Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


Daniel Gibson presented Prime bulletins yesterday,


You’d think they’d have an opener for Daniel just in case, since he’s the only other regular presenter.


It seems prime 7 has returned to dual news readers with both Maddie and Liz presenting tonight.


In last nights opener they used the single shot of Madelaine, but tonight there was a new one with Liz as well:


Dual newsreaders of the same sex are uncommon. The only others I can recall in the last few decades are

9 Adelaide - Rob Kelvin and Kevin Crease
9 Perth - Dixie Marshall and Sonia Vinci (which didn’t last long)

It’s nearly always 1 female and 1 male.


(FYI) Dixie and Sonia lasted 5 years from 2003-2008


Oh wow, I didn’t realise it was that long. Thanks.


Rob Kelvin and Michael Smyth were the last same-sex news reading duo I can think of.
Aside from here on Prime when Natalie covered for Kenny a few times, and here and there Sky did 2 women, and on one occasion I saw two men.


Prime7 News Central West:

Prime7 National News:

News popup promo in Midday Movie and The Chase:

Another use of Breaking News graphics in National News:


Comparing Prime and Seven graphics:


I understand it’s Madelaine’s final bulletin tonight before she commences maternity leave.


Take as long as you want Madelaine, the viewers will be grateful.


Yes, I briefly saw the weather guy with flowers on tonights bulletin. I assume it was for this.


What do Prime7 do with the reporter sign-offs form repackaged network stories? And how many repackaged stories would typically make it into the 6:30 bulletin?


The “Seven News” signoffs are kept intact.


Apologies for the double post, but you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the Openers have been updated to a Liz/Karl version this week with Madelaine now on maternity leave:


A GWN7 Local News-inspired opener, after over a year of separate presenters for news and weather.


They’ve even got her in white and him in a grey suit and red tie. Twin pairs!


Karl will co-anchor with Liz from Monday. Elly Wicks will take on the weather role.


A quick search finds that there’s a “Sports & Racing Presenter” by the name of Elly Wicks.

Presuming this is the same one joining the Prime7 Local News team as a weather presenter from Monday, a rather interesting choice IMO.