Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


Re, possible Prime7 Newsreader change: From what I can tell, Daniel Gibson took three months leave from Prime7 in April (last on-air date was the 20th of that month) so he’d be expected to return on-air soon.

Makes you wonder if Prime7 might’ve jumped the gun with that press release (probably since retracted?) and are waiting for Dan to return before making another presenter change to their bulletins.

An update to this: Ben Kimber is now a Producer for Prime7’s “National” 6.30pm bulletin for full bulletin regions of NSW.


Also why do the graphics not match how full each dam is. Apparently the 82% dam is the fullest and the 93% one is just under the 100% one which is still emptier than the 82% one :confused:


Three different weather loops seen yesterday:


Prime7 News Border

It turns out the Weather Forecast music loop I saw with NSW/VIC locations is only played in NSW/Gold Coast. Because there is a version with just Victorian locations I saw in Albury:

Prime7 News Wagga Wagga

Prime7 National News

Breaking News graphics:


Don’t think I’ve seen their breaking news and exclusive supers before. Nice.


I was looking through my records and found these caps I got last year, when they initially had the red supers:


Daniel Gibson has returned from his three months of leave and was back presenting Prime7 News at 6.30pm (presumably also the Weather Updates in regions that don’t get full bulletins) tonight.

Madelaine Collignon has also returned to presenting Prime7 Local News alongside Kenny Heatley after three months and one week of filling in on the 6.30pm bulletin…and I guess Liz Gwynn is back to presenting only News Updates in regions without full bulletins again.

Just thought you might like an update on that situation! :slight_smile:


Kenny Heatley is finishing up on Prime7 tonight.


Yeah, he mentioned during the weather on Prime 7 Canberra that he was back, giving the impression that viewers had realised he hadn’t been there.


With the departure of Kenny Heatley, I presume we’ll now see Madelaine Collignon present all five bulletins solo rather than (the IMO, better option of) Liz Gwynn being appointed as co-presenter?


Wonder if they’ll choose to team Madelaine up with Ben Kimber or Kurravi Piggott.


Kenny said a few words to say goodbye and that was all (video starts on farewell)


Is it just me or do those seats make it look like Madelaine is pregnant? Is she pregnant?



Two thoughts that instantly come to mind:

1: Aww, congratulations! I think this is bub #2 for Madelaine? :slight_smile:
2: I guess that Liz Gwynn might be presenting some bulletins while she’s on maternity leave?


Apologies for the double post, but Prime7 Local News have redone the Opener for this week (and of course, will probably have to do yet another new version when Madelaine goes on leave):

Voiceover has changed slightly too. Karl Lijnders is now bringing us our local forecast rather than our local weather! :wink:


I saw last night the local bulletin now has a sport presenter added to the team.


Kurravi Piggott was last night’s Sports presenter on Prime7 Local News, although I wonder if it was almost a last minute decision because he wasn’t introduced before the break playout or accompanied by a name super at the start of Sport (at least judging by a quick look at a couple of the bulletins).


Kurravi was reading sport on at least a couple bulletins last week on the day after Kenny left. Don’t know if it has been consistent since then though.


He hasn’t been presenting on the North West bulletin for some reason. Madeleine reads both news/sport.