom business thrives in Motueka. (G) [CC, AD]
12.35pm: Attitude. Today: Nick Blincoe sustained a brachial plexus injury playing rugby causing left arm paralysis. But Nick discovered a passion for cycling which has seen him represent NZ as a para cyclist internationally. (G) [CC, AD]
1.05pm: The Yorkshire Vet. Today: Peter tends to an emergency when a ewe goes into labour. One lamb arrives safely but the second isn’t breathing and now there’s an unexpected third, which will really test his skills. (PG) [CC, AD]
2.00pm: PTV SPORT - Chemist Warehouse Sports Sunday. Ravinder Hunia introduces an afternoon of sporting action which includes (all content subject to change):

  • FOOTBALL: A full replay of this morning’s FA Cup final (from 2pm). [CC]
  • RUGBY LEAGUE: Highlights of yesterday’s NRL matches (Canberra Raiders v Sydney Roosters, Cronulla Sharks v Penrith Panthers and South Sydney Rabbitohs v Parramatta Eels) and a live cross to Go Media Stadium in Auckland for today’s match, NZ Warriors v Dolphins, in round 12 of the 2024 NRL season. Live coverage of that match will be streamed on PTV+ at 5.30pm with delayed coverage to follow at 7.30pm on PTV Shake.
  • RUGBY: A review of the weekend’s DHL Super Rugby Pacific action.
  • BASKETBALL: From TSB Arena in Wellington, highlights of last night’s Sal’s NBL match (Wellington Saints v Canterbury Rams).

Plus a round-up of the weekend’s results, sports news and the “Plays of the Week”.
6.00pm: PTV News (WEEKEND EDITION). An update on the weekend’s national and international news, including sport and weather. [CC]
6.30pm: OUR WORLD - Secrets of the Octopus (LINEAR TV PREMIERE, PART 1). Paul Rudd narrates a three-part documentary series showcasing the diversity of octopus species in various habitats. Tonight: For the sake of survival, octopuses wield their remarkable shape-shifting abilities to alter their body contours and hues, deluding predators or to impersonate their most formidable adversaries. (G) [CC, AD]
7.30pm: 60 Minutes. An hour of in-depth investigations into the stories that matter to us as New Zealanders plus the best of overseas current affairs. Correspondents include Garth Bray, Mark Crysell, Michael Morrah, Paula Penfold and Melanie Reid. [CC]
8.30pm: SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES - Reminiscence (2021). A scientist discovers a way to relive his past and uses the technology to search for his long lost love. Sci-fi thriller, starring Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton, Cliff Curtis. Directed by Lisa Joy. (M-VC) [CC, AD]
11.00pm: PTV News (WEEKEND EDITION). An update on the weekend’s national and international news, including sport and weather. [CC]
11.15pm: Chicago PD. Tonight: Upton brings SVU detective Petrovic in to help with the kidnapping case. (16-VC) [CC]
12.15am: Closedown



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@NuStraya Below are the mock details regarding the All Blacks’ upcoming test matches against England which, in real life, broadcast live on Sky.

The All Blacks, led by new coach Scott “Razor” Robertson, will face England in a two-test Steinlager Ultra Low Carb Series in 2024. This series marks a return to the competitive rivalry between these two rugby giants, with the two teams last meeting in a three-test series in 2014, which the All Blacks won 3-0.

The 2014 series was a part of the IRB (now World Rugby) global rugby calendar that concluded in 2019. England’s 2014 tour also included a mid-week match against Super Rugby side, the Crusaders, ahead of the final test in Hamilton and a traditional match against the Barbarians at Twickenham. The three tests in 2014 saw the All Blacks outscore England 84 points to 55.

The 2024 Steinlager Ultra Low Carb Series will consist of two tests with the first kicking off at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin on Saturday 6 July. The second test moves to Eden Park in Auckland the following weekend, on Saturday 13 July.

PTV and PTV+ will provide full live coverage of both tests with a live build-up commencing at 6pm, followed by kick-off at 7pm. Kirstie Stanway will present the coverage, joined by former All Blacks Sir John Kirwan and Mils Muliaina as co-hosts. Commentary will be provided by Grant Nisbett, Justin Marshall and Jeff Wilson.

To accommodate the All Blacks’ test coverage, the weekend edition of PTV News will move to the earlier time of 5.30pm and the live Lotto draw will screen during half time of the matches.